Asian Guy Plays Drums On A Keyboard

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ichiro uechi : i don't wanna buy the product, i wanna buy this guy!

cs188creations : Holy crap, I haven't seen this video in... 11 years.

FunForSameer : That's a very Asian thing to do

Daniel Fjäll : One of the early virals here on YouTube. Before the Logans were even born

Pure Music : Omg Ahahaha Asians can do anything 😂

Wade Guidry : I ruv ruck an row!

Zuzu : _This guy can sell products faster than Black Friday_

Willian Vasconcelos : *12 years later the youtube recommended me this video.* *Thanks.*

PopukoLemon * : Shut up sir! Just take my money!

Waynimations : I heard he can play the guitar on the drums

Asian Dude : This is too Asian for me even though I'm Asian

Turi Tamás : This is rock and roll. :D

Seb K : wok and wole

Andinga Tacho : But Mr. Stark, can he play Dubstep?

J Sam : Whos getting recommended like me in june 1st 2018

F.B. I : This is *Asian*

Heather : When your Asian parents want you to play piano but you're rebellious af

Randomodbuild : It's not a fantastic product, it's a fantastic player!

Noah Pitts-Eragbhe : That escalated quicker than I was prepared for

Godzillaman The Gamer And Animation : He sounds like he is from Singapore. The "drums" are made by a company called Creative which is from my country Singapore.

A sad, strange little man : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

Pixel : and that's how he won a grammy.

marcy devos : maybe he'll spontanoulsy combust....

SilentSky : Big marvel should try this!

[?] Question Block : 1:07 "This is wock and woll". 🤣

Nunya Biznezz : Difficulty level: Asian

Sunny · Waifu : Next up : Asian guy plays the keyboard on the drums

jeremiah rebonquin : if this man still selling those rock and roll piano, imma get one even I can't play it. just because of how he sell it

Pro Player 1⃣ : Next : *Asian plays piano with a quitar*

The Derp Chaos : I think I repeat that.

Pro Player 1⃣ : It's a *YES* from me

Music Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie T : Haha! He really got into it didn't he? 😂

Prashanth Sharma : Glad to be from Singapore.

Uvuvwevwvewve Ossas : Anyone else watching this 12 years later ?

Drac : 1. Tap 2. More tap 3. Double the speed 4. ??? 5. Rock and roll

Justin Y. : Skill level: *ASIAN*

MC Akbar : Man Asians are supernatural, i think they can even play piano notes on a drum

BenJAMin : This is proof that you can do anything.

P-NUT : Better than Lars

Edd S. : Didn't everyone do that at school on the keyboards?...

HiHACKER : *Wait this was a product advertisement? Woo woo!!*

Loki : ONE TWO *TREE* FOUR *dOuBLe BaSs*

Devan Khandagale : Rose is red, Sky is blue, *There is always an Asian better than you.*

Prameya Gawai : Youtube recommendations are LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥

Loki : just an average asian doing an average job in an average place on an average day..............

Who Am I ? : "Bodoh sombong bodoh sombong"

Bina Ahmed : Wan tu tree for

DecimusYna : You're Asian not Bsian.

kunal sharma : Actually I was waiting for Still Dre to drop...

Amateur Vlogs : Mike Portnoy must be shitting his pants watching this