Best Electric Unicycles (2018) Off-Road Review

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Side-by-side off-roading comparison between the Gotway MSuper X and the Kingsong 18XL electric unicycles. Comparison Review Part 2. 0:27 Bumps 1:29 Side-by-side Uphill 2:04 Hops & Drops (stairs) 2:49 1 Meter Drop Test 4:07 Street 4:37 Headlights 5:01 Side-by-side Headlights 5:17 Conclusion Best Electric Unicycles (2018) Part 1: Inmotion V10F Review: Wheels: Gotway MSuper X: Kingsong 18XL: Music: DJ Quads ( Mondays by Joakim Karud (


Андрей Анатольевич : Jumps on high speed are missing. Riding backward is missing too. Long time riding at very high speed (around 50 km/h) would be great additions for your comparison.

3euc : These brutal tests are very useful (and entertaining)--not only can we see the operational and durability limits of the wheels, but we don't have to do it ourselves! I suspect they are beyond what manufacturers are even testing. And I was just about to do all these tests... in my imagination. Thanks for showing me even more things I will never be able to do on a wheel. Stay safe though, so you can keep at it.

Roger Underhill : Your videos always bring a smile... excellent review - could even be the best review ever along with part 1 :) You’re the second rider who motivates and encourages me to do more by pushing the boundaries and showing what is possible. Fantastic.

Popolizei : msx for ever thanks good job

Dmitry Karyagin : Нормальный рацлер, не пенс!

Robert Navarro : What a serious, useful review should look like, congratulations.

Azael Pulido : And here i am with my z10 afraid of jumping of a curve

eddrush209mph : Skills 4 dayz Kuji. I wish you would post content more often tho - anything from daily errands, commutes, even vlogs ect. Big fan of your adept riding and editing style.

Derik Ta : I have to say Quite an impressive jump to a nice landing!! Im glad you didnt fk up or your wrist, elbow, face or back would still be pretty sore, if you hesitated in the middle of the jump!😁 Love how you just fully commit into the action and just do it. That's how it gets done!

Mono German : Darn... I got a long way to go, before dropping 3 feet>1meter. BTW is the z10 as tuff, and able to be as good or??

David Bialeschki : Oh my God this is so cool please I want one I'll give you my brand new GT aggressor LOL

Kienan Maxfield : Thanks for the awesome reviews!!! Just curious, how do they fair in gravel? (Gravel driveways are very common out here in the country.)

Kai Sosceles : Great comparison. Looking forward to the next Gotway video. 👍

Rick Deckard : Thx for the review. I am thinking of getting the 18XL or the Nicola. Can't wait to hear your review and comparison. I subscribed today..


Neon Euc : been doing youtube reviews for years.... and i still cant get no where as good as you lol. keep up the good videos and lets see more on a more regular basis :-)

Shannon M : I am really enjoying your style of reviewing. Thanks for being relevant, informative, unbiased, crazy and entertaining all at once! Subscribed.

Markus Di Gallo : For me, the MSX is the best wheel in all areas except the trolly handle. Awesome video. You are a good stuntman.

Alex Bondarenko : One of the best unicycle channels! Liked and subscribed!

Joshua Freeman : please do a tutorial on how to bunny hop a 50 lb wheel :)

Michael Hurdle Production Studio : I went on a NYC group ride yesterday and I saw some of these electric unicycles, and yo, I have a new found respect for them. I have a boosted Stealth and could not keep up with any of them. I'm starting to really weigh my options on getting one of them. You got my sub bro. Good video.

TheGrandeurLife : Dope vid bro much props can't wait to see your next vid!

A k : You really put them through their paces, nice.... Especially like the ending where you went into the tree

Jens Ronnedal : I do most of my riding on asphalt, I went for the KS18XL and I'm loving it. Great videos! Looking forward to the next!

gordon mculloch : Great reviews. Keep up the good work. Cheers 👍

Bernd Weber : Can you drive up the hill with the V10F?

pepeloco65 : Wow.. this is the best video about msx and k18xl.. thanks

U-Stride : wow man. Loving this video style. That jump though wow

sby1076 : Full of energy, Koji...!!😂 Nice review

That Dude : Awesome! Can’t wait for part 3, I’m interested to see what’s up with the Nikola

Ricardo Gobin : Pretty good riding. Nice wheelspin on that hill as well, the 2000w motors can shift some dirt

Jose Echeverri : Good job! It had been a while since I last saw a cool video about EUC's. Great comparison too!

Swi vel : GREAT video. I watch a lot of these euc videos and I'm an avid rider (got both these and the z10). I love that you keep the bloopers in there because that's the reality and people need to know it to get a full measure of if and how they want to engage this awesome hobby. Keep it up and I know you're viewership is gonna splode

Valeriy Selitskiy : Keep it real!

Sven Kortmann : Waoh, i think you have testing this and show us, its ridable with one leg, isn't it? Could be game changing for some people i think ;-)

Matt Wang : lol. Bitter chicken meat. nice

Roman Sedykh : This review is amazing! I wonder if you can share your opinion on Z10.

Herbie Herb : This how EUC is done people. Ride the heaven out of it. Not big fun of people who are scare to fall. Nice video.

alessandroz75 : Best video test!!

FilmsForYou : Best EUC reviewer out there!

Michael Tucker : Awsome dude, awsome!!!

Kamalx : Gosh, you're having fun

WheelDood : That was impressive :)

Johan David : Great content. Thank you!

Gaz Bon : I like it i like it lots :)

Patrick Frickel : Great review and supper pro delivery!

Rong Rong : Kuji Rocks have no fear! Awesome video my friend! 🚀

bj231bj : Hello !! Thanks for all your datails about Unicycles. I decided to but the KS 18XL. You have more knowledge than me. I just get my KS 18XL last week and after 4 days of use it the unicycle it turn off by it self. Was 53 % left before ( like 5 green battery light) I press the power button and nothing happen. I plug in the power charger and after 5 hours charging try again and nothing. What can be the problem? Thanks in advance!!!

sijubahmerah : What inc?