Pickle the Mini Pig Slides in for a Belly Rub!

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l'enfante terrible : LOL Pig missile!

Hibryd7 : Most urgent belly rub in all history.

Justin Y. : 0:03 Deva Vu, I've been in this place before...

Michael Halliburton : That's the weirdest looking dog I've ever seen.

Chef : gotta go fast

Big Black Cock : Pigs are friends not food.

RootedHat : that's not a belly rub... put some passion into it. you like being rubbed this abruptly? tf

dennis gadulka : Pickle sliding into the DMs (I know, the joke is done to death, but it had to be said lol)

BACA : That is literally how I drive

Asher Tye : I think the funniest part was when he squeaked when he fell but kept right on truckin' towards the belly rub.

Melissa Ivy : Awwww now that's adorable...oooooo wait don't get up yet gotta go in for the slide!!!! Lol

YouTube Patrol : I JUST SAW A FLYING PIG !!!

Steve Miner : Man he was safe at home!!!!

André Thy : That slide was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! :D

BloodhoundPreston : Wow! That pig was as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog!

M Till : :/ I really need to stop eating pork. One day.

thewholeyearinn : Today I learned that pigs are highly resistant to rug burn.



tyedyejedi : I just want to eat him all up

Rebecca Hefner : That was funny as hell!

Karen Annell : I cried (of happiness) while watching this... exactly what I needed right now

Kat35 Lulu : I had to watch this about 20 times.

Im Mousey : I want him!!!!

dominoesandtin : you never even rubbed his belly. 0/10

slap_my_hand : *DEJA VU*

Kolin Mademe : I wish people would break through the animal products propaganda and programming and realize they can live 100% healthy/happy[y lives without torturing, traumatizing, terrorizing and terminating sentient families.. by the billions. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Tsubasa Reservoir : When your bae is home alone

Fantastic Four : INITIAL D-D-D-D INITIAL D-D-D

Charlie Bear : Deja Vu

Michael Ma : I'm slower than a pig (´・ω・`)

SkinnyCow : Bacon

Boulder the fat : Wait till that fellas 400lbs an sliding in for a belly rub lol.

Alyssa Jones : Lol at the beginning

Gerry Funke : So adorable.❤️🐷

EliSimming : This video is actually what caused me to become a vegetarian, weirdly enough. Thanks

Jose Fernandez : ⚾️....safe!!

barb ryll : Oh man that’s adorable!!

Orion6699 : Pls show another vid when hes 200 lbs and doing that...

TheExtremeEvoker : Running in the 90s it’s the new way I like to be

Black Santa : I have one of those it's in my refrigerator they're so cute

MaeIifia on Xbox One! : And people will say pigs aren’t adorable.

Snow White : Never seen a Copy arrive on scene that fast!

EnigmaticParadox : I was not ready I'll tell you that much

Nathan Thompson : I thought this video was sped up at first. This is hilarious.

Brian T : haha that's classic

Yor Lastfoe : There was a bacon salesman at the door.

chucky the killer doll : awww so adorable

iJustFlyDammit : Bacon delivery!

fandy the drawing demon : Cute