Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

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Vertie : I don't trust a guy who wears sunglasses at night

Josh K : Always sunny in Miami doesn't change the fact that its shady af

OsazeVlogs : I'm not sure why he didn't blur his face or alter his voice for this VICE special, Dude they have 9.7M Subs and you think that no one is gonna mind their business ? Smh, you'll probably end up in Investigation Station bro damn..

Henny Blanco : Rich people stay rich by acting broke. Broke people stay broke by acting rich.

valentin solorio : His phone rang around the end. They where probably calling his ass to take the car back.

NIGHT2PWN : sometimes i post my pc specs on my steam but really i got a mac

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler : If I were a gambling man I'd Bet $ that his silent partner is his Dad

Pick N' POP : Is the coke down there good?

sensemille : this video took a big turn towards the end.. made it all worth watching

Das Funny : 0:58 Why does he remind me of a type of handbag...what's the name...oh yeah douchebag 😂

Gearhead Daily : "Miami is full of fakes"... yes, you included.

dieprideman : He’s not the sharpest lightbulb in the closet.

Joseph Ramos : I honestly believe that social media is a root cause of mental health issues like what this guy is going through. Yesterday i just deleted my facebook account that i had since 2011. im 19 now and i realized that platforms like that have really took a toll on what we perceive as reality instead of seeing whats really going on in each post. i only use Instagram for memes now and snapchat to talk to my friends. Eventually ill get rid of it all and just stick to phone calls and texts for communication.

Riceman : Miami is the most vapid city on earth

cernunnos : To everyone in the comments talking shit about this guy and "materialism"; do you know what the alternatives to this is? Do you know what the ghetto looks like in miami? People develop this mentality of "money over everthing" because theyve already tried living a morel life without fraud and the result was poverty and depression. You have no idea what this kids been through and no idea what hes running from. Hustle isnt pretty but someday he might be successful enough to have the privilege of being ashamed of his past, but if he cant keep his head above water until then he'll end up dead like so many others his age. Depression induces the lifestyle and the lifestyle induces the overdose, this issue is more complicated than the disgust of people who dont know what its like to have nothing and want everything.

Romanenko Garage : Going broke trying to look rich

OuterThought : I knew dude was lying when he brought up the NDA and the Grammy award songs lmao

king troy : The richest person i know worth 3.5 billion dresses like a bum and drives a honda accord 🤷‍♂️

Armoni Visuals : I probably wouldn't be smoking a cigarette in my company's 488

brokenblade : this is not how you run a business, this is everything you need take notes about not running a business.

Motivação Para Todos : VICE interviewer DESTROYED the guy with 1 and only 1 question. DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUM.


NintendoGeek26 : Even if i did have the money id rather import an 80s Toyota or Nissan from Japan.

RageCage1701 : This is a fascinating, well-made documentary about a disgusting aspect of American consumer culture combined with the artificial life of a broken young man. 10/10 would watch again.

sfneurosurgeon : I feel sad for the 23 year old kid and everyone like him who is insecure and lead vapid lives flaunting objects of wealth. Life is not about the material things. When you are on your deathbed, you won't think about the Lamborghini on the driveway. Rather, you will think about all the people who love and will miss you.

Lester Diaz : I live in Florida and been to Miami Beach a bunch of times, and this is the culture there, feeling superior, driving expensive cars while living in a rented room with the toilet next to the bed because they can’t afford an apartment.

太陽ダビデ : What an exciting life! Fast cars, cheap women, lines of what I assume is talcum powder, where do I sign up!

James Wairagu : "If you had a non-disclosure contract you would know the specifics." At that moment, he knew he messed up. And more importantly, VICE knew he messed up. smh.

Cameron DeLoach : That got depressing

jsincere : This is about to be VICE’s most viewed video

1SparksFlyOut : The guy is an habitual liar with mental issues. He's desperately looking for something that he won't find by being rich or actually owning exotic cars.

KANYEda WESTaro : you know you've been too much playing GTA

Audible Quest : Poor Child. Look what the world has become. Thanks Instagram.

JpunitSRT : Must be real bright in that club.

TψT Ƥίşţί : Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Chaka Chhakchhuak : So basically, they are bigger version of Lil Tay..😂 lmao

suke : It was at this moment that little David realized, He f*ked up.

Quincy Grim : Someone get that guy some friends before he kills himself.

Nads X : The car key spinning around his finger is his tell lmao....from knowing Lil Pump to being a lying fake azz Lil Punk

0poIE : *Lol this guy don't even sound humble enough to be in the business! He's one of the renters i bet!*

Seth Alexander : I feel bad for that guy. I’m really glad he come forward with the truth (even if it was half truth) he showed his humanity there. “I just want to be liked”. That takes courage to admit.

Luiz Vinicius : Simeon of Miami

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navboi12 : Is it okay to be a "nobody"? Regardless of what the Ego states, you're a Human being with the gift of life.

RoPower : Miami Common word ''I GOT''.They always stay bragging on what they got which they don't have. I got... I got... I got..

650ib : Looks like he got his 17:13 minutes of fame.

oneeyedboxer : Leave him alone, he's a just a kid who's trying to figure him self out and one day he will. In my opinion I think he will attain all that he wants. Kids now days are bums , this one seems determine and I hope one day his intention will align in the right direction .

Kuro : Vice - Self Snitching at its Finest

KN3Forever : Bruh he said he signed to WE THE BEST... 🤷‍♀️ ehh yeah hard to believe 😂😂😂

High Frequency : Florida the state where all the Looney people, reside. Wait a minute he lied about royalty exotics owning the lambo, omg. I'm in tears this dude just confirmed what I initially said about Florida.