Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins
Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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Here we take a look inside drug kingpin’s homes! These luxurious mansions are stunning and make you want to live a luxurious and rich life in one of these houses. Subscribe to World5List Find us on... -- -- -- --


Tory Lanez : The CIA are the biggest Druglords in the US

Epicholiday123 : Could you imagine. Buying Escobar house. Stumbling across a couple of safes full of cash...

C V : When you showed El chapos "house" that was not his house. That was an apartment where he hid after escaping from prison.

Zachary Watson : You said don’t do drugs You didn’t say don’t sell drugs in high quantities

dubvc1 : But its okay if the government does it?

Dani Herndz : 3:27 that mansion is in sugarland texas no Arlington you liars ik because I work in the pool right behind it as a lifeguard

Sobia Khan : No one can beat Pablo Escobar the legend!!

Johnny Clean : The ones that get caught are the small time criminals. The most powerful criminals rarely get caught.

pinche latin : That was an apartment of El chapo 😂 his house has never been raided get your facts right bro

t. : rip el chapo's neighbors

JameOne : 8:23 "Hacienda Napoles" was in Colombia, not Miami.

U M : Ok how do you actually can have 4 and a half bathrooms???

JBOBROSKII : The reason they let him build a prison, was because he kept killing Gov officials, and kidnapping their kids.

Sandra Richardson : *#@equivocal!".

Thomas Berry : Pretty weak how for the majority of these kingpins here, you just basically compiled random pictures showing what the kingpins had in their mansions instead of the actual interiors. I feel slighted and taken advantage of

Oaatmeaaal tastesbad : DoNt Do DrUgS Me: **takes.50 tramadol pill@** hmmm, what was that?

ymw fan nogga : Man I WOOLD BUY100000000000000 SQAIR FEETHOUSE AND DONATE9000000000

Gigi Bubblegum : If I had that amount of money?? I would definitely help the Syrian refugees and feed hungry people... Can't imagine having all of that power and wasting it on swimming pools and diamonds...🤔🤢

alan smlth : My question is, just where does all this drug money go after the Police take it? GOOD QUESTION.

pifas Hernandez : Who else watched this while being high LMFAOO

Jenda Matoška : More like how well does my neighbours know me

biggest D : I like how your stories are fabricated with the 33 numerology or the elite nothing but lies

John Smith : what would I do with all that money? Easy Pay off my Master Card then go back to driving a forklift truck. Simple

John Gotti : the narators dont talk about them all working for the gov so they give profit to politicians (corrupted)

Aslan : "Now imagine if you owned a black panther" *[Jim Crow intensifies]*

Newton Polleon : If I had all that money I would buy my freedom

XXEvolutionxXXX : If I have all that money, I would buy a lot of lands. With those lands, I then build a lot of cabins for all the homeless people to live in. I would then build wall around the land and turn it into a community. Now for all the people who live in the community, I will have them work together and farm, protect each other, and help in each other (just like the community in the "walking dead"). They will never need the use of money ever again. They would grow crops to feed each other, build each other houses, respect each other properties, commit no crime on each other, work together as one big family, and care for each other. Whoever live in our community shall live in no fear of hunger, crime, drugs, and etc. I will lead them into a new world where money is no longer valid. I will assign jobs for each person base on their skills set to keep the community going. All the teachers will educate the children, all the chiefs will cook for the people in the community, all the builders will build houses for the community and so on. There will not be any hungry children in this community. Together we will build a new world, a better world!!! But!!! Too bad I don't have that kind of money.... shiet.....

Vintage Fits : I run a pretty successful cocaine business in gta 5 and live in the maze bank towers with multiple exotic luxury cars

BEEZEL Koston : I cant believe im watchimg my own fathers house on youtube

Anthony Lowery : Because I do have all that money I buy my wife back who got murder in a drug deal in 1962 to this day ever thing been gorgeous for me love you baby miss you dearly P S coming home soon


Martin Monreal : The Rockafellas, Rothschilds, Buildingberg group, Bushes, Kennedy's, Clinton's are the real drug pushers.

Evergreen : Person 1: Sir, we've found $10M cash in the basement. Person 2: did you mean $8M? Person 1: oh yeah, I meant $5M

Reymark Tumimbang : Yeah I laughed at your joke,, lol,🤣🤣🤣

Justin D'murcielago : Word has it Jamie is going to give up her drug dealers identities and locations to try n help Cody.

Mr Excalibur : Escobar burnt $1M to keep his daughter warm!

Greg p. : man judging by these comments I stepped into the conspiracy theory zone geez some of you need to get out and get sun light

Meg Tube : This is basically the reality version of GTA the video game.

GHETTOVIBE SIMPIWE : I want to be rich plz

Henry McNeil : build your own prison, that's a true og

Hansel Greetel : Pablo made 60 billions a day come on man You are a fcking legend dude

Sandiego Chapo : I'd buy the Scarface crib

Fredy Perez : Wtf is this guys talking about?? Hacienda Nápoles is located in Colombia not Miami

DJ PQX : I will build a very big estate and schools for the homeless

Tennyson Azyu : Iknow this is not really

Gregory Ezekiel Venegas : Cus I die I'm not taking shit with me so I will people to always remember me king Gregory I'm only a promote of king Gregory Promotions

serantav : Pablo Escobar's Hacienda Napoles was NOT in Miami !

Martin Conneally : rumour has it el chapo lives in the whitehouse. Mrs Trump loves a cheeky lie-v-ner before engaging in bondage sessions and often invites bob geldof and bono round for a toot on the shisha pipe😲

Eulk Htleaw 33 : Karma will come get you 😇