Joe Trela's Million Dollar Question - Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Classic Format]

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dhalsim1 : This dude will never kill another moth.

Charlie Dorbin : funny story. I was 12 at the time I was watching this with my family. My dad's a pretty smart guy. He thought the answer was a fly. Me, only being 12, would have had no idea what the answer was. But, then I remembered seeing on a Chili's kid's menu, a fun fact about a moth shorting out the first supercomputer. I bet my dad some ice cream that it was a moth. I won and got the ice cream. My 12 year old self was so proud.

Zach W : Description should be, "Man stares at names of bugs for 5 minutes and chooses his favorite for $1,000,000"

Adam : If I didn't know the asnwer I'd just leave with the 500k, that's more than enough money,

diapersFTMFW11 : After taxes it's $128, which is just enough to cover your Obamacare premium for half a month.

Peter Costello : Regis should have should "he just won 700k after taxes" lol

Musicrecords10 : Seriously.. just call it a beetle, why you gotta name it Japanese?

IfYouDontReplyToThisPost YouWillForeverBeSingle : Oh wow! This is the FIRST million dollar question that I knew the answer to before the answers showed up.

shadowlinkbds : No lifelines. He just straight up guessed and got it right. What a lucky sunnava gun.

Anttjuan Reid : Wow I thought he was going to get it wrong.

msw600 : I'm happy for him. He looks like a very nice young fellow.

Ultra Afroman : Without the lifelines, that was risky, but he managed.

agustrusher : Wow, I knew the answer instantly. Who would've guessed that Google Doodle animation's info is relevant?

DaBish : Where is that moth now?

Zach The Celtics Guy : Did Regis call him big boy?

Bobby Livingsworth : he probably knew the answer he just wanted to put on a act to make people think he was a risk taker

sakarias Persson : Gimme lamp bröther

Jade B : Well I'd walk away with 32 grand.. Thought it was roach 😂

KOHF34 : Keep in mind, he managed to get through the upper tier of questions. WITHOUT any lifelines.

Zach Hauri : Did you ever wonder how Magna Centipede was weak to Morph Moth's power in Mega Man X2? Well it clicked in my head when I watched this as a kid, and this was years after X2 came out.

Dixon Adair : I narrowed it down to the correct answer based on a few things: the Japanese beetle is a diversion for people thinking to themselves that early computing conjures up images of some Japanese engineers at some lab, fly is too common, and flies don't hang out in dark places as much as moths. Then between roaches and moths, a moth is more likely to flap its wings about frantically and get shocked, or in any case, you just see a lot more moth accidents than roach accidents. moth.

RedFenril : This millionaire win was by far better than John Carpenter's win. Reason being it was all him and the time he took had everyone on edge. When he announced he was going to go for it, that's when everyone sat straight.

bcfbasil : Had I been his his position on the show I'd have instantly known the answer without hesitation. I was a repairman on the IBM Q-7 computer (NORAD SAGE Air Defense System) back in the 70's and had heard the story of the moth from the late (great) Admiral Grace Hopper. A problem with the Mark II computer she was working on at Harvard turned out to be a moth that had gotten stuck in a mechanical relay on the computer. That's where the terms bug and "debugging" originated. Grace Hopper, for those who don't know, was a true pioneer in computing.

Aaron King : That's a HELL OF A LOT OF CONFETTI

Ruthypops1 : This presenter isnt a patch on Chris Tarrant. No drama in this at all!

HitTheBluntTooHard .FattyCones420spliff : 05:20 - 05:50 DAMN, THAT'S A LOT OF CONFETTI! Of all the millionaires in US Millionaire history, this guy Joe Trela, has got to have had the biggest amount of confetti rained down on him than anyone else!

jpatrick1967 : He probably pissed it all away on Cheetos

Harry Engel : It may not go down as as exciting as Carpenter's win, but it still gives me goosebumps.

tonyhawkarg : I would've been SO screwed with that question lol

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff : swear to god i never would have known that...

Media Mike : ..............Lucky bugger I could be a millionaire now $$$ as I also thought "Moth" and I used to be a computer salesman............. And I knew the answer strait away...............

Uncommon Sense *Australia* : Moth-man profit-sies

Sigurd Torvaldsson : I thought about moth when I saw the option, however I would not gamble that much money if I was in the hot seat

Pink skirt : A moth shorted out a supercomputer? Now that's what i call a FRYING insect.

Maria Lezana : Looks and sounds like a young Peter Griffin. Good for him tho

John Mayhew : The question itself is slightly wrong! The story about a 'bug' - and, yes, it was a moth - shorting out the US Navy's Harvard Mark II computer in 1947 is true enough. A logbook, dated September 9 1947, describes the incident and has the actual moth taped to it. It's easy to find pictures of it on the Net, with the words 'First actual case of bug being found.' written underneath. But this wording shows that the term 'bug' (meaning a fault) was already widely used and this particular moth did not 'inspire the term' for a computer bug, or any other 'bug' in a system. The first recorded use of the term appears in Pall Mall Gazette in 1889: 'Mr. Edison, I was informed, had been up the two previous nights discovering "a bug" in his phonograph - an expression for solving a difficulty, and implying some imaginary insect has secreted itself inside and is causing all the trouble.' There is written evidence that the term is older still, dating back to jokes about bugs causing 'noise' on telegraph lines. I have paraphrased all of this from Michael Quinion's book on folk etymology, Port Out, Starboard Home, having cross-checked the details.

The Pystykorva : Holy shit i totally guessed it right.. the moth

Muilisx : I saw this one live

Gustav Andersson : now he can buy so many cheese burgers on mcdonalds!

TcheQ _ : >Wins 1 million dollars > Too fat to get out of chair

KA M : Our first home computer would turn on but turn off after booting up even before the windows logo would pop up.My mom’s cousin who knew about computer was visiting a couple days later and took a look at it since he knew about computer. Opened the tower and a dead moth was in it along with some dust. Booted up fine after that.

ausarge : He doesn't take long to tell him he won. Eddie McGuire takes half the episode

MindQuake : Maybe he knew it and just wanted to look cool!

Logan Tew : I remember watching this guy on TV & he took the longest time I've ever seen anybody take on the Million Dollar question, ever. I didn't know this question, of course I've heard of computer bug, but I had no idea that's where the term came from nor that it was a moth.

ssnader a : I made a guess it would be moth based on the fact that a moth had wings big enough to cross into different parts of a circuit and have electricity flow through its wings,the rest of the bugs would be too small to have an impact

steve vye : took some guts , bravo

Andrew Bova : I would have walked; I thought roach or Japanese beetle. I'd be happy with $500,000, could pay off my loans and help the family out.

LunnarisLP : How is this a million dollar question :D

dramtic end : I called it at the very first second

lawandorder888 : Regis must be thinking to himself while he covered in confetti "He wins big and making a mess in our studio and he MUST clean it up after the show!"