Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games)

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Marruther : All cosplay is on point 10/10

Xyan : Evolution of game music: *plays theme from the pokemon anime

OOF : Minecraft songs make me so emotional

Nicholas Huang : This video is probably the best video on youtube I have seen in years

FreestyleSkills : I never thought that "Papers, Please" would be here lol

Bronze : The dead stare when you had the sonic outfit on is worrying.

Keira Chris Casapao : Ugh That minecraft music So beautiful 😢😢😢 Makes me cry Fun Fact: Imma minecraft fan

Toxy : 8:06 😭😭😭

BB Zakii : The halo music on the violin is beautiful ❤️

Tea Spiller : 1:14 last minute Halloween costume idea

Qwerty Gaming : I haven't regretted clicking on this random video.

REXT Company : I like that zelda music

StrikerMP : Perfection doesn't exi-

FRAGSTER1 1 : Sanic, and kirby costume 10/10, other ones don't stand a chance.

mago MAN : 6:44 ok, here you have your like.

Justin Y. : 1:14 This is the face of a man who regrets everything

UntouchedForce : I'm the only one to comment on the DrDisrespect PUBG makeover

Good Vibes : The Detroit become human theme gives me the chills

The Game Toaster : Thank you for having Team Fortress 2 in there. Most of the time people just forget that game exists...

Ilia GEO : 1:16 scarier than sonic.exe

Music Studios : Just waiting for the wii song Edit: IM STILL WAITING

victor lopez : He plays that instrument 10/10 hope he becomes a famous musician

Nephty : God dammit, Battlefield 1942... When I see all these games I used to play when I was a child I feel so old, but I'm only 16... Is it normal if I were playing goldeneye, tetris and battlefield 1942 ?

Youtube Vlogs : Yessss I been waiting for kingdom heartsss 5:59

Xirtual : Once I hear tf2 music I'm impressed.

Bronze : I love all the references to the games during the songs.

Agente LM : No Spider-Man 2 pizza theme? Shame on you!

Troll Gamer : 7:18 The blue violinist isn't on our side!

PIR MUFAZ : 10:51 vs 11:10

boy7606 : The og Minecraft tune brings back so many memories

RandomPotato .-. : 1:14 when you wake up dead but you have to dress up as sonic for a YouTube video

Yureisy Frias Garcia : The minecraft music is so calm 😇


dank tacoman : Mortal combat

Crazy's TV : Parabems mano voce tocA mt

Beautiful Walrus : My life feels much more complete seeing your sonic cosplay.

Antivirus : Почему Тралл мочится с Сильванной? Почему?

TacosForever : Who had onions when the Minecraft music played? But srsly who had the onions, I can’t get the onions out of my eyes.

Gatoman gato : 2:23 ahahhhahah cool xD 3:43

Carlo Lorenzo : Some part are funny lol!

Handreson : I'm wondering, how you get ALL the clothes

Steven Flowers : So many great games throughout the years, you did them all justice with you violin skills.

Poniesandfrogs : I get that zelda appeared twice, but BOTW main theme should be there. Maybe skip ocarina?

# Ghost # : Very Nice My All Cosplay Point 10/10

R.T.R.S Reacting,To,Random,Shit : DOOM!!!! 2:23 YASSSSSSSS (All of a sudden Pokémon turns on) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ray Mak : Love it so so so much. Brings back memories

Hardkillerbro Gaming channel : 1:54 love that suit though

Migixkem Jord : 8:06 what you came for

Urku GT : 6:10 The most epic battle! :D

elixir : that Mario scene got me lol