If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe's

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Unauthorized commercial for Trader Joe's shot on my Palm Treo before I accidentally ran over it with my car. Guitar: Enrique Coria. Piano: David Lisle. See more spots at www.carlsfinefilms.com

Comments from Youtube

dorpth : Nothing sums up Trader Joe's like "no parking", "hot moms", and "that thing that you liked that they don't have anymore".

Jarrett Kaufman : Every year or so I remember this song, watch it, and cry a little.

Galactic Snufferpuss : I'm a TJ's sign artist and I've been obsessed with this vid since even before I started this job! xD

Uncle Keifer : 6 years later and I'm still nUTs about this video.

Eric Foronjy : This video is fantastic. 

Aimee Rink : I love Trader Joe's (even though the phrase "they don't have it anymore" is true for some of my favorite items).  Great food, great prices, great emloyees

Meme Connoisseur : "All your favorite stuff they don't have anymore." Too real for me.

FancyUnicorn : Shout out to the TJ yoga moms! So hot

MrCeora : Every should know that's the great Antonio Carlos Jobim classic "Águas de Março" aka the "Waters of March.

Josh Lange : "It's the cage free eggs that aren't free range"  Sad but true.

Annie Davis : Man this is so spot on!

Sing a Song : The original song is "Waters of March" by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The Trader Joe's lyrics are greati very creative

Michael Buitron : Woo Hoo! A million views!

Beverlee Couillard : TJ's is my Disneyland!!!! I love it.

Grace Tsang : composed by Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim w/ both Portuguese lyrics and these English ones (about what flows by in the Rio flood waters): A stick, a stone, it's the end of the road, It's the rest of a stump, it's a little alone, It's a sliver of glass, it is life, it's the sun, It is night, it is death, it's a trap, it's a gun. The oak when it blooms, a fox in the brush, The nod of the wood, the song of a thrush, The wood of the wing, a cliff, a fall, A scratch, a lump, it is nothing at all....

Cogey : I've loved this song for years!!!

Dean F : I tell everyone at TJ's about this song!

Alfred Hitchcock : I had a Palm Treo. I had a Handspring Visor Prism, the first PDA with a 16 bit color screen. When Handspring merged with Palm and they said they were discontinuing the Visor because they wanted to make a PDA that was also a cell phone and a camera I said, "That's crazy. Nobody will want something like that. Too complicated." Doh

Janet Delia : I LOVE this song !! :)

Lisa Liel : Every time someone posts something about Trader Joe's, I come here to get the URL and share it in response.

Dot Fahn : Absolutely freakin GENIUS!!!!


Chog Chey : Just passing through in 2018

Jeffrey Sykes : Great lyrics. Bravo.

ButtsDongs : I wish I knew why I was crying.

Lauryn Tillery : Hilarious! Love the jab at the parking lot. The only thing missing from the song is the unwanted solicitors trying to get you to sign their petition.

VENDETTA10 : Dan Bane give your Mates there 47:50 hours back you crook !!!You have a crook for a CPA too !!! Figures ? Birds of feather flock together ..... #unionTJS!!!

Vittoria Farneze : Aprecciate the Brazilian song

CB : 0:50 that car is about to back into the other car, yikes

Guy Citron : Genius

Mr.Panda663 : Amazing. This needs more than 1.1m views. Actually you deserve more subscribers man.

Keith Writer : I'm serious. I want this sung at my funeral.

Jack Day Hovakimian : This is awesome. I wonder if he ever found out who that cute cashier was!

frederick : hee hee. never gets old

ROCAfellaFW : I work at trader joes and this is just so awesome

Neil McKay : This song is TEN YEARS OLD and still holds up. Funny and sad and sweet.

Fourthgirl : I work part time at store #231 in Oakland and this was the best! Thank you!

Sy B. : “All your favorite stuff they don’t have anymore.” Lol! So true! I love TJs! ❤️

David Wang : Video made in 2009, the good old day is gone.

HiGregory : Steer pizzle!

Cody : 1:48 - im in love

MrLeLutinMalin : cool sounds and hot moms. We have some Trader Joe's peanuts, cashews and other salty treats here in France (in Aldi stores) but that's about it.

Laurie Johnson : I'm pretty sure that was staged and it was a mannequin.

Laurie Johnson : As Charles just said, we just got our very own TJ's in Asheville a few days ago. This is great and I just shared on FB.

Charles Herschel : TJ's just opened in Asheville, NC and I love this video. Thanks for making it. After enjoying and being frustrated by Trader Joe's for the 30 years I lived in Los Angeles I didn't realize how much I missed it till it catastrophically bombarded the north side of the little mountain I live in now. Just kidding. I'm so happy they finally made it here...if only they had just made that parking lot a little larger.

TANIA TORRES : Carlsfine,make a commercial for Aldi the parent company

Enrique Coria : It was fun to make this comercial with Carl!!!

Suellen Clark : Went to the Trader Joe's in San Francisco just to get those flat sponges that plump to full size when wet. Fun place.

Sadie Nawalaniec : So cool! U make it sound so bad lol