Mid-West Freestyle Canoe 2007 -- Marc Ornstein

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David Lindsey : This is the whitest thing I've ever seen

Bobby Garafolo : This is a kind of competition where the competitors are also the audience.

Whitten Sinclair : they see me rowin they hatin

aguyandhiscomputer : Freestyle canoeing? oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.

Ellie Newman : I bet this will be my idea of fun when I'm 80.

Micoola : Would’ve been incredible if he had a red canoe since the song says “lady in red”

Jordan Lee : Portlandia brought me here

Wesley Farmer : If he was the captain of the Titanic, it would not have hit that iceberg...

Slamm : the slow and the curious: canoe drift

ChuckSnow5 : What the hell did I just watch? Am I having a stroke?

joelalamo45 : This guys sets the bar awfully high for aspiring aspiring freestyle canoers. When he raises his arm at his imaginary woman who is pitching woo to.... I almost cried. This man is a beautiful paddler and a hell of a good blackjack dealer.

jerry minnie : Now I know how Lewis and Clark persuaded Sacagawea to join the expedition.

Marshall Gibson : I bet people see him practicing and they are like that poor old man can't get back to shore someone should help him

Brent Hoskins : Portlandia brought me here. I had no idea this was actually a real thing. Just thought it was a hilarious skit. Holy crap.

Arifureta : omg the clapping killed me

piss111ass111 : not the most opulent gay wedding I've ever seen

Jon : After every one of his performances, salt water levels rise from all the tears. It's a beautiful irony that the magic this man is creating with his skills, are killing all the fish in that lake. But my god is he naturally gifted.

Rob Banks : I feel like I'm watching a scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

Joey Courville : This is some serious Tim and Eric shit right here

test7er : Love the clap at 3:05 saying, "I acknowledge the impressiveness of that accelerating turn"

Warren McDaniel : Love the golf claps

Joe Proctor : I was wondering why sometimes on Amazon when looking for kayak products the "Customers also bought" section featured 80s Hits & lube.

Lauren Berube : This is the corner of the internet I belong in I am DYING 

Doug Locke : When I make sweet romance I play a loop of this clip on the ceiling over my bed.


Veronica Rebelle : My teacher showed me this and said we should start a freestyle canoeing team for the school. Can't tell if she was serious or not.

M Merritt : I have canoed for over 50 years. This made me cry. I have never seen this kind of competition. Thanks fellow paddlers.

LA Fresh Life : This is really strange but so are most things that humans do

evensar : Anyone fapped to this?

Stevan Cunningham : Portlandia brought me here.

LadyMissYoop : How I miss the days when canoeing was romantic, and classy, and a guy would canoe in proper formal attire like a gentleman.

HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS : Where is Smough

Jim Shaul : I've never seen a mating ritual between a man and a canoe....

streetcheese : The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

Louden Redinger : I can't believe this is a real thing...I thought Portlandia just made a funny skit!

jerry minnie : Whatever floats your boat..... I know I'm late on this. Thank you Portlandia.

Ruby Lizondo : at can i say? sublime... that was perfect! the movements, The control of the space... the next time that i will ride my kayak i will remember this performance... i love this!

killthedjs : I can do that naked

joemreyes : I bet this guy gets all the mermaids.

Nicholas Ewing : HECK of a freestyle

Caroline Wozniak : How did I get here from ski ballet

TheHouseintheJungle : He must of hit it pretty hard in the sixties

guloguloguy : He should've had a RED Canoe!

bret douglas : He the master of the counter clockwise drift

Lambs : Marc Ornstein is god tier with the oar game.

Patrick Matzenbacher : Larger than life.

Paul Tunis : He's still alive... in my heart   <3

JacbDavs : Barstool Brought me here.

Patrick Hughlett : What a beautiful piece of work.  I cannot even tell which end is the bow or stern at the end.

bret douglas : This is so weird I love it