Annoying My Co-Workers With Puns

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Let's eat Grandpa : I wouldn't get angry when someone does that!

90sgarbage : She's not sure whether to call him a master or a madman

NuikopeaDemon : *Legend has it he's still making puns*

Pineapple Doodles : *we need more people like you*

Mark Galera : 3:42 i say that all the time but no one believes it 😂

Rozu Gold : I wanna meet this guy

Aubree Burgoyne : The basil one was great

Erin MSPx : doctor: you have 3 mins and 51 seconds to live me: watches this video

Ying main AF。 : Lmao


Justin Y. : It's funny to watch her progression from amusement to sheer disappointment

Daithí : his laugh is infectious

Whatever I Want Channel : You’re THAT guy

Rose Gold : Dear lord he’s the one the people tell you to look out for when you just get hired 😂

Siti Anissa : Doesnt this guy got any work to do better than puns?

maxsKi Moose : They just get better and better

{{ Y A Y I }} : i have one (So we "meat" again) 😂

JackieThat _ : And then all the people quitted. *The en-* THERE’S PART 2!

SomeWeirdo : Dad:Why the hell you laughing so hard i can hear you across the room.

Mason : still at work with your puns?

Kiraro The Kitsune : Legend says that he is still wisking some puns

W.D Gaster : From now on... I absolutelly love this channel

Sportyguyjj234 UK : He is an actual legend 😅😅😅😅😅

Samantha Haven : You are so funny that my parents told me to stop watching you cause I watched like 5 times and I was cracking up cause they were so funny.

Gina B : You deserve an award my good man

Mochi Babyy : I lost it at asparagus 😂😭

Elle's Inspirations : This is my favourite person now

Paris Malone : Somone needs to make a “guy laughs at his own jokes for 1 minute” video. That would be just be amazing

ferret love : Omg your laugh isn’t gracious but it is contagious 🤣🤣

Elise xv : Best co-worker in the world 11 out of 10

BangtanStyle : I like that he laughs about his own puns😂

GasterBlaster7659 : Omg this is the best thing ever created on YouTube 🤣😂😂😂🤣

grant newcombe : Certified mad lad

_a depressed cat lady_ : I love you.

phyllis the realest : The hero we need.

MasqueradeMurder : “Meanwhile he was fired”

Tiersa&Gracie Show : Teach me your ways o_o

Aarmau shiper : Your my favorite person on planet earth!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i need to do those on my family

Ubaid Ullah : I don't carrot all that he laughs at his own puns cause I do that too

OtakuCrazy : I resect him.

Krissy Foxx : Omfg 😂😂😂 Make more vids dude u funny asf , I love how u laughed at ur own jokes

Bennn4020 : Epic mate. I lol'd the entire way through. Would love to work with you there and see that

Emerald Zero : Next video: "Annoying my doctors with puns"


2 Shots Of Vodka : I love this guy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Black_ Matter : HAHAHAHA wtf this was awesome do more!

Ryan SEB : That man has a really great sense of humor.

Elligons : If you have to laugh at your own jokes they're just not that funny. Had to stop at 38 seconds in.

Elise xv : I like how I get more likes on my comments instead of my videos. 😂 Who can relate also?

Guardo : that was lame *so was your tuna joke*