2005 - Jimmy John's - Two Mitch Hedberg Commercials
Mitch Hedbergs Jimmy Johns Commercials 2005

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Mitch Hedberg provides the voice over for two Jimmy John's commercials. Hedberg first asserts that if Jimmy John's delivery drivers were any faster, they'd have numbers of the side of their cars. This is demonstrated by a couple of guys cheering on one of their drivers. Next, Mitch informs us that Jimmy John's sandwiches are an honest eight inches, even when it's cold out - predictably illustrated by a dude getting out of a swimming pool, prompting giggles from some nearby girls. Subscribe for daily commercial uploads


s alvanip : I find it super hard to believe that they were around in 2006. I thought they really blew up around 2011-ish?

Luke Peters : Mitch rocks. Boycott Jimmy John's because of their elephant-killing CEO. (look it up)