Joe Trela's Million Dollar Question - Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Classic Format]
Million Dollar Question

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Joe Trela's $1,000,000 question (full length) on the primetime version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Higher video & sound quality than other duplicate videos on Youtube. Original air date: March 23rd, 2000 (ABC) Encoded by Mecha03


ppSkittlz : ••taxes joins the chat••

Fobba : Nobody: Youtube: Ehh, time to recommend a 11 year old video..

raymond Schricker : i guess it affected the computer's Moth-erboard.

Sigurd Torvaldsson : I thought about moth when I saw the option, however I would not gamble that much money if I was in the hot seat

cazulu3 : The IRS are jumping for joy "We just won over 1/4 of a million dollars"...

Boutrous Boutrous ghallli : Those screams and cheers were actually the colored paper pieces floating down after being released from captivety after so long!

sakarias Persson : Gimme lamp bröther

IfYouDontReplyToThisPost YouWillForeverBeSingle : Oh wow! This is the FIRST million dollar question that I knew the answer to before the answers showed up.

Lucho : Wow and I'm sitting here thinking it was a roach... Shiiiet

spazvapes : man i actually know this one. i remember reading that in my intro to comp sci class. id be so stoked to get a million dollar question that i knew. can't imagine that

FearlessFoxX : I was thinking roach the whole time lol

Ettore Bianco : My god 2000 seems like yesterday, it's almost 20 years ago, I think I'll lay myself here for a moment

diapersFTMFW11 : After taxes it's $128, which is just enough to cover your Obamacare premium for half a month.

EH96 : Jesus this guy really just gambled 500k on less than 50% odds?

DaBish : Where is that moth now?

Thes Savoura : In Greek, his last name Trela means Madness. It fits, Joe Madness

Anttjuan Reid : Wow I thought he was going to get it wrong.

Derp Derps : I was almost positive it was roach, seeing some show up in an x-box 360.

JamBrick : YouTube reccomenations: 2008: nah 2009: nah 2010: nah 2011: nah 2012: nah 2013: nah 2014: nah 2015: nah 2016: nah 2017: nah 2018: I'll think about it 2019: yeah sure why not

Ultra Afroman : Without the lifelines, that was risky, but he managed.

Tirca Mihnea : He seems like a good guy I'm happy for him

HitTheBluntTooHard .FattyCones420spliff : 05:20 - 05:50 DAMN, THAT'S A LOT OF CONFETTI! Of all the millionaires in US Millionaire history, this guy Joe Trela, has got to have had the biggest amount of confetti rained down on him than anyone else!

Harry Engel : It may not go down as as exciting as Carpenter's win, but it still gives me goosebumps.

Serena Schutz : The funny thing is I remember when this aired I was in Virginia and I actually watched this

James Miller : Back before they had contestants do all this explaining crap they do now to fill empty air time. 2008 was right before audiences started this incessant "wooooooooo" every five seconds on every show. Nowadays a host drops a pencil and then picks it up, "wooooooooo" as if it's the greatest thing they've ever seen. "I'm having a sip of coffee", "woooooooooooo". Shuuuuuuut up.

Jason Damrau : I actually knew that one. It was taught in my Navy Electronic Technician classes

Holden Caulfield : Steve Harvey walks into frame: "I'm sorry, the answer was Moonlight. Moonlight was the answer."

KOHF34 : Keep in mind, he managed to get through the upper tier of questions. WITHOUT any lifelines.

Muilisx : I saw this one live

Aaron King : That's a HELL OF A LOT OF CONFETTI

agustrusher : Wow, I knew the answer instantly. Who would've guessed that Google Doodle animation's info is relevant?

Max Rookie : Woke up 4 am to go toilet and I'm watching this

Travis Laramee : Charles Ingram style. *COUGH* Yeah I’ll go with A

Andy Roid : A good way to start a new millenium! (Aired on March 2000)

Liam Gallagher : I just watched 5 minutes of a complete stranger from 20 years ago figuring out a question about insects. What am I doing with my life

Alex Rivas : As an IT geek, I lost my mind when I saw the question. Knowing that I knew the knowledge of a million dollar question

Thomas Paine : MOTH ! Grace Hopper's computer bug ! Not "roach", they didn't do pot in those days on the job....

Bobby Livingsworth : he probably knew the answer he just wanted to put on a act to make people think he was a risk taker

Starblade125 : Quietest million dollar question EVER, almost no discussion, and he gets it right.  Nine years later, Ken Basin, loudest million dollar question ever, he keeps talking and talking, so much discussion, and HE GETS IT WRONG.  Hello there, opposite day!

zeem buo : after *Godzilla : King of Monsters* (2019) YouTube Recommendation : How about a 'MOTH(ra) W.W.T.B.A.M 1 Millions Question' ? Me : 😭😭😭😭😭

Edgar Soto : “Big boy” 0:04

Dragon Heart : damn I was thinking it was a cockroach, I would of lost .

Jeff Reese : I remember watching this at age 17. I was on the edge of my seat for most of his questions $32,000 and up, and I was about to go nuts waiting for him to answer the last one. I loved that show.

bcfbasil : Had I been his his position on the show I'd have instantly known the answer without hesitation. I was a repairman on the IBM Q-7 computer (NORAD SAGE Air Defense System) back in the 70's and had heard the story of the moth from the late (great) Admiral Grace Hopper. A problem with the Mark II computer she was working on at Harvard turned out to be a moth that had gotten stuck in a mechanical relay on the computer. That's where the terms bug and "debugging" originated. Grace Hopper, for those who don't know, was a true pioneer in computing.

Compy90 : This anecdote was actually in my high school math textbook, so when I first saw the question I yelled out the answer.

Lisa Gibson : I thought they released a bunch of moths into the studio at the end.

Yaacovlev Ahava : Congrats Joe, albeit late! Hope you invested it right and quadrupled your winnings!

David Lexus Solar Plexus : Thanks for uploading. Regis must've been nervous for him when he went for it

Luke Coleman : Rumour has it, he's the original 'Mothman' 🤔😂😂😂