History of The Universe in 13,799 Dominoes

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Hevesh5 : Incredible video! What a great use of dominoes as a metaphor for the timeline of our universe. I must say, building all those dominoes in 4 days is quite impressive for someone who does not typically build! I also love how you incorporated other elements with the narration like the volcano experiment, sparklers, and other props. It’s definitely evident that you put a lot of time into this and it really shows! Plus, to memorize all of this and perform it so well in just one take is very impressive. Well done!! Going to share this on my twitter! :)

TierZoo : Hey this is awesome! Was cool to see you mention the endosymbiotic theory.

Jacob & Emma : I love how giggly and excited he is during this video, you can tell the dude loves this shit

Omkar Joglekar : This has to go viral

Werewolf Jones : The soundtrack to the narration of the universe is a little skeleton dancing fast.

allanGEE : Biblical timeline would have been much easier. 6000 to 10,000 years.

Greg Baute : Poor trilobites. So brave. Awesome video!

Ryan Sim : Oh sorry the Camera ran out of batteries. Let's do it again!

Peter : Can you do it again please but this time make the dominos = 100,000 years instead? 🌏

Jade Harley : Man, I could feel the enthusiasm through the screen! That was amazing!

Aj H : Amazing work man. Great informative video. Imo, one of the best timeline videos out in the interwebs. Liked favorited subscribed!!!

Mandy B : Well done. That must have taken ages and a great deal of nerve to set up! You made the dominoes? Serious kudos! I'd have twitched if the last one to be put down were left to me. I loved the 'story'. I'm a recent sub and am looking forward to the next video. Already liked!

Fagoooooo : That feeling when you're the 50th comment on a very educational and very fun video that is gonna go insanely viral 😊

Joseph Dillard : Great way of putting into perspective just how brief our history as humans really is, and how long life, planet earth, and the universe itself where around before we even showed up, its a really hard thing for a lot of people to grasp

Andrew Stabell : Amazing work!

Lucas Cordeiro Nascimento : You, Sir, just earned my subscription

ashley vdpk : Amazing!!!!

Ken Knudsen : Huge shout out Kurtis, amazing work. Thank you!!!

Scott McCracken : What an amazing representation for such mind-bending scope. Thank you for all the effort, amazing job!

bpdoles : Oh wow this is huge!!! This seems to be the second longest domino line in the world, nice work! I love building dominoes :D

natsoray : Wow! This is amazing! Shut up and take my subscription!

Ruben Hernandez : This should go viral.

lndshrknm : Great video.

Country Geek PC : LOVE THIS! Excellent work and explanation!

Glybirdy : Fantastic!

Mike G : Thank you for doing this. So much work and preparation all in order to help educate strangers on how amazing our scope of intelligence has become. Subscribed. Keep it up.

Greg Gilbert : Awesome

Skelturoth : this is nuts, i love it!

TheUnreasonableMe : Good Job!

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : My mind was blown away. One of the best videos on youtube and one of the best educational video's that puts the universe, our planet and us into perspective

Tanner Fitz : Great concept and execution. Keep them coming, please!

Jon Irenicus : Crazy amount of effort....

Markrar : Was it cold in there? Amazing work. This will blow up.

Cheese Dragon : Centifrugal force? Isn't it centripetal force?

Crucial Muzic : Who else thought he was going to ruin the dominoes at 7:37? What a very informative video, seriously thank you for this We need more people like him, you can tell he's very passionate

Steven Baumann : 4 Days? Amateur. Just kidding. That’s a lot of dominos! 😀 please tell be this was in one take. I also love how you started the whole thing! This is the best thing I’ve seen this year so far!

GOD IS DEAD AND SO ARE BLASPHEMERS : Imagine an earthquake happening while you put the last piece

Charles Johnston : Great video, subscribed

monchavo : well done old chap, a splendid effort and an impressive overview of the history of everything

Cadebenson : This is fantastic!

Greg Ryan : Well done, that was fun

Manny Perez : This is important to watch

Kyle Engen : Very awesome until the very end. Then a shill for audible.com really bums me out.

Shadowphoenixfire : Whoa, this was so cool! Poor squished dinosaur! Your demonstration really did an awesome job of showing the scale of the universe.

AtomicCattle : He deserves a like

Kasia Stepien : I can't get over how utterly tiny our human existence is in comparison to the age of the universe. This is a powerful video!

pooseTHEpuppet : I love this!

Hannah S : That was so awesome, this should have like 10 million views

Shannon Mcpeak : 4:35 INTRUDER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTRUDER! BLUE BLUE BLUE!!!!!!!!

Wayne Brinker : Something bothered me after watching this. After some quick back of the envelope calculations I discovered a fatal flaw in your analogy. Those were not legitimate dominos, but were simply blank wooden pieces cut to size. With all the junk science and fake news, I don't know what to believe. Flat earth may be true.