SS-520 No. 5 launches TRICOM-1R

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SciNews : JAXA Sounding Rockets Rocket engine tests / Rocket test flights

Little Lion : And some say that man is still counting to this day!

Matthew Wang : let's put this in Falcon Heavy!

SkeleCrafter : Lol. It's so small it looks like an ICBM.

cottagechskitty : It's almost cute! :)

ne0vincent : Sandwich

mechadense : Cost per launch?

Jim Jenkins : Yeah “take photos” LOL. I am 100% sure the warhead camera is swapped with explosives as needed.

Hj Aviation : Was this orbital? At that gravity turn it looked suborbital.

wu ming : So, this looks alot like the sort of thing China did. Develop missiles for peaceful space launch and then when they were working well, strap nukes to them. I mean who needs a microsatellite to take pics of earth? Orbit is littered with crap like that already. But a few nukes to point at North Korea might be useful. Hell, if I were in charge of the US military, I'd likely donate the material to build it. We have lots laying around.

maachan1118 : Japanese technology wonderful

cabbage : へー。知らなかったわ。

Péter Pál Kovács : Is it klingon counting? :)