Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

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NIGHT2PWN : sometimes i post my pc specs on my steam but really i got a mac

Jake Jones : Every person in this video is going to be dead broke in 4-5 years 😂 “make it until you fake it”

Stephen Brown : Dang that interview got real depressing real quick :-/

Dorsey Boyz : The realist thing this boy said was.. "Every body in this room has lied at least once in they life" ....After that he lied 100 times in this video Cappin Hard!!

Aleks Ulmer : At the deepest level of this issue, people just want to be accepted, loved, recognized, appreciated, etc. It's just a shame today's culture has twisted it to appear that the only way to get there is by producing a fake image of wealth and status. Really sucks that this young guy lives in lies, but recognizing it and admitting it near the end proves he's still an imperfect human being with vulnerabilities (just like all of us). Hopefully one day he escapes the parasitic Miami nightlife and re-evaluates what's actually important in life.

Gearhead Daily : "Miami is full of fakes"... yes, you included.

Goodcat007 : This turned depressing real quick. I mean, that escalated fast!

Audible Quest : Poor Child. Look what the world has become. Thanks Instagram.

Jeremy Marceau : I can respect anyone who on camera can admit to being a nobody

James Wairagu : "If you had a non-disclosure contract you would know the specifics." At that moment, he knew he messed up. And more importantly, VICE knew he messed up. smh.

Vertie : I don't trust a guy who wears sunglasses at night

RageCage1701 : This is a fascinating, well-made documentary about a disgusting aspect of American consumer culture combined with the artificial life of a broken young man. 10/10 would watch again.

Bruce Wayne : Fake life on that poor boy.

Cesar Urriola : This guy just Destroyed Himself in less than 20 minutes.

Jay Brown : "I'm 23 years old." ...I've been growing this mustache since I was 14...

Romanenko Garage : Going broke trying to look rich

Mrs. Glam Queen : David finessed vice, inturn vice finessed the hell outta him with that therapy session😁

ClaudiaHD : hope y'all have a wonderfull day ❤❤

Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain : Have you ever thought anyone could look so sad and pitiful driving away in a lamborghini...great idea to get that shot.

Jason Webster : I believe in this kid, he's 23 and nowhere near finding himself. His vulnerability to tell the truth is a step up. Tough world out there!

Lester Diaz : I live in Florida and been to Miami Beach a bunch of times, and this is the culture there, feeling superior, driving expensive cars while living in a rented room with the toilet next to the bed because they can’t afford an apartment.

TheBoyJenius : Down here, South Florida is full of these characters. When I went out to LA it was the same thing. I was like “Feels like home... with mountains.”

Armoni Visuals : I probably wouldn't be smoking a cigarette in my companies 458

OsazeVlogs : I'm not sure why he didn't blur his face or alter his voice for this VICE special, Dude they have 9.7M Subs and you think that no one is gonna mind their business ? Smh, you'll probably end up in Investigation Station bro damn..

Sergio Shafi : Actually it just presents the results of what society sees as honourable. Of course we need money and money allows us to buy great experiences but being rich comes from the core to the shell not from the outside to the inside. Being rich is having a great character, being smart, showing empathy even for your enemies. Surrounding yourself with cocaine abusing people and wasting hundreds of dollars for rentals won't 'attract money' to your own life, it rather attracts trouble. Let's not hate about David Zanone, he has just become a puppet of society dancing after it's rules admiring a lifestyle of fakeness

1SparksFlyOut : The guy is an habitual liar with mental issues. He's desperately looking for something that he won't find by being rich or actually owning exotic cars.

Hugecannonballs : Very interesting business model. You sublease vehicles from a legitimate car rental company and claim the company to be your own. Make money off the increased price. Huuuuge risk though if anything happens to the car. But still, very interesting.

Brandon Stokes : Perfect Title - Fake it till you make it. Yall wrong for calling young dude out, the older guy just admitted he did the same thing to make it.

Nads X : The car key spinning around his finger is his tell lmao....from knowing Lil Pump to being a lying fake azz Lil Punk

Ian Andika : This dude is wearing shades while driving at night. Interesting..

Seth Alexander : I feel bad for that guy. I’m really glad he come forward with the truth (even if it was half truth) he showed his humanity there. “I just want to be liked”. That takes courage to admit.

dionte4ever : dude lookin like "shades" off luke cage loll

Isaiah Coffey : Johnny at the IRS is only concerned with 9:03 … everything else is irrelevant.

navboi12 : Is it okay to be a "nobody"? Regardless of what the Ego states, you're a Human being with the gift of life.

cernunnos : To everyone in the comments talking shit about this guy and "materialism"; do you know what the alternatives to this is? Do you know what the ghetto looks like in miami? People develop this mentality of "money over everthing" because theyve already tried living a morel life without fraud and the result was poverty and depression. You have no idea what this kids been through and no idea what hes running from. Hustle isnt pretty but someday he might be successful enough to have the privilege of being ashamed of his past, but if he cant keep his head above water until then he'll end up dead like so many others his age. Depression induces the lifestyle and the lifestyle induces the overdose, this issue is more complicated than the disgust of people who dont know what its like to have nothing and want everything.

650ib : Looks like he got his 17:13 minutes of fame.

Samir Noor : The guy is a undercover cop, they provide him with exotic Cars and money. White boy Ricky 2.0

Postpartum Concussion : He should have stuck with his malibu’s most wanted routine.

CenTz : 7:39 "sometimes its sketchy, in the middle of *look around* nowhere" lmaoo this dude

Bandman Highlights : I love how they showed a legitimate business and then exposed him for being a fraud. Great job vice !

Chaka Chhakchhuak : So basically, they are bigger version of Lil Tay..😂 lmao

Its Noimed : Flips his keys when he lies

A Netizen : Very Miami tho...I remember these dudes predecessors from the 90s.

Riceman : Miami is the most vapid city on earth

Six Lowa : All you need is a Chrysler 300 & girls go crazy

Money Mogul : It’s not hard to tell he made most of his money off of check fraud lol

The Vets : WOW i guess this "POSER" has a conscience and is full of shit and is very very very heavy on him like NOW, just look for GOD man. I think he has a little chance of making it out of that FAKE REALITY, but the sad part is that everybody is actually just like him but with no conscience.


Law of One & ACIM : These kinds of people are retarded. They're like children, but worse, because they're cowards of the highest sort -- hiding behind images and ego ideals. They are not in touch with the real world, but living in a fantasy. But alas -- the world was made just for that purpose. To keep TRUTH from your eyes. For TRUTH is not found in this world at all, but only by turning inward to the Soul can it be found. This results in a peace so profound that in a flash all the meaningless toys and strivings for fame become utterly meaningless. And it is this, above all else, that these senseless fools fear.... Reality!

Batswetla Rethabile 'Bap-Tee' Mphahudi : Legend says David Zanone is still asking questions and answering them. Will i do another interview? No. Will i wake up tommorow? Maybe. Will the cops come looking for me? No? Will i return this yellow Huracan? What yellow Huracan, you wanna rent it out??