Annoying My Co-Workers With Puns

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Rozu Gold : I wanna meet this guy

Janette Chayna : I wouldn't get angry when someone does that!

Jai-Nicole Bourgerie : The first one made me laugh so hard.🤣😂

Dilka : I bet she has a PUNishment for him...

Krissy Foxx : Omfg 😂😂😂 Make more vids dude u funny asf , I love how u laughed at ur own jokes

Heolyy : I like that he laughs about his own puns😂

maxsKi Moose : They just get better and better

SD Gaming : I'm Vietnamese and the " bánh tráng thượng hạng " is the best one

Hunter Patrick Lindsey : He was found dead in ditch near lane drive

JJ's Life : The boss should've ended with her own, Hold up a lighter and say 'I have to FIRE you"!

MasqueradeMurder : “Meanwhile he was fired”

Mohammed Islam : 3:00 That was a STRETCH !!! lol funny dude.

OliverTheFox [Music/Gameplays] : *QUIT IT*

Krissy Foxx : U PUNny 😂😂

Heather Barney : I'm surprised you're not fired

Justin Y. : It's funny to watch her progression from amusement to sheer disappointment

light katan : This man is my spirit animal

Susi W : More like "how to loose all friends in 3 minutes"

world of retro : After this He was fired.

Leo Cheek : *im surprised you weren’t fired xD*

Frieza the Daddy : *Earth is flat*

Bradie Goaler : Billy I would beat your ass so damn quick if you did this to me

Bmx Outlaws : I heard the first joke then I left

Mewchee : I like how he laughs at his own puns

Mochi Babyy : I lost it at asparagus 😂😭

John Vargas : she seems very tolerant of you I am surprised she hasn't slapped you yet lmfao

Nezqie : I've never laughed this much at any other video i've ever seen

Skytrainer_ Trent : Are you fired?!?

Skywatch Central : I don't know why they didn't just wok away.

Black_ Matter : HAHAHAHA wtf this was awesome do more!

Alf Reydosos : I think I want to hear the lame tuna joke.

Nick Wilkie : At least the people are laughing at the jokes instead of killing him. 😄

Danny Ruiz : *holds orange juice* Punny guy: “Orange you glad I’m running out of puns” Coworker: “yes” Punny Guy: “I lied, im actually on a... roll” Co worker: “Viny (I think), ima bust you up in two second foreal” 😂😂

Dana Gonzales : Now I know why my food takes so long to come. 😦

Sachin Yadav : Now are you happy youtube? what else do you want me to watch?

Xx_YungHentaiGod_xX : She turns dead inside real quick.

Steven Nieto : They probably don't understand the puns and just think you have autism hahaha.

Vincent : That very first pun, had me crying over my keyboard. I will remember it and use it on a very special occasion, thank you :)

Robloxrannosaurus Gaming : those co workers have no sense of humor, i feel bad, i like his puns lol

Katie C. : Liza Koshy who?

Mia Hd : LOVE how much he laughs himself

Kermit The Hermit : I loved all of these

Carmen : wow amazing XD i do this to the bar staff all the thyme (holds herb)

The Quaker : Funnier than I thought it would be

Travis K. : Dad, stop!

doT03 : She said buk now noi lol

Sansational guy Undertale pro : Omg I love you I'm a pun fanatic ok you are so being me if i was in your job

nitzschii : the *Skyline* one was 300 IQ

The Vintage Tapes : Bruh I can't breathe

Smol Doggo : I was just thinking about puns and this video came up *tries to think of a pun but fails*