Sexual Harassment Training–50 Central (50 Cent,Mark Harley,Tristen Winger,Vince Swann,Jasmin Brown)

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Chicago Capone : This show won’t go on a second season. It’s wack

Iwilkerson0626 Wilkerson : All man this shit funny as hell😂😂😂😂

TheMan : 1:13 They could have just used the girl in the back of 50...clearly they were describing her

kevroyt1 : It’s the baggiest jeans I could find lmao

Karvon Production : This should be standard video before becoming employed in 'Merica.

lovellzx14r zoom : The cougar in the blue is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Juan Carlos Osorio : I just had to say it. Every time 50 wants to be on the screen , It is so Cringing! His acting in his own movie was horrible. Same thing in his new shoe. So much CRINGE. You can feel the awkwardness in that room. & who tf is writing them scripts...?? It’s fucked up

lorraine simser : Jasmine can get this long stroke

M Denaro : Anybody else realize he described the girl from 50's of and on video that was painted like a tiger

A Elliott : Irv send his keyboard ninjas in the comment section pure hate..... The whole thing is over these haters head 50 keep doing your thing show mad funny😀😀😀😀😀

Lorenza Williams : This was funny as hell!!!

Reesy Cup : Steve’s on some boogie nite shit Ctfu

Mr lewis : Bout time this soft ass network get some G back on it...

TMH Strengthens : Hey that teacher was a YouTuber. Good job

QUAY STYLES : I miss in living color so yes thanks 50 for this 👍

Lit Pusher : “Damn, Steve’s on some Boogeynight shit.” 😂

ctnwsm : Just finished watching the latest episode and this show is just not funny. Love me some "Power" though.

MR. HI-DEF : This is trash 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Derrick Johnson : This shit good .....good and terrible. (coming to America voice)

Micheal Ashley : "Got to keep on dancing keep dancing Boogy night"

tyanttaylor60 : He said Jesus this is some Boogie Night shit,Lol

John Ricketts : Yooo this Sexual Harrassment video is fuckn out of control hilarious. watch out Fifty u may get raped by the boss lady and or well they may say some shit like this is illegal.. LMFAO

MerCyInTheShell : I always remember this fucked up video of 50 Cent, were he harrasses a guy, who doesn't look normal to this motherfucker

el amo bergamo : The dude that said I can't see lol

Gabriel Martinez : Lmbo I need to see this show

soon : I thought this show was gunna be like a talk show n shit lol

thahomie Gonzo : "damn Steve on some Boogie Nights shit" had me ROLLING

Malo Taco : (Patrice O'neal from the grave) "MAN YOUR CORNY!!"

Black Star Entertainment : I thought this show was going to be Better. I like the idea of it. It needs to be more like SNL. It needs to talk or make fun of more recent world Events. It has potential. Less corny. More edgy. Good Luck! I'll stay tuned

Kelvin Cruz : I ain't know 50 was a funny dude LMAO.

Cory Goodman : Steve's on some boogie nights shit... Lol

Jahmel Madden : 50central is the worst... take this shit off t.v.... stick to Power.. and he talking shit about Tales.. FOHWTBS...

Kini Media Group : This is actually funny 👍

Langa Siyabongaa : Told you he's a comedian too... what a talent lol

Dakota Dillan : failed! this show is corny and i'm a fan of 50 and whats funny

ruddiato : I like the concept,but it need some more work.

Red Leg : Id let jazmin shit in on my face

GT Tg : Whoever gave the green light to this will need to dust off the resume. This has a glorified YT feel to it.

Mars Sirius : Sounds like ivr gotti is all in the comment section....📺 Whose watching?! 😎

Hanson Yazzie : Hard to watch not funny we need Dave Chappelle

Marksman 007 : This shit is funnier than I expected

NanCee Drew : Curtis always puts a smile on my face.

Michael Tates : 50 cent stick to Power this sucks.

Choco Black : Idgaf 50 central is better than alot of other shows being put out.

Mathew Martinez : Is this supposed to b funny?

fashion secure : Fif think this is better than "Tales" This shit is boring is hell...not funny either

Dallas Cowboys Lady Fan 1984 : People are slow. It's 50 cent being himself, he's not suppose to be funny.

YATTA YATTAIMEAN : This shit is dry. Trying to be like In Living Color. With whack ass comedians. 50 stick to the gangster shit! (POWER)

Cham Rav : I love 50 man gonna support the show all the way. I admit it needs a lil work but hey not every show starts out great.

Jean Rosil : If you dont think this is funny then you have a problem