Mid-West Freestyle Canoe 2007 -- Marc Ornstein

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David Lindsey : This is the whitest thing I've ever seen

Bobby Garafolo : This is a kind of competition where the competitors are also the audience.

aguyandhiscomputer : Freestyle canoeing? oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.

Whitten Sinclair : they see me rowin they hatin

Ellie Newman : I bet this will be my idea of fun when I'm 80.

Jordan Lee : Portlandia brought me here

Wesley Farmer : If he was the captain of the Titanic, it would not have hit that iceberg...

ChuckSnow5 : What the hell did I just watch? Am I having a stroke?

joelalamo45 : This guys sets the bar awfully high for aspiring aspiring freestyle canoers. When he raises his arm at his imaginary woman who is pitching woo to.... I almost cried. This man is a beautiful paddler and a hell of a good blackjack dealer.

Slamm : the slow and the curious: canoe drift

piss111ass111 : not the most opulent gay wedding I've ever seen

jerry minnie : Now I know how Lewis and Clark persuaded Sacagawea to join the expedition.

Jon R : After every one of his performances, salt water levels rise from all the tears. It's a beautiful irony that the magic this man is creating with his skills, are killing all the fish in that lake. But my god is he naturally gifted.

Arifureta : omg the clapping killed me

Joey Courville : This is some serious Tim and Eric shit right here

Marshall Gibson : I bet people see him practicing and they are like that poor old man can't get back to shore someone should help him

Brent Hoskins : Portlandia brought me here. I had no idea this was actually a real thing. Just thought it was a hilarious skit. Holy crap.

Rob Banks : I feel like I'm watching a scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

Doug Locke : When I make sweet romance I play a loop of this clip on the ceiling over my bed.

Lauren Berube : This is the corner of the internet I belong in I am DYING 

Warren McDaniel : Love the golf claps

test7er : Love the clap at 3:05 saying, "I acknowledge the impressiveness of that accelerating turn"

Joe Proctor : I was wondering why sometimes on Amazon when looking for kayak products the "Customers also bought" section featured 80s Hits & lube.

Micoola : Would’ve been incredible if he had a red canoe since the song says “lady in red”

Trap Music Now. : k

M Merritt : I have canoed for over 50 years. This made me cry. I have never seen this kind of competition. Thanks fellow paddlers.

evensar : Anyone fapped to this?

Veronica Rebelle : My teacher showed me this and said we should start a freestyle canoeing team for the school. Can't tell if she was serious or not.

Stevan Cunningham : Portlandia brought me here.

LA Fresh Life : This is really strange but so are most things that humans do

Jim Shaul : I've never seen a mating ritual between a man and a canoe....

HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS : Where is Smough

streetcheese : The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

Ruby Lizondo : at can i say? sublime... that was perfect! the movements, The control of the space... the next time that i will ride my kayak i will remember this performance... i love this!

killthedjs : I can do that naked

Nicholas Ewing : HECK of a freestyle

jerry minnie : Whatever floats your boat..... I know I'm late on this. Thank you Portlandia.

joemreyes : I bet this guy gets all the mermaids.

Louden Redinger : I can't believe this is a real thing...I thought Portlandia just made a funny skit!

LadyMissYoop : How I miss the days when canoeing was romantic, and classy, and a guy would canoe in proper formal attire like a gentleman.

Caroline Wozniak : How did I get here from ski ballet

guloguloguy : He should've had a RED Canoe!

TheHouseintheJungle : He must of hit it pretty hard in the sixties

Patrick Matzenbacher : Larger than life.

Lambs : Marc Ornstein is god tier with the oar game.

Paul Tunis : He's still alive... in my heart   <3

JacbDavs : Barstool Brought me here.

Jen Downey : I continue to refer to this sport when making reference to "the most ridiculous of super classy sports" and continue to wonder.... how does one end up deciding to dedicate themselves to this activity? where does one find competitions? Why is this.... why is it?

brad douglas : This is so weird I love it

brad douglas : He the master of the counter clockwise drift