Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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sumper man : $420 mill a week, now that's the high life

Martin Monreal : The Rockafellas, Rothschilds, Buildingberg group, Bushes, Kennedy's, Clinton's are the real drug pushers.

Ryan Maynard. : Could you imagine. Buying Escobar house. Stumbling across a couple of safes full of cash...

Sobia Khan : No one can beat Pablo Escobar the legend!!

Chris Hansen : “ I rather live eating beans calmly than eating salmon and having to look over my shoulders with every bite “ — grandpa 💕

Vintage Fits : I run a pretty successful cocaine business in gta 5 and live in the maze bank towers with multiple exotic luxury cars

HIP HOP DEFINITION : This life might look good until they catch yo ass. Or get killed. It ain't lasting.

JameOne : 8:23 "Hacienda Napoles" was in Colombia, not Miami.

Fnatic_Wavy : Welp, I know what i want to be when i grow up

FatherBootyHands : rehab is for quitters

Anoniem Anoniem : Dont do drugs kids. Deal them.

Bill Smith : The Clintons should be on this list. For in Arkansas when Billy boy was in power, the CIA used this state and C130's to transport many things into and out of the USA.

C Allen : So smart yet so greedy & dumb. Once you get to a nice amount like 50 million...STOP! Then go legit little by little.

T GS : Use that money to build the WALL. All the lives that died connected to that money.

Theo N : They should just legalize drugs so that this stuff wouldn't happen. Addicts don't think rationally when they're in withdrawal. People might argue that legalized drugs will result in deaths but there's already an epidemic in the US with a high rate of deaths. At least the money will circulate the economy rather than end up in drug dealers's pockets. Even other countries that legalize drugs, it becomes safer and the treatment programs are far more effective. No more fake drugs accidentally overdosing people. No more high demand for an illegal product increasing the price and causing others to resort to violence to come up with money. No more money being wasted on stopping people from getting high, (War on Drugs, policing, border control, jail, lawyer fees, etc.) which is a fruitless attempt.

alan smlth : My question is, just where does all this drug money go after the Police take it? GOOD QUESTION.

Darren Samora : How do people sell drugs or get Clients in the first place ?

Gibes NCIS : Money for the Wall. Thank You Very Much.

Tory Lanez : The CIA are the biggest Druglords in the US

Mandy : Drugs such as cocaine and heroin are just as bad as alcohol. If you don't believe this then you've been brainwashed just as the government wants you to be. Anyways, don't do any drugs kids.

Anthony Arkba : I would buy homes for the homeless.

Anthony ramsis : 2:18 and 2:58 .....Holy spirit....!!!! my eyes are dazzling!

Mark Dolan : RIP Overdose victims.

James maharg : I'd buy someone to shut you up 👃💨 punk

t. : rip el chapo's neighbors


Charles Ward : Do you do drugs Danny? Yes Sir everyday!!!! Good! Good!!!

Hugo Pfeffer : Hacienda Napoles wasn't located in Miami and I find pretty hard to believe that a drug lord in Rio de Janeiro had a poster of Justin Bieber. I'm Brazilian didn't saw any news like that. I'm disliking and blocking the content of this channel. Lazy and misleading information.

daniel smith : Fun fact .. Black planters are actually jaguars

dubvc1 : But its okay if the government does it?

Punia G : Death is not important the way u live is important.

Parminder Kaur : c'mon just admit we all here for Escobar

AWUKU GODWIN KOFI : I would build a very big estate, housing all the homeless and orphans. In the estate, there would be school recreational centres and alot more. I'll feed all the inhabitants of my estate all the days of their lives. Provide for them all the wants. Help the needy and build a very big school in my constituency. Contract good road and create job in my constituency,

LITTLE heck : 5:20 good one

Pulse Heltic : Neighbour's snakeeee, i would ask for money 🤧🤧🤧

Chris Doering : I would buy heroin with all that money. And put it all up my nose.

Paul Hamid : I would donate to the charity

Malcolm Small : A house for the homeless people

crusher1980 : Actually the biggest drug kingpin is the CIA, and the war on drugs is nothing more as to eliminate competition. This is according to ex FBI chief Ted Gunderson. And I dont doubt this a second ...

DJ PQX : I will build a very big estate and schools for the homeless

TONY Harris : I buy lawn mowers never look back I would never sell another dope and never look back I will become a Yard-Man and never look back

xR3AL3ST_SQUAD : Bitch


Mario Hinsche : Pablo , the true King

Tierra Cooper : Chapo can get it 🇲🇽😍♥️

2Bridge Tv : Bieber Fever 🤘🤟

FaiAlhabshee : El Chapo is sill free till today ,,,, so misleading

CreatineJunk : Snitches are only good when found dead.

pontiac reddz : Some folks are saying he never had a house in Miami but that pink house was one he did own on Bay Rd in North Miami. One he owned but rarely visited maybe only going there 4 or 5 times.

adam Vaughan : Those homes reminded me of Scarface