Homemade Almond Milk

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Halle Craigie : “This is a nut bag. Instert jokes below”. I laughed so hard😂

Liv Latham-Callcott : would love to see a video on making some homemade banana bread

Eunice Javier : Please guest Mila Kunis or Taylor Schilling here!

Carolina Diener : I once read a comment on youtube saying "I love her voice so much I could listen to her read a cook book and it would be fun." now I totally get it.

Tazia Allender : I don’t even like almond milk but Laura said it’s good so guess What I’m doing today🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Nuria Sanchis : Cooking with Taylor please

Michelle Werner : Loved this video 😍🙌🏻 missed you chewing and saying: “it’s really good”😂😂😂

Ellie Janackovic : 1:41 my face when I saw the notification

Nic x : Who needs underwear when you have nut bags

liam gabriel : i never clicked on a video this fast 😅😍

Ruby Khan : So weird seeing people go from TV/film/Netflix to freakin YouTube cooking channels!?! I’m Trippin!!

Juli Murti : Damn! Are u a vampire? U dont aging..

Maddy Paige : I love how all the loyal fans come here first to like and comment without even watching first 😂 I love the fandom

Living Through : She just milked a nutbag...

Helen xo : Please share some good VEGAN recipes that you enjoy!🌱💖

Camille Harris : So when making this homemade almond milk, how long does it stay fresh?

beaniestbean : I am thrilled that nutbags have evolved into something useful in the kitchen instead of just being a part of my dating pool!!! But seriously: Love this Laura!!! I start anticipating Tuesday morning videos every Monday night now!! Thanks for making these & please keep them coming!!! That almond pulp remaining in the nutbag can be frozen along with other almond pulp from later batches. Then the frozen pulp can be baked low and slow until crumbly. Then placed into a dry mill VitaMix to make almond flour!!! And THEN - that can be used to make your delish almond bread recipe!!! 💞🙌🏽😋

Roleen Alarab : Never clicked so fast!! I love you Laura and all that you do and all of your hard work, thanks for everything your doing for us to benefit and for you. Your amazing and love you so dearly, you truly are an amazing role model. Ps. Can’t wait to see you on season 7 of oitnb.❤️❤️❤️

vain431 : How about video on how you make soups!!!

willy horan : Alguien más necesita subtítulos en español? 😂 PD: Amo tu voz ❤ y la forma en que dices "So" A cada momento 😍

itsQueen : you should definitely cook with Taylor 💛.

Kass Gal : *I would like to know why you stopped being vegan and whu you where in the first place. I'm thinking about being one too*

Stephanie Labusky : Do a pasta or pasta sauce recipe. I love pasta and I’m looking for pasta sauce ideas.

Katiuska Fonseca : I never thought it would be so easy. Thanks a lot!

Patricia Blom : She have a daughter? 😱

Lyn JJ : Que bueno que ya saliste de la cárcel 😂 ... ya en serio me encantan tus videos 😘

misledtitan : Hot Donna, is that you!?

Negret : Oiee!! Nós aqui do Brasil entende nada mais importante é a intenção!! Hugs

Megan Gallagher : Love this!! Appreciate the vegan recipes!

Alejandra Vergara : I LOVE U ❤

YEEI VALDES : 😍😍😍😍 Laura no esta, Laura se fue, Laura se marcha de mi vida 😂😂😂😂

Чик Чик : I like how funny and naturally you’re doing this!!! I’d enjoy any recipe ! 😉😍👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

J-Khan Nssk : Cooking with Taylor Schilling please

Random Person : I’m not a fan of almond milk. I just wanna see Laura cooking

DUDA SAMER : Yeah a new video 😍😄 I love you Laura

Bob Jones : not a fan of the black hair but she's still pretty hot

Hellspawnxxx : I miss the red hair

Beep Boop : 0MG you are Karen from how I Met your mother

Jingles : I never had almond milk before, is it sweet?

Sharmila Kunwar : Please do a video with your hubby Ben!😊

Nuria Sanchis : Can you cook the Spain tradicional paella ?

Nicky H : You have such a relaxing voice

girl_from MACDAC : 😍😘😻do something with your husband or Taylor . Very interesting to see .. WE LOOK FORWARD TO IT 👌💛💚❤

sandy pizatto : Cade os BR aqui🇧🇷😂

Liv Latham-Callcott : I don't think me and my friend laughed that hard about the nut bag omg hahaha

Ia Huber : Love the way you handle the nut bag! 😂

Pryss Myself : Hello Laura, I can see you're making almond Milk. But you do not consider comments or at least mine. You do not put the details of the ingredients or the quantity in info bar, it's a shame. That said, well the video. This is very interesting. Please laura, can you put the ingredients and the quantity and duration of cooking time and rest, in info bar.

Karina Vale : Teach us something we can cook for halloween

itstayylor : do you ever make your own hummus?

Nuria Sanchis : The best notification ever😍