Every Keanu Reeves Whoa In Chronological Order (1986 - 2016)

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Gnarwhal : The only white dude to have "don't crack" genes

Xander S : After seeing movies like The Matrix and John Wick, you sometimes forget Keanu Reeves used to be a total dude bro.

;askoefj : Owen Wilson and Keanu Reeves need to have a whoa-off

Alex D : "Give me Liberty, or give me Death" - Patrick Henry "Whoa" - Keanu Reeves

Atrum Nuntius : Like 80% of the Bill and Ted movie scripts are "Woah"

Draven Flores-Rios : *This man becomes John Wick*

Aime-Lynne : He used to be contained to one "whoa" but now he's just throwing out multiples. He's too powerful. We can't stop him

AdrianMC2002 : Keanu Reeves=Crash Bandicoot

bleakAntiquity : keanu's has been whoa-ing, acting and not aging for about my entire lifespan

Colden Honner : Ok you're college student now, time to be productive. *watches this video instead of doing work*

Kyle Towers : This could have been an everytime Bill & Ted say whoa list very little would have be removed

Random : WTF I totaly didn't know that there was a "Whoa" running joke about Keanu Reeves before today, I'm searching on YT and I see a compilation which was just posted the day before haha !

Ethan Mitchell : “Whoa...this is most atypical” That line had me dying 😆😆😂

Caleb Clunie : Disappointed that there wasn't one here from Bram Stoker's Dracula. "...bloody wolves chasing me through some, blue infernwoah!"

72dnegel ehT : That’s a lotta bill and ted

St. Patrick : To be fair, I'd probably say whoa too if I was in those situations 😂😂

Alex : Was expecting Bill & Ted to cover like 80% of this video.....I was not disappointed.

Pterrordon12 : a chrono-Mashup of Keanu Woahs and Wilson Wows?

Siirkis : whoanu reeves

Hannes Jacobsson : Deja-whoa

Itay Tabak : This channel is the best thing happening on the internet right now!!

Yeya binks : 90% of whoa's in Earth's history came from Bill and Ted.

Carl Shield : Gets to Bill and Ted movie, practically plays whole movie. I didn't know there could be so many Woah's in one film.

RepublicAgent : Damn it! I laughed @ 3:50 "Woah... Who's that?"

VaughnJogVlog : You’re telling me from 1992 to 1998, Keanu Reeves doesn’t say “whoa” in a movie?

Relaxed Man : His catchphrase or pickup line will forever be *woah*

Ash Amazon : Acting is cool and all. But entertainment is sublime. And that’s what Keanu does. With every woah.

Ash Amazon : This man is adorable. This is a video to watch on a rainy day.

baby bowie : I love him so much.

yaoihunter : BUCKSARAMA

KryosTheAwesome : I found myself saying thinking “WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT” and somehow was always surprised

*BLACC* *PEPPPR* : Keanu be *WHOA-KE* AF

Ryan Reaves : Have a drinking game with his whoas" and somebody's gonna die lol

Jaleesa Greene : So your telling me that there wasn't one woah in the Speed movie. I don't believe that.

Ronnie James Osbourne : Keanu Whoa Reeves

EggInASac : Nothing beats these chronological order ones! Keep it up :)

Rick Welch : Whoa Keanu Reeves still looks the same not bad the man in his 50,s

Dante Diep : I really do wonder... Does Keanu still have the capability to "Woa" out today? I'd love to see Old Keanu in a Bill and Ted thing or something.

bamb0ostick : You are doing God's work, Owenergy

Ash Vit : Best 6 minutes of my week

World Cup Nerd 2014 : Keanu reeves did the voice of Ted in season one of the animated show too, I bet there are a bunch of whoas there as well

Arkeeny : John Wick: :: kills someone with a pencil, blood gushes out like a geyser :: "Whoa!"

Femme Cat : I straight up giggled like a little girl


Pandas are cool : I used to think Owen Wilson was the only "ONE".

Brandon Sullivan : Do one of Brad Pitt eating and Tom Hanks peeing!

Cyberdemon Mike : Crash ain't got shit in from of this mad lad.

GKOALA7 : That is commitment.

Anthony : After 14 years of being clean, Keanu Reeves slips up and says whoah (2001-2015)

TheBallsKicker : 2:21 the best whoa