Fresh Kills (Landfill) - WTC Debris Burial Ground, pt. 1

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Vladpryde : Thank you for doing this without conspiracy bullshit or glamorizing it.

Mark Hazleton : There is so much about 9/11 that is both frustrating but even things about it that restore my faith in Humanity. Obviously the carnage from these monsters who hijaked the planes is unforgivable...but seeing how maticulous the operation of recovering bodies but also the personal property and debris. Seeing how people were so respectful and basically felt every piece left-over from the World Trade Center was considered Sacred to them is kind of beautiful. Just knowing that even after all of that Horror...people came together to retrieve as much as they could, to honor the victims.

Tommy Ryan : My father worked there and now is is so sick and has cancer stage 4 it was such a horrible mess God bless him and all of us

James Lane : I wouldn't want to be near that place that debris is probably loaded with asbestos

Wish Bringer : all those millionaires who had decked out offices and luxury art, gone. goes to show in the end everything has the same value. zip. sad all those lives were lost

Zippy : The world is a terrible place.

DNA Day-send : Reopen 9/11 report/investigation

Pandoralove : I was reading that 90% of people killed in a building collapse die from compression and suffocation I didn't read anything about total obliteration of the human body in any building collapse ever except for the World Trade Center


danny son : They also destroyed evidence too!

1ShayDawn : How do you have bodies with nothing left but tiny pieces barely recognizable as once being flesh, and bone, furniture and stuff turned to dust, but, credit cards and driver's licenses left intact ?

richieluz7 : Inside job. FEMA was on site the day before getting ready for cleanup. RIP to the innocent. Go to hell George W Bush. And take your dad with you!!

imnojasontodd : strange how thin elevator signs remain and the steel beams behind concrete melted

Ethereal Phenotype : they needed to make sure THEY left no incriminating evidence


Frank. T : fresh kills? a bit insensitive

Vera Wroe : What an inefficient set up in the "human remains" shed. They were obviously not expecting much human material. No air purification, no sanitation and no correct containers or clean work surfaces. Whats going on?

F0kGggle : No photographs nor video allowed beyond this point. Absolutely something to hide.

C W : did they find all the black boxes?

Sim Brink : At around 1:00 did he just said kill is dutch for river ??? Thats not true mate

thethe111 t : A false flag operation

A N : Some of those pistols exhibit rust consistent with decades of exposure to elements. that rust would not set in within merely a few months or years, additionally, I'm not sure which departments issue WWII era German Luger's ??!!!?!

Gary M : i see the items caked with wtc dust. i think of those who were never found, perhaps vaporized and i wonder in the dust i see is the dna of the missing spread on the dust on the items? 0.o

Alex Penny : And while everybody is sifting through that looking for tell-tale sign's Nobody will realise that close to a billion is missing in Gold & Silver Oops where did it go ????????

upsideadown : 4:18. Wow. So that's it huh? The remains of nearly 3000 victims are to be sifted through in a 3 sink, ramshackle of a shed on a landfill named Fresh Kills? I can see the concern and respect for the dead... Oh, at least they sold all of the scrap steel from the trade center off to China, I am sure someone made out nicely with that gem right there. Paul Bremer should have been in that bucket there. Instead he was on the news giving the "official story" that fateful day, without mentioning that 295 of his employees were blown up by a direct impact from a jetliner. How the fuck did he know to be on the news that day when he should have been in his goddamn offices eating plane...

Jesse R : The Pentagon video was bs. The few frames that they show right before the "plane" hits show an object very close to the ground that resembles a missile far more than a giant airplane. To this day, they haven't released the footage of the "plane" hitting the building. Conveniently, that was also the area of the Pentagon where the computers held data that tracked an insane amount of money. They were destroyed. That "plane" looks more like a cruise missile and certainly hugged the ground very closely within the last 50-100 feet. All of the light poles should have been ripped down; they weren't. The feds also confiscated every tape within the area that would have shown what hit the Pentagon. Gas stations, private businesses, etc. I'm not saying that the planes didn't hit the buildings, but other things like building collapsed in the exact same way as a controlled demolition. Literally, if you pulled them both up side by side, they both arch in the middle at the exact place and time.

Just another Bird : For people who believe it was an inside job, honestly it would've been known by now. Wikileaks would have spilled the beans, or people inside the goverment would have made public any evidence of communications of orchestrating the plan. Every single conspiracy that was true at one point somebody spilled the beans, it has been 17 years and nobody has found any real solid evidence of the goverment planning 9/11. Conspiracy theorists of this event only have theories, but yet no real solid proof of communication and planning of 9/11 by the goverment.

Clint C : biggest case of fraud in human history

charron : why would someone call "911" related site "Fresh kills"? Boggles my Mind. why not change it something else more appropriate? Bureaucracy at its finest

c c : How did the credit cards survive and nothing else

Nicole M : Thanks for sharing, very sad but intriguing

Adam Brady : Credit cards are pretty hard to destroy, but how do two buildings pulverize ?

DaRealFacts : Shame on Bush and Obama and all of those Illuminati scumbags that did this and then covered it up. As has been well PROVEN and DOCUMENTED IS THERE WAS no REAL INVESTIGATION!!! Thank God people are finally waking up to these FACTS that it was an INSIDE JOB that went all the way up to the American murdering president and beyond. They End Times is here and they shall soon meet the Satan they ALL worship for what he truly and really is. Satan will mop the floors of Hell while watching their eternal torture with these murdering cowards of innocent scumbags. At first the evidence was a bit weak about who did this but NOW the majority that have honestly looked KNOW Bush ordered this using the 250,000 known employees of his daddies creation called our CIA. They use Americas stolen wealth by our so called FEDERAL RESERVE to control the world. Every single American president being related is NO coincidence and definitely displays how corrupt and far this goes. For those that have NOT done the hundreds of hours that I have in researching this, The Vatican owns the Federal Reserve and even though the name implies it is a American bank NOTHING could be further from the truth! The Rothschilds are behind this using their Illuminati Satan worshiping fools. Take a good look at ALL of the facts here and even the clips that sound impossibly untrue to see who did this and why. America does NOT elect our leaders as the voting system is corrupt. They DO control both t he Democrats and Republican parties. The Rothschilds do honestly OWN more than half of the worlds wealth combined and did not get that way by NOT committing murders and wars and in fact did kill JFK and Abraham Lincoln. Most of Americas founding fathers were Satanists and that is why JFK and Lincoln were murdered. This presidents died bravely trying to stop those Rothschilds Illuminati from continuing to steal from America with their foreign controlled banks ran banks here that have been robbing from America since day one. All of these facts are well documented and proven yet NOTHING ever happens to change this. Now that they have stolen the worlds wealth and Americas as well they want to kill all except for 500 million just so they can control all at this number while publicly stating it is because there is not enough worldly resources to provide for all which is a huge lie. That is a number they think they can easily control just so they do not have to get off of their murdering and cowardly fat asses to do the work themselves. Except for Satans Muslims the rest of the world calls  this extermination nwo event the End Times just as the Bible foretold. Get ready folks....something horribly wrong will soon emerge from the Vatican as a few Cardinals have already confessed to. Demons are very real and just as the Bible states can take on any shape or form they please. THEY ARE HERE!!

Eric s : how many cops have u seen with a revolver , mind you you're in new York city & not hazard county. there's even a ww2 german looking gun at the top .

riffer madness : Thats what your government thinks of you..

janschild : It's interesting how Hazmat gear is worn at Fresh kills but not Ground Zero...

punky83 peace : fire turned everything to dust? really?

Winamp : So the building out of stainless steel collapse, but such things as creditcards and handcuffs etc are clearly recognizable and almost intact? Wow..cant believe that some people still thinks that the planes made the buildings collapse -.- .. 

TheBraveOne : Wait...what?! Kill is Dutch for river? Rivier is Dutch for river, kill is not a word in Dutch language. Kil is and even kille but not kill.

Fleur Black : What this video does prove is that the fires in the standing towers were much hotter than many people think and lso as so few bodies were found in the rubble the rubble pile must have been buring at a great rate for the first day or two in order to so thoroughly destroy all evidence of so much metal.

Phoebe Devereaux : dictator54, not only the military has access to thermite, demo teams do too.  They use it all the time. Also at the very end of this segment, they said they found the guns and other pieces of law enforcement, including bodies in BUILDING 6.  WTF?????  NOTHING HAPPENED IN BUILDING 6!

Hollands Glorie : Incredible. You see FBI agents in white suits, wearing gas masks all the time, and non of you dipsticks realize that they are wearing this to keep the radioactive dust of their clothing.

Brody : American Terrorist Day

Larry McNeil : Kyles 45 angel..... I think you're part of the 9/11 cover-up, to get a group of people and all these YouTube videos to say we are all conspiracy nuts!! Anybody believes the government story is the nut!!! Thank you and now go away

A N : what plane parts ??? There weren't any planes

Joanne Davis : Directed Energy Weapons disintegrate everything that it’s directed at. So sad.

RL R : "they found a lot of human remains from the terrorists..." what? I thought most of the suppossed "terrorists" were alive in Saudi Arabia, or something like that...

Zoti Dazoti : at 7:07 there is a close up of the guns. Assuming these are guns from the cops that died on 9/11 (that's the only explanation I can think of) where did the Desert Eagle come from? The Ruger .22? There's a gun that looks like a Colt 1903 as well. These are not police guns.

Tim Blackwood : The biggest Conspiracy theory ever is the Governments lame excuses...... claiming that a hijacking terrorist group had been responsible!

Eng Mac : I'm not American but I wish they would change the name of that landfill to something else its just doesn't sound right. After all there's human remains buried there.