Asian Guy Plays Drums On A Keyboard

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ichiro uechi : i don't wanna buy the product, i wanna buy this guy!

Sunny · Waifu : Next up : Asian guy plays the keyboard on the drums

2000 subscribers with no video : Sell me this pen. *This guy: WRITES WHOLE BIBLE*

Justin Y. : Skill level: *ASIAN*

FunForSameer : That's a very Asian thing to do

1 subscriber with no videos : One of the early virals here on YouTube. Before the Logans were even born

Rose : When your Asian parents want you to play piano but you're rebellious af

Willian Vasconcelos : *12 years later the youtube recommended me this video.* *Thanks.*

Drac : 1. Tap 2. More tap 3. Double the speed 4. ??? 5. Rock and roll

Wade Guidry : I ruv ruck an row!

Pure Music : Omg Ahahaha Asians can do anything 😂

PopukoLemon * : Shut up sir! Just take my money!

Devan Khandagale : Rose is red, Sky is blue, *There is always an Asian better than you.*

『Dawnbreaker』 : This is too Asian for me even though I'm Asian

Noah Pitts-Eragbhe : That escalated quicker than I was prepared for

Cup & Cone : thanks for pointing out he's Asian. I thought he was Nigerian.

Godzillaman The Gamer And Animation : He sounds like he is from Singapore. The "drums" are made by a company called Creative which is from my country Singapore.

Randomodbuild : It's not a fantastic product, it's a fantastic player!

2000 subscribers with no video : almost forgot to watch it today

Loki : ONE TWO *TREE* FOUR *dOuBLe BaSs*

cs188creations : Holy crap, I haven't seen this video in... 11 years.

MC Akbar : Man Asians are supernatural, i think they can even play piano notes on a drum

Andinga Tacho : But Mr. Stark, can he play Dubstep?

S K : wok and wole

Samu Yb : Whos getting recommended like me in june 1st 2018

AbsolutePixel : - Alright, I play a little faster, okay-okay... double bass?. Okay, I got this... Oh, hold on... WAIT, DUDE! DUUUUDE!

[?] Question Block : 1:07 "This is wock and woll". 🤣

Loki : just an average asian doing an average job in an average place on an average day..............

Stephen Holt : Holy shit, never thought I'd see this again. I had never played the drums, but got the chance to play them at school. I just played what this guy had taught me, ended up being a drummer in a band. Played for 7 years with that band, all because I learned drums at 11 from and asian guy on a keyboard

P-NUT : Better than Lars

Zuzu : _This guy can sell products faster than Black Friday_

Uvuvwevwvewve Ossas : Anyone else watching this 12 years later ?

Noviyan Dimas : What kind of doctor is this?

Wazir Zin : Any Malaysians here that came to see the original video? “Belilah keyboard ni harganya sangat murah, dapat percuma lengkuas. TIBE”

Y3K Adm : Advanced asian fingering techniques!

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : ...but can he plays keyboard on a drum set?

A bag of chips : "I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet"

UniqueThaPoet : I remember my first time discovering midi lol

Prameya Gawai : Youtube recommendations are LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥

ezejavii241 : Lol at every rock concert, you have this guy playing in the background and not the artist themselves

SorryJohnny : *this is rock and roll*

F B I : This is *Asian*

Who Am I ? : "Bodoh sombong bodoh sombong"

BackTracks : 0:29.... DARUDE SANDSTORM??

Ryo Zelda : Rock and roll in 7 steps 0:55 Beginner 1:12 Intermediate 1:17 Advance 1:21 Master 1:31 Legend 1:35 Other-Realm 1:40: Asian

Leo to The Luxz : Holy brat, this is a Frank Ocean sample. In the end of the song "Super Rich Kids" by Frank Ocean, at the end of the song, you can hear this guy say "...Fantastic Product..." very briefly. Just thought it was kinda cool...

Justin Y fanboy : Not surprised, he's Asian.

JEFF GAMING : December 2018?

Reid Price : I cried. That was beautiful.

Vincent Ryu : RocknRoll is very simple...kills Ulrich Lars of Metallica lol !!😆