Fresh Kills (Landfill) - WTC Debris Burial Ground, pt. 1

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Rare shots of plane parts and mountains of dust. Ground Zero sifted for evidence...

Comments from Youtube

Wish Bringer : all those millionaires who had decked out offices and luxury art, gone. goes to show in the end everything has the same value. zip. sad all those lives were lost

Zippy : The world is a terrible place.

Vladpryde : Thank you for doing this without conspiracy bullshit or glamorizing it.

James Lane : I wouldn't want to be near that place that debris is probably loaded with asbestos

Nicole M : Thanks for sharing, very sad but intriguing

Mark Hazleton : There is so much about 9/11 that is both frustrating but even things about it that restore my faith in Humanity. Obviously the carnage from these monsters who hijaked the planes is unforgivable...but seeing how maticulous the operation of recovering bodies but also the personal property and debris. Seeing how people were so respectful and basically felt every piece left-over from the World Trade Center was considered Sacred to them is kind of beautiful. Just knowing that even after all of that Horror...people came together to retrieve as much as they could, to honor the victims.

riffer madness : Thats what your government thinks of you..

Lee Designer : Thank you for posting this. Real interesting to see the back end of the life changing tragedy.

TheChubbyKid : Of course no photography or video. Just like how they quick shipped a lot of the steel to China.

Pandoralove : I was reading that 90% of people killed in a building collapse die from compression and suffocation I didn't read anything about total obliteration of the human body in any building collapse ever except for the World Trade Center

Red Rooster : No photographs of the crime scene evidence, please. People may connect the dots and realize that a mass murder is being covered up!

punky83 peace : fire turned everything to dust? really?

Mark Zappasodi : Fascinating but heart wrenching. 😭

Aric Snyder : The Rodan was in lobby of Canter Fitzgerald right?

janschild : It's interesting how Hazmat gear is worn at Fresh kills but not Ground Zero...

Sim Brink : At around 1:00 did he just said kill is dutch for river ??? Thats not true mate

powerofsamurai : First off who are you? and who is "we" why are you believable or credible? I would think you should give a better opener than "hey let's turn on a microphone and narrate some random photos of God knows where origin. Cmon

pro-self-offense : Conspiracy theorists, cons,piracy,the o wrists aka handcuffs.should be the def.

Eng Mac : I'm not American but I wish they would change the name of that landfill to something else its just doesn't sound right. After all there's human remains buried there.

ΝΟΜΛ : a crime scene where all the steel girders got quickly shipped overseas for recycling

TheBraveOne : Wait...what?! Kill is Dutch for river? Rivier is Dutch for river, kill is not a word in Dutch language. Kil is and even kille but not kill.

Eric s : how many cops have u seen with a revolver , mind you you're in new York city & not hazard county. there's even a ww2 german looking gun at the top .

Truther Revolution : They started cleaning up right away even tho it was a crime scene

jean-michel HERBERT : bouffon...

jean-michel HERBERT : research for building collapse all over the world due to earthquakes,complete bodies are recovered,never in bits and pieces,never happened,look for that picture of an Indian couple found in the debris in Dehli,these buildings were reduced to powder,you're so stuck up in your bullshit that it's in your eyes and mouth.

nmyndsseye : Dude you think you know what you are talking about but people survived the whole tower collapsing down on them. Look up the miracle of stairwell b. Firefighters survived the collapse with little to no injuries and had nothing but sky above them. You need to use your fucking brain and do some research on your own before discrediting people. Dumbass...

mad largetrks : Nothing funny about that (Arschloch)

jean-michel HERBERT : kiss my ass girl,complete bodies are recovered everytime there's a building collapse after major earth quakes,not debris,India's latest quake.......pine d'ours,va..!!!

TnL Royal , : LEBENSCRAFT?did u also collect keys-and gold,and childrens shoes,and hair for german mattresses from murdered Jews during WWII?somebody did-and they were german..millions agree with me.

FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL : With supa sekrit silent hushaboom explosives that dont even blow out the windows of the buildings they detonate inside?

Yzarc Citanul : You willfully ignorant moron, it's out of respect for the victims that the truth be told.

Allan Folmersen : High temperature, high pressure and an adverse chemical environment will do that. The collapse moved large amounts of air very quickly, equal to tornado-force winds.


Tarkus21 : actually 442 days ...prompted by four widows..".Press For Truth" is their documentary.

Tarkus21 : We will Never Forget...We Are Change @ GZ every Sat.

Geo K : It was above an inside job! The neocon think tank had this all planned 10 years before it happened! They orchestrated their Pearl Harbor like event to catalyze their plan. The only amazing part is even now that everyone knows the truth after the 100 documentaries explaining every last detail & all the guilty parties involved nobody is doing anything about it! You would think there would be some patriots willing to hunt them down one by one. That won't happen until the internet goes down!

84rubberbandman : I have the utmost respect for those who died in 9/11 more so even than you because I know that it wasn't cave dwelling osama bin laden who did was so terrible and tragic because it was perpetrated by and allowed to happen by our own Government...some sort of sick test on it's own American Citizens

84rubberbandman : will someone explain to me why the guns and handcuffs at the end of the video were so looked like one gun was melted...It takes years of exposure to weather for rust to appear on objects such as these? I also noticed cars at the WTC were rusted like they had been in a wreckage yard for years. Never understood the strange things that happened to the cars or fire engine because of the collapse...some were upside down on top of other cars

Blablah Blah : so sad to see those buckets of id cards, no matter your opinion on the politics or who did what, these victims were all human beings with families, friends and people who miss them. i think that we forget the simple tragedy somewhat when we start analysing the situation and pointing fingers.

Blahblahblah14898 : Bitch please we control you, you probably have an iphone, watch american media, or drink coca cola. I dont care if american corporations and culture is bad, its all over the world now and America is winning cuz they globalized

Blahblahblah14898 : oh please give me some actual evidence, your gonna have to convince me architecturally and logically how it happened. You are a typical stupid american, get an education. All you say is all this illuminati, new world order shit.

Dan Romcebo : don't generalize, is North America you mean right?

JMMT7022801 : @Mike Atkins Niether Bush nor Obama gives a rat's ass about us. Get ready for the RFID chip and the FEMA concentration camps.

Mike Atkins : i love how your like fuck America but your subscribed to nothing but its only fuck America when its convenient huh

BirdIsTheWord : Enough with the inside job talk. Have some respect for those who were taken from us and never forget that. It's what's important.

david olsen : lots of guns

Lauren Thompson : "...'Kills' is Dutch for 'rivers'...'" So what if it is? What the f*** ever. -- I am not in on this joke, but this sh** is funny to someone.

dixie dragon : I wonder what part of photographs are prohibited on that BIG sign they missed here???

JMMT7022801 : @GarbageGuyGary Communist Amerikuh.