MIT Robot Breaks Rubik’s Cube Record

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Jay Kay : Wot?????

Raghav Murthy : Amazed! 0.38!

Timothy Oldmeadow : sounds like a huge fart

Reqy TM : *Mans not bot*

LLV : Breaking the record is an understatement 👍

Thescientist : Cool !

Paul H : Yes, computers do math calculations very quick. What's the news here?

Jedidiah wayne : Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww MIT IS LIFE

jeetendra bansal : What is this... It's more faster than bullet

Inimbrium : Presumably that rubics cube is custom made to be extra sturdy. I can't see a standard, off-the-shelf rubics cube be able to witstand those kinds of forces! :)

Joe Wust : what the frick!!!!!

Galaxysmasher04 Gd : OwO

Jose Pedro Espinosa : Wow!!!

Manuel Sañudo Guerreira : Holy cow...

NRA Member : Coolest thing I ever seen!

SalicylicAcid_ : mysterious

Perry Gawen : Absolutely Amazing!

Retec123 : Surely it would've been more productive to solve the problem of sensing the difference between RED and ORANGE !

yedison marquez : amazing

Manos Bersos : How...?