Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

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Gearhead Daily : "Miami is full of fakes"... yes, you included.

John Santos : To this day Vice has yet to recover the lav mic that david took with him 😂

ED PE : I tried being cool wearing my sunglasses at night. after 5 minutes I took them off because I really couldn't see shit.

daniel olivares : He’s now sub-leasing that microphone he drove off with.

Silent Gloves : The trick to becoming wealthy isn't "fake it until you make it." The trick is to fake being poor; to live on far less than you bring in. Live on like 50% of your income, whatever it is. If you're near poverty, live on 90% of your income. No matter what your income, save some of it. At 23, if this dude put the money he's blowing on cars and clubs into some basic index funds, he could legit live this lifestyle by 45.

Romanenko Garage : Going broke trying to look rich

peter455sd : Miami is home of some of the greatest douchebags in history

Anthony : Vice does a better job at finding criminal than the CIA and the FBI

mr031789 : You could see he was lying cuz he was only wearing one hat for all his outfits.

Erwin Cuellar : 15:25 ...saddest climb ever into an exotic car

NIGHT2PWN : sometimes i post my pc specs on my steam but really i got a mac

Nate Goddard : "Maybe we could just film you driving out" ..... daaaamn.

Alex : Unpopular opinion... This is one of the best videos Vice has produced tbh...

Cal Clove : this guy exhibits sociopathic behavior.

TruePatriot1776 ** : I used to have this kind if mentality back in my 20s. This mentality driven by sex and just trying to fit in. The worst part is surrounding yourself with people that think the same. You will always feel like you have to catch up. Now I'm 34, have a good job, a good running car, a place to live , sipping on my coffee early in the morning, and I am at peace with who I am and how I am. Happiness is riding in that Lamborghini for a couple hours, buying those expensive shoes so you can show the world, upgrading to another new phone that does the same shit as the old one, but peace....when you have peace none of that matters

Vertie : I don't trust a guy who wears sunglasses at night

Ready Set Terrible : I went to Miami, chilled on the beach, ate at the best restaurants...went to clubs.. had some real fun and didnt have to FRONT like I had money.... apparently your looking for gold diggers and hoes.... plenty of REAL women out there that dont need you to pretend your were someone you're not... Have fun being who you will never be. Just sayin

SoCalFreelance : Businesses built on a city full of posers

Q D CHONTENT CHOPE : "my mind is something that never stops working" no sir that is your mouth

Cremonster : This is why black people have so many issues. It's not white people holding us back, it's not the "system". It's constantly chasing wealth through material objects and false fame instead of investments and empowering our own youth in the community. Instead of putting money towards the next generation's education, they'd rather buy a chain and a car that costs as much as a house would. Shiny rocks don't equal happiness or wealth. And that is just scratching the surface, I'm not even getting started on the ideolgies and mental state that is holding out people back

Lester Diaz : I live in Florida and been to Miami Beach a bunch of times, and this is the culture there, feeling superior, driving expensive cars while living in a rented room with the toilet next to the bed because they can’t afford an apartment.

Harris, luke Swaleh : This interviewer is legendary. He hittin all the right questions

lotusbvby : The real wealthy people like warren buffett drive modest cars. Lol going through all of this trouble to appear rich just so you can attract more superficial people.

Peter Nothof x : Bro need therapy.

eDubAkaDubalub : I remember finishing watching this, and the next day thinking "what a waste of time, the documentary didn't cover anything." But shortly after it hit me that in a brilliant twist, this documentary captured how important people found it to fake it so well, that even the people they try to have helping them expose fake-flex culture are guilty. Whether intentional or not, its pretty meta.

1SparksFlyOut : The guy is an habitual liar with mental issues. He's desperately looking for something that he won't find by being rich or actually owning exotic cars.

Old Turntables : Dam,,ole boy just had a Dr. Phil moment. WOW.

Vasiliy S : I would rather invest in real property than cars...

theUsesOFnot : he can afford all those cars but just one hat

Tips4Tat : But he's only 23. He'll outgrow the BS.

Mitch Dore : Be original don't sit on car, Next shot, sitting on car lol

Unix Based : I mean the guy being a fake is one thing, but what of a society is that, where people find it important to be seen in a luxury car? Something went really wrong here.

First Time Zac : i ve watched this video 3 times and it's still in my reccomended please stop lmao

fjones1914 : They'll be in business for a while as long as vanity is a thing in Miami.

portal2passion : First classy guy says don't sit on the car, 2nd wigger punk guy sits on the car,

Motivação Para Todos : VICE interviewer DESTROYED the guy with 1 and only 1 question. DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUM.

chapo guzman : This dude seems like such a square. Must have gotten laughed at in high school

AlexanderThe Great : Has anyone ever lied and told the truth at the same time like this guy?

NoYou : 3:00 bro what? Do you know how dumb that’s sounds

samuel kamau : Damn brother still gotta can see his life style takes a toll on him

Melvin Sewell : This dude took Fake it till you make it to the next level

Kathrine Wilbanks : Real rich people don't drive cars lol

Revenue Lemieux : Shit turned into a therapy session at the end lol


JB11 : Should have called this documentary "Slime"

Seth Alexander : I feel bad for that guy. I’m really glad he come forward with the truth (even if it was half truth) he showed his humanity there. “I just want to be liked”. That takes courage to admit.

Oof Boi : How is vice better at finding criminals than the police

Stefan A.H. : Dont EVER listen to a guy on coke. Cokeheads get hard on, just by talking lies.

Ma God : Why you always layin'

Jaivin Wylde : Curb your meme compilation.