Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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Vintage Fits : I run a pretty successful cocaine business in gta 5 and live in the maze bank towers with multiple exotic luxury cars

Sobia Khan : No one can beat Pablo Escobar the legend!!

Ryan : Could you imagine. Buying Escobar house. Stumbling across a couple of safes full of cash...

Romero Montgomery : Drug life ain't lookin so bad

HIP HOP DEFINITION : This life might look good until they catch yo ass. Or get killed. It ain't lasting.

Anoniem Anoniem : Dont do drugs kids. Deal them.

sa tan : Weed isnt a drug...dislike

Bill Smith : The Clintons should be on this list. For in Arkansas when Billy boy was in power, the CIA used this state and C130's to transport many things into and out of the USA.

FatherBootyHands : rehab is for quitters

suah coco : I'd rather do 9 to 5 nd be at peace

t. : rip el chapo's neighbors

Spooky : 8:10 *$420 million* Pretty damn ironic

Bofa Deez : This dudes voice is almost as bad as the foot lettuce kid

Crazy_J13 : I would buy a very nice hat 😌

FaiAlhabshee : El Chapo is sill free till today ,,,, so misleading

sumper man : $420 mill a week, now that's the high life

James maharg : I'd buy someone to shut you up 👃💨 punk

T GS : Use that money to build the WALL. All the lives that died connected to that money.

Dan Vandeusen : Marijuana is good drugs are bad

Charles Ward : Do you do drugs Danny? Yes Sir everyday!!!! Good! Good!!!

FakeNews : Word of advice kids: Don't do drugs....BUT sell it.

darksidedavid : this list is wack, el chapo and escobar are on to 1&2 in the list. Escobar never had a home in miami, do some research idiot.

Mario Hinsche : Pablo , the true King

John Valenzuela : Wow if I had all that money I will help out all the homeless, who went to war to Vietnam and to other Wars for they wouldn't be homeless cuz our government doesn't take care of our soldiers which is sad at least Chapo help poor people I am real proud of him I think he's better than our government

JoJo smOk3 602 : “ I rather live eating beans calmly than eating salmon and having to look over my shoulders with every bite “ — grandpa 💕

alan smlth : My question is, just where does all this drug money go after the Police take it? GOOD QUESTION.

Darren Samora : How do people sell drugs or get Clients in the first place ?

adam Vaughan : Those homes reminded me of Scarface

Logic : First you get the money then you get the power now you get the womans

Rauno Peikkola : Hacienda napoles was not in miami😂😂

crusher1980 : Actually the biggest drug kingpin is the CIA, and the war on drugs is nothing more as to eliminate competition. This is according to ex FBI chief Ted Gunderson. And I dont doubt this a second ...

Anthony ramsis : 2:18 and 2:58 .....Holy spirit....!!!! my eyes are dazzling!

LITTLE heck : 5:20 good one

Ghani Khan : i will help the poor and will live a normal peerson.

AWUKU GODWIN KOFI : I would build a very big estate, housing all the homeless and orphans. In the estate, there would be school recreational centres and alot more. I'll feed all the inhabitants of my estate all the days of their lives. Provide for them all the wants. Help the needy and build a very big school in my constituency. Contract good road and create job in my constituency,

Alp Gez : Kids if a stranger offers you drugs say thank you because drugs are expensive

Paul Kell DC : The elite slobs that run Mexico are too stupid to hide 30K murders in 2017 or their thurst for American and Euro vacations when so many citizens in America hate their existance and pray for their family members completely ejected from Earth.

John Hartlieb : beer is still legal

Cameron Woods : El Chapo is a CIA asset. Not a drug lord. He works for the united states.

Theo N : They should just legalize drugs so that this stuff wouldn't happen. Addicts don't think rationally when they're in withdrawal. People might argue that legalized drugs will result in deaths but there's already an epidemic in the US with a high rate of deaths. At least the money will circulate the economy rather than end up in drug dealers's pockets. Even other countries that legalize drugs, it becomes safer and the treatment programs are far more effective. No more fake drugs accidentally overdosing people. No more high demand for an illegal product increasing the price and causing others to resort to violence to come up with money. No more money being wasted on stopping people from getting high, (War on Drugs, policing, border control, jail, lawyer fees, etc.) which is a fruitless attempt.

CreatineJunk : Snitches are only good when found dead.

Donna Wilcock : The narrator's voice sounds like he thinks this is all a laughing matter. These men are evil, destroying life upon life upon life. Nothing funny about it.

HAK : End world hunger

DJ PQX : I will build a very big estate and schools for the homeless

Chad don : i would take time use that money an gwaan like see I am poor

UMAD yandry : i smoke a lot of weed

Paul Doll : Id buy a Mansion of course, with a porche and ferrari etc. And nothing but extremely expensive clothes and alot of customized weaponry.🌬🌬🌬🌬❄❄

Tinesh Shahani : ill donate it as so many good things to do before u die

berhane gebriel : I'm very very very and again, I repeat, very very and very thankful to the one and only one God who created, saved, protected, redeemed and guides me. I don't do or think any harm to anybody. I work and go back to my living quarters. I enjoy ALWAYS only those I earned in and on daily basis. My wallet May only have my ID CARD and few dollars, but when I check in to my bed, welcome and lie on me sings the bed while the blanket and the pillow wait to be adjusted. Why go so far away past the Rim (need)?

Swagekage Kage : I have cocaine