History of The Universe in 13,799 Dominoes

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TierZoo : Hey this is awesome! Was cool to see you mention the endosymbiotic theory.

The One : This man is still hearting comments on this video even a year later.

Dirk Freijters : Sorry, mic wasn't recorded. Let's try again!

Crabstep Boi : You could just tell how nervous he was about forgetting his lines, losing time explaining things or stepping on some dominoes. Praise to you sir, this is quite a feat.

SalmanTheFish PCG : What if... *Pushes first domino* *What did I have to say again?*

Taikamuna : This is one of the most creative educational videos on YouTube

YouTube Algorithm : I love your enthusiasm when it comes to science.

Belleabie : *I feel bad for the cameraman*

Taylor Covington : Please tell me this dude makes money from these videos

Papa Smurf : I thought he was default dancing in the thumbnail

Hevesh5 : Incredible video! What a great use of dominoes as a metaphor for the timeline of our universe. I must say, building all those dominoes in 4 days is quite impressive for someone who does not typically build! I also love how you incorporated other elements with the narration like the volcano experiment, sparklers, and other props. It’s definitely evident that you put a lot of time into this and it really shows! Plus, to memorize all of this and perform it so well in just one take is very impressive. Well done!! Going to share this on my twitter! :)

rainbowbutterflyfan : *_oh god camera guy please don’t back up and trigger the dominoes. Maybe it’s a drone. Please be a drone._*

*ultimate Fish* : Christians have left the chat ...


Savage Lamb : This looked super hard

Pretty Gay : This is absolutely insane! This deserves so much more attention. Well done!! It’s fun and educational

AppleRain : If you were a creationist, you would need ~1/3 of a Domino. That's how crazy they are. Edit: 1/3 of 1,000,000 years is 333,333 years. So it's actually 1/300th of a Domino.

Collin Floyd : the christian squad is not impressed

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : Then Thanos snapped and half of the universe was wiped out.

Strike Gaming : *Forgets to press record*

qwsxedcrfv : Dinos? I’m sorry They die.

u u : I am getting a bill nye the science guy vibe keep it up and youll be the next bill nye

theorist 10 : Creationists ideal version of this : Dominoes equating to 6000 years Narrator:" God did it God did it God did it God did it ... " until the last domino falls To all the religious people able to separate from from fiction ; I salute you Edit : it'd be 0.0006 of a domino smh . That's how implausible and ridiculous young earth creationism is .

zP1_2 : When you use headphones you can hear his heartbeat, He put his effort on this please support him by subscribing.

sWirLy FacE : I almost lost my jaw when I seen this guy only had 50K. What is everyone doing? Watching T-Series? SMH


Blazing Arrow : Let's see if he hearts this. Like so he can see this I will get us started 1 one like yay.....

IBetYouDidntKnowYouCouldMakeYourNameThisLongDidYou : I love your videos, for a while i saw this in my recommended but i didn’t know it was you, I didn’t know it was going to be so educational, but i finally clicked on it, and i was not disappointed, i can tell how much work you put into this, good job

Laurenz Edelmann : Guys can we please give this man credit for doing this in ONE TAKE

Twister : god forbid that this man had bloopers

Strategic_Cheese : kurtis: did you get all that? camera man: oh... yeah yeah, let me just take off the len- kurtis: ... what?

Annas A Vlogs : 1 domino = 1 million years... I don't wana be immortal anymore😂

10,000 Subscribers with two videos? : That’s how the *universe* works

Jacob & Emma : I love how giggly and excited he is during this video, you can tell the dude loves this shit

[stares in japanese and summons satan in spanish] : *trips*

Christian Bass : Ima christian tho

NeverTheLess Productions : This video deserves way more views...

Little_Astro : This man is a legend

GoldenLG : WHO DISLIKED THIS?!?!?!?!?!

Hudson Arney : Crazy to think that our whole existence is only in that last domino

Seb Clax : reckon people are creationists just to save themselves thousands of dominoes?

BulletTraj : The 13798th lego "omau mo sinderu"

Ryan Sim : Oh sorry the Camera ran out of batteries. Let's do it again!

Whole Food Plant-Based Man : Camera man sneezes, "alright, time to line them up again".

: Take that bill wurtz

Whole Food Plant-Based Man : I love Brian Cox, most notably from _Wonders of Life_ .

Youtube Kills My Brain Cells : This... Is why I love science

xd Makka-Pakka : The camera guy should have pranked him by saying ‘whoops I forgot to record’ 😅

TheAwesomeWinner : In one million years this video will be invalidated

Creative Crave : *this gave me an unreasonable amount of anxiety fearing something might go wrong*