How Facebook Helped Russia To Invade Ukraine.

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Земля Роду нашого : Yes, my dears, we, Ukrainian bloggers were banned a lot, just for trying to explain the crocodile is eating us - FACEBOOK was not helpful at all.

rascalndear : Hey, Ukraine's FB space was administered in Moscow (Zuckerberg denies that lol), and Zuckerberg has refused repeatedly to set up a separate office in Ukraine. How messed up is that??? Boy, Zuckerberg is such a dork. It's a lie. The posts they took down rarely had anything to do with ethnic slurs. They were largely innocent posts. And when there's a war, pelople should have the right to comment about the enemy! None of my friends who have been blocked have been blocked over hate speech. I've tried to block peoople on that basis and was always told that they did not violate community standards. What a joke.

Olga West : Russian trolls ban Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine simply for supporting Ukraine in its right to exist and be an independent country.

Lesia Chernysh : Sad but true. It's happening even now

Lesia Chernysh : All Mark Zuckerberg cares about is business

Stepan Bandera : all Western World has closed their eays interms off Russian Aggression in Ukraine, but when Russia will occupy all Ukrainian territory Western World must be ready to figth with Russian facsists in Poland, Baltic States, Sweeden and other countries

Alex Truth : Надо этого жидовского пидара проверить на счета из рахи какие он получал во время оккупации и посадить на 20 лет с конфискацией.

Art S : Facebook is responsible for Crimea annexation, war in Eastern Ukraine and war in Georgia. Facebook should pay for having blood on it’s hands. Ukrainian government needs to go to international courts and require financial assistance and have them take all those fake Russian accounts down and block them

moskvaprivet : This is how Russia has been winning an informational war against the world. I felt very helpless, but it has been happening and we could do nothing about it. There is a place in St. Petersburg, Russia where they have paid agents do just that - making impossible for the truth to be seen. Why didn't you guys see this? Why did you allow it to happen? Why did you ignore it? People in Russia are very confused now because they do not see true things, they were not given a chance. This is a major flaw of Facebook. It became an easy tool for the bad guys to misinterpret information and use it to their advantage.

БПП : Пора завязывать с этим фейсбуком

GRaF Kiyv : Игры Цукерберга в гениальность себя любимого могут очень резко оборваться. С 50М странами шутки плохи...

Fokosmok : Saying TRUE = HATE SPEACH for Facebook. Remember about this people next time you log in!!!

Tevtat Dzeko : Fucken russians.

Alex Nemo : сраный фейсбук как был так и есть инструментом руской пропаганды! Позор! позор! позор!

Michschnei : The only nation that have invaded another nation? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! Ops... no ok, ok,  you are right... she was talking about only ONE NATION...  USA have invaded more than one nation and is also occupying allied nations with their military presence from decades.... sorry for laughing, she was right saying only one about Russia....

Alexander Golubkov : я все еще люблю Америку, хотя они всегда говорят поддельные новости (CNN)

OXiG : LOL. The ignorance and the stupidity of this video and comments are on the whole new level.

jacek : Facebook itself (apart from having ugly interface and stupid settings) is not guilty. That's soviet-russian plague that spoils everything it touches.

Galyna Shevchenko : Zuckerberg should be asked why HE had sold russians FB shares? This IS the reason russians can do whatever they want on FB including the 2016 election interference in the US! Having done so he made HIS OWN country vulnerable to russian propaganda and there's nothing to laugh about!

htmlwerty : Mark Zuckerberg ltved in Russia before so anything can heppend

mysterious stranger : this is the liberal version of Alex Jones InfoWars, same tinfoil hat nonsense.

Tohru Psycho : russhit make crazy thing no.1 best all the time LoL

Alyona VS : So true, unfortunately. Has happened to my friends and me so many times. And it is still on.

Sergio G : Red pidorases

Benjamin Birdsey : This has something to do with the community monitoring. As I understood, Facebook relied on monitors in Russia to determine whether posts violated community standards for Russian language posts. Of course, this was short-sighted (or incompetent, or stupid, or complicit), given the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

FirstName LastName : *Still until now exist many so called pro-Ukrainian activist accounts in Facebook that are systematically spreading hate speeches and placing vulgar and porno pictures. Facebook taking no any actions against those accounts.*

alyoshkatheketyah : Wasn't it clear that the Ukrainians' complaints against the "hate speech" reports had been pointed at fake nature of those reports? That the original reported posts contained NOTHING reportable? OMG...

Scott Hill : Mark Zuckerberg is a moron who helped Russian online agents suppress information on illegal russian activities in Ukraine and like liberals everywhere he take no responsibility for it and make up stupid reasons for it happening.

Dr.Ratamatahata : Russian bots, and in 2016 they successfully fired Ukrainians with an active position. And to all the complaints and the request to do something, the facebook responded that everything was fine and should be.

Semenjaga : Bullshit.

П'ЯТА КОЛОНА МОСКВИ : *_"Facebook Helped Russia To Invade Ukraine"._* *_Есть и другие "достоверные" факты. Например,_* *_Гелетей рассказывал, как в боях за Луганский_* *_аэропорт Россия применила тактическое ядерное_* *_оружие. Министр обороны Украины, хоть и бывший,_* *_врать точно не будет_* *_Лапша на ушах рагулей превращается в кашу их головах_* *_Россия "напала" на Украину, "оккупировала" Донбасс,_* *_а в Москве до сих пор работает украинское посольство._* *_И до сих пор не разорваны дипломатические отношения._* *_Просто очевидное-невероятное!_*  *_Вдобавок в России открыто 4 украинских консульства_* *_-- в Санкт-Петербурге, Ростове-на-Дону , Екатеринбурге и_* *_Новосибирске. А граждане Украины вместо того чтобы_* *_"звiльнювати неньку, тiкають до агресора". Вместо того_* *_чтобы воевать с ним. Работают у него. И платят налоги_* *_в бюджет оккупантов. Прямо мистика какая-то!_*

Jim Willeke : Does MSNBC or DailyBeast have an Office in Ukraine? Who would open an office in Ukraine during a conflict? This is a perfect example of a FAKE NEWS story.

jose vivaldi : Украинцы поняли всю лживую сущность Цукерберга, когда российские троли безосновательно жаловались на все подряд (ЛЮБЫЕ) посты украинских активистов, а Фейсбук украинцев не разбираясь сразу БАНИЛ. Видимо денежки от российской рекламы Цукербергу не пахнут.

Andrii Surzhenko : So, mexicans, who know english well should moderate post from the USA?

Ванятко : надеюсь закон США, поставит раком, эту кацапскую марионетку Цукерберга!

Alexander Golubkov : эй, вы, националисты УПА! «промывали мозги» украинцам. Эта дама была разоблачена RТ.

PowerOfTheMirror : Same with reddit, especially /r/worldnews its a cesspit of rus propaganda and I have reason to believe the mods are in on it.