My Mom's a MILF

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Dandy Doodads : tiny meat gang

Michael : always touchaling eachother

JustNinja5 : Yo Noel's impression was perfect

Jubach : "Don't even fib yourself." LOL

dakotab291 : " Hello Pinocchiuuooo "  lost it!

Liam : The sheer intelligence in this script is bewildering. To see the sudden deterioration of his mental stability is clearly suggesting a more intricate and complicated aspect to the story than what meets the eye. To the average viewer, this just seems like some funny gibberish; ensued after one admitting his desire to have sex with his mum. But that's not what is entirely going on. In fact, the video takes a more unconventional and existential viewpoint of the notion of time travel and even the complexities of the greek mythological character, Oedipus. It is implied that in the distant future, after the creation of a time machine (or even a discovery of a wormhole of some sort that is able to manipulate the passage/dimension of time), to travel back in time, before his initial conception, to engage in sexual intimacy with his mother. As this happens in the past, we witness - in present time - the man suggesting he would have sex with his mum, only to be metamorphosed into the retarded offspring that would have inevitably be conceived if such a case of inbreeding was to occur in the past. The video does not explicitly show this intentionally, but instead shows the metamorphosis as a way to reveal the effects of his presence in the past by having sexual intercourse with his mother. What strikes me as fascinating is how everything that surrounds him seems to remain the same without any difference in lifestyle or functionality. It's as if to say that regardless of whether this man travels back in time to have sex with his mother, it would not change the outcome of what is happening in the world outside of himself. This is a very deep message that ultimately goes as far as to suggest that perhaps this world is in fact planned, or has already been decided upon. The burning question that now remains, is by what account - if not, by whose account - is this happening by? The video implies a more metaphysical aspect to the world that we live in, to go as far as to suggest the existence of some greater force, or even a deity if you will, controlling the way that the world functions and operates. To whether this deity is of a particular religion or from no religion at all is not really necessary. All what's necessary is that, regardless of your (anti-)religious beliefs, it is plausible that this world is governed by some greater and more complex existential being. I usually don't commend people on this level of dedication to the script, but in this case there is an exception.  Yours truly, Liam.

AJ Collazo : Finally found this video thanks to codyko and noel

jair antonio : Don't even fib yourself. You're always touchling each other.

Gil Terrero : SNL was so late on hiring them. People in 2007 wasn't ready for humor like this.

Tilda Spridd : *hello pinocchiuuu*

shekinah mcgirt : Noel Miller brought me here

dohertyz : How they did this without laughing at eachother is amazing

Psylectronaut : Definitely gonna get in on aaaat. Definitely gotta go for another fish in the seeeeaaahhhh

Charly Colomina : this guys are now on SNL...

Pedro Stormrage : 1:21 #GrumpBump

Johannes : This reminds me about about me and my sister. Story time. I am about a typical 20 year old redditor. I'm also highly socially awkward like most redditors. I temporarily live with my parents as I recently lost my home (long story). Turns out I have a total crush on my sister and tend to get raging hardons when she's near, but she doesn't seem to care. One night my mom and dad go to their school reunion (they both met in school). I sat down watching T.V. while my sister is upstairs doing whatever. Out of no where, sister comes into the living room wearing barely anything. I got so fucking hard. She sits next to me, my boner showing no signs of stopping. I can't help it and keep staring at her boobs, they're so fucking huge. So I talk to her about her day and, just casual . When out of nowhere she rests her shoulder on me and strokes my hand. I stare at her in the eyes and smile. She smiles back. I've been drinking a bit, so I try and make a move, knowing I can blame it on the vodka I've been drinking. Funnily enough she fucking let's me. I begin groping her boobs and I swear - I'm about to cum in my fucking pants. She pulls away and says she can't. I ask her if it's because we're brother and sister. She says no, because she needs something first. "Anything," I say grabbing both of her hands. She stares deeply into my eyes and in the most seductive way. "I need about tree fiddy." Now it was about this time I realized this beautiful sister of mine was a 8 story tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era. That goddamned Loch-Ness monster had tricked me again!

Gonk Monty : being all playfully on the time to each other

Jake G : woah, I almost forgot to watch this today

Carterlc 123 : Noel Millar sent me here. TMG podcast!

Frida Espinoza : This will forever be my favorite video in the world

Drewsefer89 : Don't even fibs yourselves. You know the Game Grumps sent you here.

Noah Smith : Here from tiny meat gang podcast

Andrew777doom Gamer : And we're the game grumps.

Stella Von Cruel : I remember when this video came out. I'm so proud of these dudes. SNL needed them.

Preston Gillam : Don't even fib yourself.

boop boop : anyone else stalking Franks liked videos?

Comrade Cody : Tiny Meat Gang

Sean Farrell : Always touchling each other. Falthy French brought me here.

DassRoc : So every 90's teen has a micro stroke whenever they talk... Intriguing!

Bryce Thomson : the way beck says pinocchio lmao

Reilly McDowell : "dude don't even joke yourself, dude"

NemaxHD : Habe u see a milf b0ss? HABE U SEE A MILF B0SS?!?

DannyWilliamH : As far as characters go, I don't think I've laughed harder at Beck. He destroyed this one. " know you do you want to, always thouchling each other...." I'm crying. He's usually a solid #2 in most videos but this is my favorite character if his. Is basically a worse, chudlier version of his California bro.

Sierra Tomlinson : Papa Franku brought me here

Siobhan Ratcliffe : Noel millers impression was spot on

Roo Hale : such an emotional and inspirational video.

Brenden Moss : Thanks for this YouTube recommendations

raspberrytrap : Jon liked this video okay

AYBABTU : These guys are masters at comedy. It was funny 9 years ago and it's still funny today. And WILL be a billion years from now: too bad no one will be around at that time to see it, though.

jmd620 : "being all playfully all the time to each other"

Scott Robson : This is insanely funny. I wonder how you came up with it and if you're just as sick as me.

Cheek Penny : When you invite your friend over and have nothing planned

shagan117 : Favorite GoodNeighbor sketch by far!

Reycied : God DAMMIT, Arin.

Isis Ugo : Game Grumps fans unite!

Giovanni Atencio : Definitely gonna get in on that

Kelly Nguyen : Kyles really cute but beck is hot

Will Hatch : prepare for incoming Game Grumps Lovelies

thatshowigame : Is that Kyle Mooney from SNL?

Dave the Brave : DUDE TOTALLY