Annoying My Co-Workers With Puns

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James Kwak : I’m here right now!!!

Ashton Jones : I have a pun to say if we get lost we will link up

Beyond Gaming : You ruined the asparagus pun Edit: I'm sorry that was a rude way to phrase it

Gaming instinct : So that's why it takes forever to get my food 😂

Dilka : I bet she has a PUNishment for him...

Las Vegas Nights : 3:32 "I don't know if she likes me but I'll "wisk" it" 😂

Rozu Gold : I wanna meet this guy

Janette Chayna : I wouldn't get angry when someone does that!

Wally RBLX : These were seriously some of the best puns I’ve ever heard in my life, like I was cracking up 😂 at the first one, am glad this came up in my recommended list you just made my day :)

Lj Galinato : *Orange* you glad that he didn't get a *PUN* ishment. Sorry, but I'm *egging* it right now. Ok, I'll go now.

Mohammed Islam : 3:00 That was a STRETCH !!! lol funny dude.

Mochi Babyy : I lost it at asparagus 😂😭

Derpy Potato : These are bad, but good

Dankful doge : You can say i doge a bullet

Plant : she's gonna give you a pun-ishment if you keep at it

Naim Islam : *the next day he got fired...*

Black_ Matter : HAHAHAHA wtf this was awesome do more!

Kaitlin Sandall : I lost it at "I hate you...imma bust you up in two seconds, for real."😂

killergoverments : Try these puns on Gordon Ramsey.

Little Cashew named Lou : Holy shit Let me love you

Gloria Bregant : Haters gonna hate.... Players gonna play Live a life man Good luck Anyone got it????

jisper plomp : Why is this suddenly in everyone's recommended?

AleAle : this guy is trying to smash

Jonathan Rupe : Hey dude, Chuggaaconroy would like to have a word with you. No, you're not in trouble...

PEACE! : It's so PUN watching this video!

DeadStick Rhodes : Your female coworker is cute.....does she date?

WildCard : *really*

Alf Reydosos : I think I want to hear the lame tuna joke.

Leo Cheek : *im surprised you weren’t fired xD*

Rawd Kamleh : I'm here because of a TV show... The TV show is called Miraculous Ladybug (it's animated but worth it!) I got so OBSESSED to the point that it made me like puns the character is called Chat Noir and you should watch the show XD you're either team Chat Noir (OBSESSED with puns) or Ladybug (HATES puns) even better... Their partners XD

K Tube : He is laughing at his own Puns. Now that's just sad.

marisa north : SANS?????

Mohd_ 4_gamer : Do it more

wat am i doing? : VINNIE!

Iska Murray : Stop making these puns or else I might puma pants *says the puma*

Vixikie : Laughed through the whole video 😂

Banana Assassin : " Really? " cx

Alex Gaffikin : How fuking many do u have?!

Jungkook Abratasas : he looks like jin laughing at his own dad jokes.. well, mr. worldwide handsome 😜 army anyone???

Conor Plays : Really?

LenaThe Pug : This is great I'm dying of laughter.

Kang Daniel .W.O. : A what?😂😂

frisk the kid : Lol this reminds me Of sans and papyrus lol

Zirus : "I hate you"

BurtonGuster2.0 : My hero

Peter Kazavis : And that's how I met your mother little Jimmy!

Xavier Ross élève : *END ME INSIDE*

Aidan Holcomb : I try to do this in class, but I usually get a textbook in the face when I do lol.

Alexi_ Gaming : I want to be ur sibling 😂 plz so me and u can taco about it

Rebeca Sandoval : wine-ing *face palm* -_- really😂😂😂😂