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Abhi Singh : Man he's confident. He never breaks a sweat...nobody would know he's not for real.

Porter Rockwell : "he'll do 25? See that's a bardle do for me".

YDosCadenas : The way the guy agrees without any idea what mumbles said LOL

Gustavs Strazdins : ...done tickle sheep LMAO

kaltblut : This is probably the funniest thing on youtube.

ChrisGrubbons : "It says 28, uhm, bartle doo?" "Well it can go to 25" "Ah well that's a bartle doo for me" LMAO!

farerse : are these original flatliners? lol

Make-Make : I understand him just fine, but I spent some time in Texas not too far from Bartle Doo...Mumbles's home town.

MyoclonicJerkCough : anyone who would thumbs down this video is clearly ticklin the sheep with their schmidt schmall

susanrobinet : The 113 people who thumbed down this video need to blow stankalardum out their peeny needles.

Explicit Gaming : "I tickle the sheep up until 5 O'Clock. And when I'm done tickling the sheep, I'll come by and take a look at it."

HannahNoelle2158 : "tickle the sheep" 😂😂😂

Zaish Chaudhry : S**t He's a good actor!!!!!

TheDirtworld : mark'um dance'ums?

xOGxJITSU : i tickle sheep until 5 o'clock!

Smooth Droid : I die when he says barnledoo

Matthew EverythingGaming : They're very pinny needle lmao.

329 Squadrant : “Nah the lowest i’d go would be 25, 23” Mumbles: “I got $1800 cash” “Nah $2000” 🤣

JacobThecaveman H : Did you buy the car

Dave W : wind sheeby

RIP George Smith : Get your car shmettid every year

Frank Miranda : malt liky

ronald rogerson : This is why I don't private sell my cars

Cody Rende : I lose it when he does the mumbles. on point with what he wants to say and still manages to get you confused but also get the point across after he says it enough and uses body language. very nice and creative. I wonder what he is doing now with life?????

JOMY GEORGE : Markkum dancums

Blahblahblah : the lowest is gonna be 250025-23nah, this guy is a born negotiator lol

Al Kent : The guy went down to $2000 lol

Seon Ali : Cape fordum the new models, know what I mean?

Brian Griffin : "I tickle sheep till 5" XD

dizziple : the guy even almost peenieneedled it. This guy aint fockin around.

Thotbreaker Sanders : marcum dansums? Right "No im sayin is it marcum dansums"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

e man : I cry laughing when i watch this erytime.the funniest. Thing on youtube.he walked off like what the hell i get myself into😂😂😂😂😂

Abel B : Mumble's my favorite! Bardle-do

Ice Carpenter : my name's bill, alright barbie kilnm :D

Veronica Laviolette : is it markum dancums?

John Smith : The poor guys family member or friend died. Not funny to mess with. Not in this situation.

GalaxyTraveler : i almost fell off my chair when he said he tickles sheep till bout 5 oclock

Sahid Marquez : Crap mo stank!

IamProfessorO : "If the time goes it's a markum dansums?" "Right" "Right?" "Uh huh" "Naw I'm sayin is it markum dansums?" "What do you mean"

Dylan Jacoy : tickle the Sheep till about 6

Raphael Baker : "Wheet wheet"

Antonio Moreira : yeah...nah nah no no...what do you mean?

brains : peeny needle

capsitan : the guys at my auto shop are peeny needle too... very thankful for that

Bubba Sizemore : This is great.

Roger Thornhill : Bardldoo!

pegy hill : Kim pem kardem? What do you mean? Kim pem kardem! Ohhh yeah yeah it is. Hahah the guy pretends he understands him

Dinkymod : Now that's a bartle-do for me.

Jaime Lannister : Ticklin sheep bout five aclock

jtking2504 : This guy was awesome, he actually interpreted mumbles!!!