Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

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Gearhead Daily : "Miami is full of fakes"... yes, you included.

Samuel Mendez : It takes balls to admit all that on camera, period.

Junky McTasherson : Actually I think its dope the kid decided to be real... on camera. He gets points for that.

do it from the heart : Dogg just be yourself I been eating ramen noodles for three days lol

Tall Toot : I drive a Toyota Camry what’s up… OK you got me it’s a Corolla

Vertie : I don't trust a guy who wears sunglasses at night

Andy Weber : Man, if you quit watching this before 13:30, you really missed out

TheOppolite : Props to the interviewer for getting him in a honest state

Allen : No one gonna say anything about how they sniffed some coke on camera?

ApoptosisPending : VICE: therapist and journalist

Romanenko Garage : Going broke trying to look rich

CrimsonSoldier : the life of a sociopath.... A true sociopath will say or do anything. Some have slight remorse..but in the end it wont stop them from continuing with the behavior. Vice bringing the heat on this one. Thumbs up

Caleb Allahu : He’s “signed” to Dj Khaleds label and recorded “5 Grammy winning songs”.. what

James Teeples : I'd rather be real and driving my Honda

k. m. : I'll never understand the need to be a poser....

Lester Diaz : I live in Florida and been to Miami Beach a bunch of times, and this is the culture there, feeling superior, driving expensive cars while living in a rented room with the toilet next to the bed because they can’t afford an apartment.

Gabriel Gittens : The cringe is strong with this one

fashionkiller : Because of social media, people are not real anymore, most of them are fake , stop adding celebrities in your instagram or those fake rich kids , and you will start focusing in real people as your friends and family, and good people

Willis Witty : Mark 8:36 - "For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul." These people will Like your money, your cars, your status, but do they like you as a person? these are passing pleasures my dude that will soon pass away. But know that God is always here and he loves you with the highest form of love calling each and everyone of us to repentence. Call on his name and you shall be saved. Be safe, and God bless.

Tony Estrada : For me the best part of this video was at 13:00 when he asked him how he wants to know the real you. Look how nervous and uncomfortable her looks. This is how things are these days, with social media, we are afraid and scared to be ourselves because we are afraid of rejection. This is who all hip hop sounds the same, how hot IG girls post look the same, etc...

Seth Alexander : I feel bad for that guy. I’m really glad he come forward with the truth (even if it was half truth) he showed his humanity there. “I just want to be liked”. That takes courage to admit.

A K : I met this guy in person. He is actually preety decent guy.. he invited me over to his moms house basement and gave me a oil change. that was best bust down blowjob I ever had in my life.

Chris Dardar : Gotta respect this guys honesty on camera at the end. Refreshing. As someone who has come and gone staying a transient in miami (i still have my old boat there) no one would admit they aren't the big deal they purport themselves to be....everywhere. I like how this guy showed vulnerability that took guts

ramp622 : I feel bad for him honestly

Desmond Karauna : Lesson one Kid The loudest one in the room is the weakness one in the room...... Frank Lucas (American gangster)

Melvin Sewell : This dude took Fake it till you make it to the next level

Ralphie Leonard : At 6:05 I dont understand. Someone can't rent a car, so they rent it from him at a higher rate...?

Rolex Collector : Wheres TAI LOPEZ ??

C J : That kid is so damn cringey

Jay M : " I signed a non disclosure, so I guess, I mean I'm aloud to talk..." Lmao that says it all

Motivação Para Todos : VICE interviewer DESTROYED the guy with 1 and only 1 question. DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUM.

Tryptamine Odyssey : This guy talkin like he owns a Bugatti divo and a Patek Phillipe. You got a lambo and a Apple Watch fool

Methamphetameme : I thought this was going to be about people making fake luxury cars, kinda like the Vaydor but just straight up copying an existing car.

Charleito : Dude could’ve saved a thousand. Bought a beat. Recorded a song called “Riding foreigns”. Had visuals done for it and boom. David Zanone on the radio. Lying is unnecessary ain’t nobody perfect

Don KiksBiscuits : Tony Montana is rolling in his grave

NIGHT2PWN : sometimes i post my pc specs on my steam but really i got a mac

Chrono Crusade : That kid is faker than my father

creditcrew : Good journalism never grows old. This is epic. The journalist being a presenter asking the right questions and building confidence in order to make people tell their story. We all got a little wiser. The young man gaining insight in the process as well. This is journalism explained in 17 minutes. I loved the end, when things get ackwardly uncomfortable for the young man, the journalist hands him a respectfull exit. Appearence is everything... and a human side of enterprise. BRAVO! Edit: The snorting of cocaine is apparently a part of it. Like it or not! This is a documentary showing this among other things. This is information, make up Your own mind. No agenda just, what's happening. Why I love vids from VICE. Information without a filter. The truth can be hard to handle. But if the truth is hidden, the decisions become obscure. Decisions have to be based on facts. Based on assumptions, emotions, prejudism, opinions eg, we really don't know if there's a hidden agenda. A democracy is defined by transparency.

C Weezy : 😆 he sees all the celebrities in Miami flossing so he wants it... but he's trying to take the easy way there. life doesn't work that way unless you win the lottery or you were born wealthy you have to work hard for what you want in life like the rest of the world...

Waves 雅各 : Yes this guy is a poser, But, Come on, Give the man props for having the balls to tell the truth in front of this mans face

1SparksFlyOut : The guy is an habitual liar with mental issues. He's desperately looking for something that he won't find by being rich or actually owning exotic cars.

Tony Marks : Why is he getting interviewed he straight out says he scams people and sells drugs wtf lmao

Cory Lemons : Dude just burn this city down and all the cool hip kids in it.

Mother Russia : drives a lambo but wears an apple watch?????

maxinator2002 : Moral of the story: Florida sucks.

Hybrid Trap : this turned into a therapy session 🤣🤣

Loyal Knight : Growing up around Miami and working for a pest control company,I know it's never what it seems,shit I went to a few million dollars mansions and mini mansions in key biscayne,nice right,nanny and all that,when in the house and see no furniture in there but they real deal in there, that is how they come up down there : The European Space Agency has sent a satellite up which is currently over the USA searching for any forms of intelligent life. To date, nothing has been found.

Phantom GG : Honestly the best way to approach these people is to assume their is hints of truths to the lies. I believe he sells or rents cars I believe he has acquired money in some shape or form (other wise how can he even rent) I believe he has attempted a rap career the questions -How much money does he actually make with the cars -What does he actually do to make money? I believe it's most likely drug related, and he's a street hussler -I believe he was signed with someone, but his young personality pissed someone off which got him benched.

canna chrish : This kid for sure is broke tryna look rich