Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games)

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Marruther : All cosplay is on point 10/10

Ima Turtle : How does he pull a serious face while doing this?!

Daily Doge : 2:21 HES A FAT OLD PIG WOMAN...wait that’s Kirby...FRICK ME

Derby Turtle : When uncharted ( 7:02 ) and last of us ( 9:11 ) came on I cried 😭 And died a little inside 💀 And papers please

Бодя Куцик : you picked the wrong house fool! 6:30

Bronze : The dead stare when you had the sonic outfit on is worrying.

Hyundo Lim : This is literally the first time leaving a comment on a youtube video. I got chills the whole time watching this!! Probably cuz i'm aware of most of the game musics u played (not proud of it😂) but anyways this is lit af bro ur the best🔥

Eduardo Gutierrez : The minecraft one touched me 😢😢😢😭😭😭

Dylan subscribers with no videos challenge : 8:07 what you all came for

Alice in The Land of Dawn : Damnnnnn.. I feel old... And why I feel something weird when I watch this video..

Qwerty Gaming : I haven't regretted clicking on this random video.

Rama Bhargav : 8:06 Gamers rise for the national anthem

minkku Black bunny : Skyrim is the best game ever! 😝

rosellebee : 10:38 i wanna bE WINSTON

Monarch Stromer : 9:49 Glory to ARSTOTZKA

Justin Y. : 1:14 This is the face of a man who regrets everything

Peyton Bellenie : I am a viola player, why am I here? Amazing video btw...

Henry THE MASTER : 2:48 no god please no... thats the anime theme song... the video is for the games man... why do you do that?

Brian's Music : All CALL OF DUTY gamers stand for the anthem 8:26

Komodo Odomok : Player Unknown Battle Grounds P. U. B. G 2017

Music Studios : Just waiting for the wii song Edit: IM STILL WAITING

I take Ls : 8:03 don’t disrespect ezio like that man

Mitsuki Kookie : As a zelda fan (played all games) i love 0:47

OMMYPADILLA820 ! : 666k ummm im out

hannah draws : I WAS LITERALLY WAITING FOR WII TO PLAY, but it just didn't... was my childhood wrong?? T^T

Beautiful Walrus : My life feels much more complete seeing your sonic cosplay.

Diana MO : 06:30 to 6:43 my favs


Pixel gun EMPRESS OF DEATH I guess : I just feel bad that he had to order and put al those costumes on the money that it cost and the profit of this video probably have a big difference

xRewuxs : Minute 8:11 xd best game of past 😅

Bronze : I love all the references to the games during the songs.

Unknown : Nah in fortnite is not default dance is the og music.

Ammy Zea : 10:05 *you feel determination.*

Xxgaming adidasxX : 1:55 *MORTAL* *KOMBAT*

Isabell Esparza-Greengrass : Assassin Creed 2 is my favorite game ever it still is

RandomPotato .-. : 1:14 when you wake up dead but you have to dress up as sonic for a YouTube video

Nobody cares if you Cancel your Preorder Liberal : 5:16 wrong version. That one is the halo 2 (2004) version.

Ana Paula : 2012 my singing Monsters

fercho caro : Os me a gustao más la de zelda

Ricardo Ceballos Reyes : sorry, good video, but pokemon has good music too, and you just played the anime song, it deserves a dislike :P

Granny : Am i late? I hope not, because i'm scared with that sonic dead stare

Taniya Lynnea : Loved this!!

ori FERARU : I fell of my bed in the mortal kombat one! I love it!!

Beceiro 08 : Monster Hunter?

Remix ccc CBC : Nobody cares about God Of War!

Briola Nugent : *_T A L E N T E D B O I_* Omg YES PAPERS PLEASE The masks had me dead though 😂

Carlos Ronald : OMG! Zelda is so nostalgic. It made me remember my childhood!😔😦

Ying Yu : I am learning violin too!

liliana MELODY : GOD OF WAR!!!!

Neffex : 1:13 look at this duuuude!!