Flat Earther's $100,000 challenge completed on a paper flight chart.
Youtuber and professional pilot completes flat earthers 100000 challenge for the third time

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Time to stop making excuses and pay up.


Mr Lima Bean : Damn you Flat Earthers, Your silly bets have caused 100's of thousands of people to have to learn about really interesting information about aviation and transcontinental navigation techniques!

ZeD : Woah woah woah, paper? Bro, the rules are you gotta do it on cave drawings!

Vinyl LP Reviews : Slow down Wolfe, your trying to explain this to a guy who believes the earth is flat.

el pato : the odds of him having 100k dollars are the odds of him having a brain

Ryan M. : If he moves the post any further they’ll go down beyond the horizon

alesterryku : while I appreciate your efforts, consider these wise words from mark twain [paraphrased] "do not try to argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"

TheGuyATX : "You ball-earthers are done! There are Flat-Earthers all around the world!" -Best Flat-Earther Quote ever


immrnoidall : this seems like an open and shut court case. the original rules are well recorded and i'm sure many lawyers ,would love to do this. i think a lot of money could be made selling the court proceedings.

Joseph Mateo : He's moving the goalposts so much he's probably wondering why they aren't falling off the edge of the earth yet.

gem anscombe : Wolfie, the guy is a troll at heart. His reward is seeing others meet his demands. Pretty sure you know this and your work is impressive. I enjoy people who know what they do, and do it well. Thanks.

Rob Simpson : I think you've got more chance winning 100K on the lotto, than getting it off a flatty...

gountaa : Imagine thinking all those computer programs, maps, charts, etc where made with the intent of hidding the fact that the earth is flat, by malicious peoples trying to cover up the "truth"...

Charlie Cross : Maybe you ought to file a lawsuit and see if he coughs up the cash even if it takes the rest of his life to pay up

regortaz : That flight chart is obviously a paid actor

The ATTIC DWELLERS : 50 years from now, children will hear whispers of people who actually believed the world was flat... and they will laugh from their moon schools.

Holly13 Satre89 : You should have engaged him in a verbal or written contract with full disclosure, voluntarily and in ballance. Then with both parties present and professional witnesses, submitted your answer to his challenge. Then you could legitimately sue him if he failed to accept liability. All is not lost. You could make exactly that proposal as a counter offer and see if he is arogant or dumb enough to except the offer. Holly : )

Banksyed : FErs really have nothing to fear..... ..except sphere itself :)

Jorthax : Anyone got a link to the response? I'm in a laughing mood. Flat Earth - Unable to explain the extended day/night cycles observed near BOTH poles since the Big Bang.

Lemons : [Next up] Flat Earther's $100,000 challenge completed on an Nintendo 64

Gilgamesh : You just keep digging his hole deeper. Keep piling it on!

shoved to the right? : Man that is so cool! thanks for sharing this info its very interesting

joe valenzuela : My dog refused to play with all the balls I’ve given him. He’a a flat earther.

Gerard Moran : Thanks Wolfie6020! I do miss flying. Another cockpit skill is falling into the dustbin- chart folding. When I retired we were still folding charts and getting the occasion papercut. I'm sure nobody misses updating the Jepps. Happy landings!

HeyImLincoln : Every visible star and planet ever found has been round right? Flattard: Yes So every one we find in the future should be round yes? Flattard: Sounds reasonable So Earth should be round? Flattard: who paid you

nopeinlowercase : his brain is flatter than a paper flight chart

Grincubus : Not gonna lie these videos are super informative and interesting to watch. I was never aware of the extent to which flight gets so complex.

7haiverson : hahaha, this video is hilarious. you assume a flat earther would understand ANYTHING you just said :D

RandomdudeZ9 : He's moving the goalpost, but you're still scoring. I'm proud of you. But still how the hell did you get the paper flight chart?

Zenith : Wolfie knows he won't pay, he can't. But at this point he is just beating down on whatever troll ego he has left

gadgetsage : Flat out hero: Smoke bomb! Play Flintstones running sound in your head

Jon Dexter Salise : If any of you know the British Admiralty Light List or simply the Admiralty Light List in electronic form, try using it in manual time input mode.. select various points or key cities in a continent and click "view here" on each point and note the sun's altitude and azimuth, take only the ones with positive altitude. On a mercator chart, try plotting these points.. there should be an obvious intersection, mark this intersection, it will be your reference point. Note the distances from your reference point to the nearest points you plotted as this corresponds to the altitude. Using a protractor or triangle, the 90° angle corresponds to 0 (zero) distance, and the altitude and distance from one of the points that has bearing lines directly over the reference point should be used as control.. it's usually one of the points nearest the ref.point. Try making a scale corresponding to the altitude. Replot the points and you'll see for yourself that the continents are arranged similarly to the Gleason's chart. Then you'll be able to find out that: The sun is 6530km from earth's surface, 192km diameter. Moon is 276km from the surface, 96km diameter. When the sun's altitude is 0°, it is 5451NM from you to where it is directly above or 90°, the moon is at 5611NM.. By the way, the only reference I used is the Admiralty Digital Light List.. For distances, I used the Transas Naviplanner.

Mitchell Harper : Takers on any bets? 1.) FOH actually pays up 2.) FOH moves the goal post again 3.) FOH shuts down his channel

Steffen Bryde : 0:31 you removed "Atlantis to USA" - once again ppl are trying to cover up the REAL conspiracy!

Vimpster : Next he will ask you to get into an airplane and actually do it haha

Matthew MacDermott : I've learned so much about maps, thank you!

Midgard Eagle : If the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off by now.

Mr Fenris : Love how you explain the protection so many people don't even understand how the maps are made I found it really interesting when I first found out and I really like how you explained it.

That Guy James : Fly over the ice wall! C'mon, you can do it! Go for it buddy!

Poe Territory : FOH will no doubt claim that using the curve is cheating...

Alex Watson : Yeah, I don't think he's going to pay. Plus the Earth isn't real anyway, It's a paid crisis actor.

David Wilson : In what state ( I mean actual state not a state of delusion) does the guy offering the challenge live. In 38 of the lower 48 this “ challenge” is considered a contest of skill upon completion of which, the first person will win a prize. To offer that prize and not pay it, is a felony. Penalties vary from state to state as the class of felony varies. From the brief look I took the minimum is 2 years and the max is 15. In the other 10 states it is still considered a “ contest of skill” but non payment of the prize is a misdemeanour. You can not offer a prize or reward and refuse to pay it unless the terms of the contest have not been met. Clearly they have been met so the money is payable or charges can be filed. The downside Wolfe is that it’s in the US where winning are taxable. If he does pay up remind him you need a W2 lol lol

Thrashing Rhino : I love the lower limit text, just surface. Thats as far down as you can go.

kbforme : Sounds to me like the man who issued the challenge is a liar and a coward.

Quantum Paradoxigm : What's that sound? Oh its a crane coming to shift the goal post again.

Jay Jacobs : If I ever meet the pilot you made this video, I'm buying him a pint And I WILL stand by that

Andrew Schultz : There is so much scientific evidence that we live on a rotating globe. Yet, flat earther's stand in one spot, at an of average 6 feet off of the surface, and claim the earth is flat? GTFOH!

Andrew Simone : Projection + Projection = No Projection!!! Ham radio Maps look like the un flag, you can transmit wordwide. Your video showed no conversion, no math, no evidence at all, except that it is used.

mester Manchester : Stop talking common sense you flat earth denier.