My Mom's a MILF

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Dandy Doodads : tiny meat gang

Tilda Spridd : *hello pinocchiuuu*

RatioHatesTheGame : This is hilarious despite being about a teenager having incest delusions in the moments leading up to a stroke that leaves him retarded.

Michael : always touchaling eachother

dakotab291 : " Hello Pinocchiuuooo "  lost it!

raspberrytrap : Jon liked this video okay

Jubach : "Don't even fib yourself." LOL

Psylectronaut : Definitely gonna get in on aaaat. Definitely gotta go for another fish in the seeeeaaahhhh

dohertyz : How they did this without laughing at eachother is amazing

diego my last name is secret : anyone else stalking Franks liked videos?

Chad Roemer : This video went from funny to fucking hilarious, oh my god i have to show everyone.

Svugralf Greffed : This reminds me about about me and my sister. Story time. I am about a typical 20 year old redditor. I'm also highly socially awkward like most redditors. I temporarily live with my parents as I recently lost my home (long story). Turns out I have a total crush on my sister and tend to get raging hardons when she's near, but she doesn't seem to care. One night my mom and dad go to their school reunion (they both met in school). I sat down watching T.V. while my sister is upstairs doing whatever. Out of no where, sister comes into the living room wearing barely anything. I got so fucking hard. She sits next to me, my boner showing no signs of stopping. I can't help it and keep staring at her boobs, they're so fucking huge. So I talk to her about her day and, just casual . When out of nowhere she rests her shoulder on me and strokes my hand. I stare at her in the eyes and smile. She smiles back. I've been drinking a bit, so I try and make a move, knowing I can blame it on the vodka I've been drinking. Funnily enough she fucking let's me. I begin groping her boobs and I swear - I'm about to cum in my fucking pants. She pulls away and says she can't. I ask her if it's because we're brother and sister. She says no, because she needs something first. "Anything," I say grabbing both of her hands. She stares deeply into my eyes and in the most seductive way. "I need about tree fiddy." Now it was about this time I realized this beautiful sister of mine was a 8 story tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era. That goddamned Loch-Ness monster had tricked me again!

Sean Farrell : Always touchling each other. Falthy French brought me here.

NemaxHD : Habe u see a milf b0ss? HABE U SEE A MILF B0SS?!?

Pedro Stormrage : 1:21 #GrumpBump

Jake G : woah, I almost forgot to watch this today

JustNinja5 : Yo Noel's impression was perfect

Charly Colomina : this guys are now on SNL...

AlyMewGaming : xD lol

Sierra Tomlinson : Papa Franku brought me here

Gonk Monty : being all playfully on the time to each other

NASApeepo : Noel Miller brought me here

Frida Espinoza : This will forever be my favorite video in the world

AJ Collazo : Finally found this video thanks to codyko and noel

Carter Last name : Noel Millar sent me here. TMG podcast!

Drewsefer89 : Don't even fibs yourselves. You know the Game Grumps sent you here.

Dom Ku : So is this redneck Ross and Dan?

white _niggu : from papa franku anyone?

melody : Ey b0ss

Preston Gillam : Don't even fib yourself.

Stella Von Cruel : I remember when this video came out. I'm so proud of these dudes. SNL needed them.

Bryce Thomson : the way beck says pinocchio lmao

Grey Riot : Tiny Meat Gang

The Gibberino : Filth brought me here

Andrew777doom Gamer : And we're the game grumps.

Noah Smith : Here from tiny meat gang podcast

shagan117 : Favorite GoodNeighbor sketch by far!

Jim Grant : i like that they only post something if it's quality

Reilly McDowell : "dude don't even joke yourself, dude"

thatshowigame : Is that Kyle Mooney from SNL?

J. A. Shaff : these recent comments are awful

TheThirdSun : is this Steve Brule's son?

Dave the Brave : DUDE TOTALLY

jmd620 : "being all playfully all the time to each other"

Turtler9 : I love this video so much but it makes me sad knowing they will never make another video again.

Josh Wilson : Cancerous Franku comments incoming

Simon Singh : GRUMP BUMP!!!!

Jair Antonio : Don't even fib yourself. You're always touchling each other.

IndiePhunq : Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney?

liz : 1:36