Every Keanu Reeves Whoa In Chronological Order (1986 - 2016)
Every Keanu Reeves woah in chronological order 1986 2016

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Every Keanu Reeves Whoa from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to The Matrix. It’s the question that drives us. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did. How many times does Keanu Reeves say "whoa," and what movies does he say it in? When we first searched for the truth, it seemed like it would lie in a simple search of the web. The results were contradictory. Sites like IGN claimed he says it in 6 of his movies, while Looper, another website, claimed that it was a myth altogether and that he only says "whoa" in 4 of his films. They both couldn't be correct, so we decided to find the answer the only way we knew possible: by watching every single one of Keanu Reeves's movies. Unfortunately, no one can be told how many times Keanu Reeves says "whoa" in his movies. You have to see it for yourself.


Alex D : "Give me Liberty, or give me Death" - Patrick Henry "Whoa" - Keanu Reeves

;askoefj : Owen Wilson and Keanu Reeves need to have a whoa-off

Atrum Nuntius : Like 80% of the Bill and Ted movie scripts are "Woah"

Aime-Lynne : He used to be contained to one "whoa" but now he's just throwing out multiples. He's too powerful. We can't stop him

Draven Flores-Rios : *This man becomes John Wick*

bleakAntiquity : keanu's has been whoa-ing, acting and not aging for about my entire lifespan

AdrianMC2002 : Keanu Reeves=Crash Bandicoot

Kyle Towers : This could have been an everytime Bill & Ted say whoa list very little would have be removed

Ethan Mitchell : “Whoa...this is most atypical” That line had me dying 😆😆😂

Colden Honner : Ok you're college student now, time to be productive. *watches this video instead of doing work*

St. Patrick : To be fair, I'd probably say whoa too if I was in those situations 😂😂

Pterrordon12 : a chrono-Mashup of Keanu Woahs and Wilson Wows?

Yeya binks : 90% of whoa's in Earth's history came from Bill and Ted.

72dnegel ehT : That’s a lotta bill and ted

Caleb Clunie : Disappointed that there wasn't one here from Bram Stoker's Dracula. "...bloody wolves chasing me through some, blue infernwoah!"

Alex : Was expecting Bill & Ted to cover like 80% of this video.....I was not disappointed.

Hannes Jacobsson : Deja-whoa

Carl Shield : Gets to Bill and Ted movie, practically plays whole movie. I didn't know there could be so many Woah's in one film.

baby bowie : I love him so much.

Ash Amazon : Acting is cool and all. But entertainment is sublime. And that’s what Keanu does. With every woah.

Siirkis : whoanu reeves

Relaxed Man : His catchphrase or pickup line will forever be *woah*

Itay Tabak : This channel is the best thing happening on the internet right now!!

RepublicAgent : Damn it! I laughed @ 3:50 "Woah... Who's that?"

Buff The Nazi Slayer : Keanu be *WHOA-KE* AF

Ryan Reaves Comedy : Have a drinking game with his whoas" and somebody's gonna die lol

Ash Amazon : This man is adorable. This is a video to watch on a rainy day.

yaoihunter : BUCKSARAMA

Josh : Nothing beats these chronological order ones! Keep it up :)

Sara : Voldemort was in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey?

Ash Vit : Best 6 minutes of my week

Ronnie James Osbourne : Keanu Whoa Reeves

bamb0ostick : You are doing God's work, Owenergy

KryosTheAwesome : I found myself saying thinking “WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT” and somehow was always surprised

Jaleesa Greene : So your telling me that there wasn't one woah in the Speed movie. I don't believe that.

World Cup Nerd 2014 : Keanu reeves did the voice of Ted in season one of the animated show too, I bet there are a bunch of whoas there as well

Rick Welch : Whoa Keanu Reeves still looks the same not bad the man in his 50,s

Arkeeny : John Wick: :: kills someone with a pencil, blood gushes out like a geyser :: "Whoa!"

Black Jesus Christ : Oh look. He aged a whole 5 years

VaughnJogVlog : You’re telling me from 1992 to 1998, Keanu Reeves doesn’t say “whoa” in a movie?


T Z : I love this and I love you.

Tuomas Vanne : What if I told you... That Keanu Reeves was actually Crash Bandicoot the whole time?

Dante Diep : I really do wonder... Does Keanu still have the capability to "Woa" out today? I'd love to see Old Keanu in a Bill and Ted thing or something.

Senshi Atsuki : "Woanw" - Owen Wilson

Sahil Pethe : Take a shot each time Bill or Ted say Whoa

Tomoaki Tomoaki : W O A H.

The Law : Can't wait until the Woah Counter is updated with Bill And Ted 3.

Vaigod777 : >watched john wick >ok >watches bill and ted >waIT THAT WAS KEANU REEVES