Crazy Football Commentary Animated! (Part 4)

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AshuPirateKing : They should show this in half time of every football match

Reverb : Yesssss!, finally, it's out!I have been waiting for this, love your channel

HuesingProductions : Astonishing!

PooperMan : Ecstasy? More like Extraodinary-sy :v

Jerry Beugelink : SO WATCH IT!! XD

Caden Webb : Was sent here by Philip DeFranco! Like if you're also a beautiful bastard!!!

Adly Habibi : The toni kroos one is gold 😀

Aviation lord : You produce my most anticipated videos on YouTube. Love the content keep it up!

19wim82 : The gravity one is pure gold. Love it :D

Mordecai626 : Gotta love Ray Hudson!

Charles kevin Villareal : That last bit made me roll!!! hahahaha

Jackhal : Brilliant! Just Brilliant!!

Dou Monalisa : Magnificent, Unbelievable skills, OH My God that was an AMAZING Video, I will never have this much fun again

Brainiac03 : *THANK YOU SIR! THANK YOU! These are the animations I thrive off!*

AceRay 24 : About that gravity thing , i was wrong

Taco Mcdoom : Love it! Love it, love it!!! It's ecstasy!!!

Utdfan 06620 : UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!! Funny video I subbed

Adrian Andreev : The old lady bit with x, marvelous. Love the creativity.

De Gea fan 3009 : Best channel ever

HypnoticGuac : This channel is ABSOLUTELY INSPIRATIONAL!!

Ant - TheDotMonster : This is actually the first YouTube notification I've ever actually clicked on on my phone. That's how you know I love this channel 😂😂

《 Slasher 》 : He has done it again !

Ishkur23 : As a 90s raver, the last one captured my heart.

Jay Vin99 : Looking forward to see Toni Kroos' Ted Talk

WkuRhyno41 : Ohhh you beauty!! what a hit, son, what a hit

Jock McBile : I'm not even a fan of football, and these are AMAZING. Keep up the great work.

Sports Newz : Finally it's out!!!You don't know how long I've waited for this!!!

Faiz Muhammad : what an absolute mad lad! we love this channel, keep em coming Nick!

Haroun Ben : Your videos are like ecstasy.

Faiz Muhammad : only your vids that reaching the first 1k likes with 0 dislikes

Tushar sinha : Best channel ever Love from India

mrTwisby : Holy hell, that last one slayed me. 😂

cheezdoodle96 : I love you, Mr. Willis! I absolutely wholeheartedly love you! Can't believe you've not got more subscribers, but I'll be here when ya go viral!

Cyber Yamasaki : I always like watching your videos i have watched your old ones so many times and they all ways make me laugh 😁

embers1224 : Best one yet. Fantastic!

Shreyansh Agarwal : Oh my god! This is one of the best and most innovative channels on YouTube. Great work, Nick! Keep it up. Success is down this path.

H : You did it again! 👏

Jay Kore : This is fkkn hilarious keep up the good work 😂😂

Michaela Collins : High key the best video I've ever watched

Space Gaming : 👏👏👏 A great job you did there again

Dave Elzacky : *IT'S ECTASY!!!!!*

Anonymous User : Part 4! This is utterly beyond belief.

PRAVEEN TRIPATHI : As always the best💟

Amit Bansal : Awesome....

Bob Mulyate : Always success to make me happier

Drazzle Music : *GULL! GULL! GULL!* 😂 You never fail to make me laugh

Mohamed Abbas : Here before it blows up 😁.

Kaiser Etherington : Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tooka Takanashi : go for it and score toni kroos

Paolo Gran : 😂😂😂😂😂