Flat Earther's $100,000 challenge completed on a paper flight chart.

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Ryan M. : If he moves the post any further they’ll go down beyond the horizon

Mr Lima Bean : Damn you Flat Earthers, Your silly bets have caused 100's of thousands of people to have to learn about really interesting information about aviation and transcontinental navigation techniques!

The ATTIC DWELLERS : 50 years from now, children will hear whispers of people who actually believed the world was flat... and they will laugh from their moon schools.

Daniel Lamping : The earth isn’t flat because if it was, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

ZeD : Woah woah woah, paper? Bro, the rules are you gotta do it on cave drawings!

Zenith : Wolfie knows he won't pay, he can't. But at this point he is just beating down on whatever troll ego he has left

alesterryku : while I appreciate your efforts, consider these wise words from mark twain [paraphrased] "do not try to argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"

Christopher May : If the world is round then why is the iPad flat?

Master Chain : Honestly I'm not even sure why you're humoring this crackhead. This is like playing chess against a sea sponge.

Lensflare Deviant : A flat earther with 100,000 dollars. That's as big a joke as FE itself.

Poe Territory : FOH will no doubt claim that using the curve is cheating...

TheGuyATX : "You ball-earthers are done! There are Flat-Earthers all around the world!" -Best Flat-Earther Quote ever

it's me again : it actually makes me sad that professional people have to take the time and effort needed to make informed videos to prove to idiots the world is a ball . the stupidity of these people , and the fact that they pat one another on the back for being more stupid than each other , both baffles and fascinates me

CPTNSL0 : You can't argue with a guy who is confusing East for Right.

joseph brooks : Imagine getting jumped by flat Earth nibbas and one of them say "take him to the edge"

Right Minded : Flat earthers 100,000 challenge completed on page 5 of the constitution

kbforme : Sounds to me like the man who issued the challenge is a liar and a coward.

Matthew Dudgeon : Sue him for false advertising

MilesUmbrae : I have a challenge for Flat Earthers; Which is the most accurate way to represent a Three Dimensional object on a Two Dimensional surface without distortions?

Clay Little : The argument for or against flat earthers is just overall dumb... simplistic proof for a flat earther would be whatever side/area you live on a map you would visibly see Mount Everest. If the earth is flat and has two sides, one side would ALWAYS see Mt. Everest... if the whole globe is flat, we all would see Mount Everest. Why do people even engage flat earther morons?

CoolHardLogic : Flattard: "[someone] is not posting videos for some reason." Normal people: BECAUSE THEY HAVE A F**KING JOB. You should try it some time, flattards! The only reason flattards have time to post videos nearly every day is because they're unemployable.

Bryan St.Martin : Well the thing about flat Earth is that if it is flat, and the Antarctic continent is a rim, and the equator 24,000 miles in circumference, then the outer rim should be about 56,000 to 60,000 miles. Which would explain Magellan, and Cook's voyages "losing 50-60 miles per day" totaling between 56,000 to 60,000 miles. We ain't being told the truth, people.

fiveiron23 : The burden of proof that a flat-earther would require to change their mind is literally insurmountable. To believe the earth is flat they have already rejected all of the thorough and readily available evidence that proves their theory incorrect. I truly believe that even if you took a flat-earther into space and showed them the earth they would still not believe it. "The window is a tv/computer screen" "the curvature of the window is distorting what im seeing" "i can only see a circle of the earth cus thats the only part thats lit up by the sun"

ron nicholson : Ever thought of sueing him for the prize money?

gountaa : Imagine thinking all those computer programs, maps, charts, etc where made with the intent of hidding the fact that the earth is flat, by malicious peoples trying to cover up the "truth"...

Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care : I have over 250 lawn care videos on my channel. If the earth is round, why do I have to push my mower?! Shouldn't it just roll on its own?! Joking aside, found a Wolfie video on recommended a few weeks ago and learned of the challenge. Has been an interesting addition to my YouTube experience. Thanks for all your hard work explaining things Wolfie.

Mister .Smith : It's 2019 an even an Australian believes he is actually standing upside down any given time of day.. Congratulations to the state system that brought him up. I'm Aussie and I know when I flew from the equator in Asia back to Australia I wasn't landing in a "plane" upside down lol.. Up is up... it's that simple.

Felix Niederhauser : I remember the Jeppesen Airway manuals well during my time at Seaboard World Airlines. Have circumnavigated the world several times and have seen with my own eyes that the world is round. The Flat Earthers are a joke who like to be in the spotlight for whatever reason. Some people are called stupid and other Flat Earther, which translates into "super stupid" ! NB: I still like paper maps for navigation, especially on water whilst using my electronic devises, I always back up with paper charts, since I love the process of navigation and have the greater picture fully available to me. In a few days we make a several thousand kilometer road journey through South india from Goa, to Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and back to Goa.Yes we have a very good Car and Navigation System based on GPS, however, I also have old fashioned road maps with me, again, like a back up and the greater picture. :-)

Ned Hyett : I'm not even watching these for the challenge, this is just interesting to see how pilots do their stuff.

Margus81 : I don't understand, why people are spending their time proving to flat-earthers that earth is a sphere. I wonder what is the success rate? I mean these people are completely incapable of thinking, it's like explaining ants the radius of a circle.

WheresWa11y : Oh did you really do all that? FOH sure ain't going to like that... #PAYWOLFIE

Lucky Luis : The only evidence of wolfie being the bigger man is that he records horizontally

Donna Ray : Your not flying in straight lines. You are flying the greatest distance on a curve before you turn back toward the north pole. You can not fly in three straight lines and return to the center. You Sir are the deceiver here.

Andrew Simone : Projection + Projection = No Projection!!! Ham radio Maps look like the un flag, you can transmit wordwide. Your video showed no conversion, no math, no evidence at all, except that it is used.

Pardon me, : There's nothing wrong with questioning your worldview. We all need to reevaluate what we think we know vs what we assume we know.

starvalentinobeatz : floit chawts on the oipad

IronVigilance : Can you read me a bedtime story

Daemonic : Next you'll have to actually fly the plane

Donna Ray : You can not make a ninety degree turn off a curved line; I don't know what challenge your referring to; but I do know your not telling the truth in this video!

David Koot : Wolfies explanation is flawed. A pilot flying on the 85 latitude line is not flying strait. The only way to complete the challenge where the plane flies perfectly strait aside from the 90 degree turns is to fly down from the north pole to the equator, make the 90 degree turn, fly the same distance, make another 90 degree turn and fly back up to the north pole. Making the 90 degree turn at any other latitude requires the plane to fly a curved path.

Miles Davis : Wolfie6020 I wonder whether there is anywhere left to move those goalposts. We all know he's not going to pay up, but this series has been fun to watch. Several others have met his challenge as well. He must owe well over a million $ by now.

Travis Garrison : Travis Garrison Ok so let me get this straight, the earth is spinning 1000 mph, 1st lie. The Earth's orbital speed around the Sun:70,000 mph 2nd lie, The Sun's orbital speed around the Galaxy: 450,000 mph, 3rd lie, and how fast is the Milky Way Galaxy moving? an astounding 1.3 million miles per hour. 4th lie. So in reality us here on earth is traveling through outer nothingness at 1.3 million mph and have been doing this for billions of years. REALLY? The old saying is true, they have to tell one lie to cover up another lie. Lets not forget the moons that revolve around earth plus all the so called planets. and their moons, Oh yeah lets not forget about the thousands of man made satellites that have to spin in sync with our earth at over the 1000 mph while really traveling through outer nothingness at 1.3 million mph. after all, Mars Pathfinder journeyed to Mars at nearly 75,000 miles per hour when the Guinness World Records recognized NASA's X-43A scramjet with a new world speed record for a jet-powered aircraft - Mach 9.6, or nearly 7,000 mph, thats 68000 mph less than the mars pathfinder, just another set of lies by NASA. Man has never made any aircraft that could ever hold up to that kind of speed, the craft could not stand the heat just from the friction. Its amazing to me that I once believed all this crap from NASA too. Wake up people, you are programmed just like i was. Its all lies. The thing is you can prove there is no curve to the earth, you very tiny cell phone can prove the curve is false, your phone works off of magnetics, as does everything on this earth there is an app that shows you your elevation, go to the west coast, test your elevation on the beach close to the water, record on paper the numbers displayed, now reset to absolute zero, power off your phone, take your battery out, this way all will be sure to reset to zero, now go to east coast on the beach by the water, put the battery back in and power on, open your elevation app, make sure its has reset to absolute 0, now test your elevation and record your elevation right below your west coast elevation number. Learn the real truth with your own eyes and start deprogramming yourself just like I did. I can assure you once you start the process of deprogramming yourself, all truth will start revealing itself to you. I had a local man over 15 years ago try to hand me a book named Illuminati, he stated Travis, they are spraying poison on us from airplanes, I denied him to take the book, I refused to look up to the sky and see the chem trails of aluminium, beryllium, lithium and other chemicals that come out of those planes and now 15 years later, i apologize to the man that tried to awaken me for me calling him crazy because I did, I called him a crazy old coot. About 7 years ago something just told me to look up into the sky, I seen trails of round clouds coming from several airplanes, my mind went back to my friend, the old man that tried to get to to see the truth, I began to look in the sky was thousands of butterflies and dragon flies flying to their death from the strings of spiderweb looking stuff that was sticking to their wings, I looked up to the planes and the stuff sticking to them was coming from the planes. I looked in the bushes around me, I could see the same stuff sticking to every branch, I got down on my knees and looked and the same stuff was sticking to every blade of grass. You people dont have to believe me, you should look for yourself. Only you can break through the lies taught to you and me. I would give anything in this world to get you to see what I have seen and its called the truth. Start using the senses God gave you, study the airplane paths for example if the earth is spinning 1000 mph and you have a flight from California to Florida, you can never reach Florida because an airplane can only go around 500 mph, the earth is supposed to spin 1000, the only way to get to Florida is for Florida to catch up to you from behind you. Use the senses you are endowed with. Deprogram yourself. People Nasa s math dont add up, they just make up another lie to cover the previous lie. The earth is supposed to curve at 8 inches per mile each way, well is you take the 8 inch per mile and compute it for the diameter of the earth, it equals 6666666,666666.66666666, nonstop 6s, that is enough right there to know something is not right. Whos number is 666? Please just start testing everything, please question everything. Please deprogram yourself just like I did. You will be called crazy but who cares? Another thing most dont know is each one of us is under a contract as a corporation, we are not under a constitution, go research it. each one of us has been under attack through every avenue that is available to program us and keep us there but you can start deprogramming yourself. Its not easy to get started because you dont want to look and feel foolish but at the end of this life, who is really gonna care, nobody really so get yourself on the path of freedom, Its out there but its up to you, dont care that you will be labeled crazy, a conspiracy theorist. Somewhere in your being you know I am telling you the truth. Go seek it out. I promise you, you will be a whole lot happier when the weights of the lies of this world starts falling off of you just like it did me. People I was raised in church but now realize the churches lie to you too, most preachers on tv are not telling you truth, dont get me wrong, I believe in God Almighty, he dealt with me starting at age 7, When I got older I began to pray, God dont let me be deceived, well God let be deceived until I was 50 years old, In 2012, my eyes began to open and see things that didnt add up, all I could think is God gave me senses to navigate through this world and I began to use them and it started with starting to question everything. Well people if in 2016 during the president election that you didnt see something strange happen then you was asleep. I voted for Trump because I am from Arkansas, I am kin to both Hilda and Trump but Hilda ruint Arkansas and I believe her morals are more evil than Trumps but anyway, during the election, over halfway through with the absentees and the military votes over half in, Hilary was already called to win with 60 percent and trump 40 percent, no way could trump catch up but within 30 minutes the strangeness started and Trump was now ahead within 30 minutes, and of course I was happy because my man was now winning but something didnt feel right, I was still hollow inside, there wasnt really not a sense of victory this time like when Reagan won or even the Bushes but there is no way people that that could happen in 30 minute but it did somehow. Thats when I realized that we really dont vote in our presidents, they are selected for us weather we want then or not. Now I see how evil the Bush presidents really was. It really would not have mattered who won, the results will come out the same, they are all controlled by the money holders. People 1 percent of the people own 99 percent of the worlds money, people money is power, us in the 99 percent poor side does not have a say like we are programmed to believe. We just make the 1 percent lives extravagant for them. We build them wealth. Wake up. They are the same ones that teach you that we really are traveling through space at over 1.3 millions per hour, Nothing can withstand that speed, nothing. Only the truth will set you and me free and I know Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and The Life. He set me free from the lies of this world.

emmabeankitty : There is no plumb on a ball earth. No curve to be found.

Jade Medallion : I don't believe the world is a globe. However, whoever made the challenge didn't know what they were talking about. Yeah you can map shit all you want, you can't actually fly to the North pole. There are no flights to get there. Explain?

nopeinlowercase : his brain is flatter than a paper flight chart

Joseph Mateo : He's moving the goalposts so much he's probably wondering why they aren't falling off the edge of the earth yet.

Kai Crow : Just wanted to say Thank you Wolfie! For not only this but also just shepherding so many people around the world safely as that is not an easy job! Thank you keeping are skys safe and also for keeping idiots straight lol! Thank u!

Matthew Stitt : I think you'd have a legit case if you took him to court because he wont pay you.

Bobby Salvin : I'm not certain what the challenge is, but I can surmise it has something to do with proving the world isn't flat. I doubt that factual proof is really the point at all. No matter what you tell flat earthers they're going to still claim the earth is flat. Their position is not rational. Their position depends on belief in an elaborate world wide conspiracy to hide the truth of a flat earth for who knows what crazy reason. Everyone is in on the conspiracy, every government, every university, every corporation, every space agency and private space company, all of the air lines, every scientist, absolutely everyone. The Israelis, the Palestinians, and the Iranians are all in on it. Each meteorologist at your local TV stations is in on it. Every photo from space is fake. Every launch is fake. All photos and data from exploratory satellites are fake. We've never been to the moon. We've never landed anything on the Mars. All the photos of Mars are fake. Etc. Anyone who could believe in such a crazy ass conspiracy is a nut job.

Nicholas Marcum : Ummmm. Is it just me or was the paper referral small scaled; and, can't it also be converted? He did say that they stay on the latitude traveling around the North Pole and can't that still be considered circular considering the scale? From what I could see only a few actual papers were layed out. If you have seven indexes shouldn't you make that knowledge a little more..idk... flexible? Especially considering the cost at stake. I personally, as a flat Earth fanatic, love the debate and look for a rewarding argument; but, this proof or evidence isn't very convincing to me. Following the lay lines and geographical layout of the charts presented I'm only looking at a few hundred miles.... and even with your emphasis on the technical terminology regarding the basis for reference it doesn't sway my opinion. I don't believe the Earth spherical, atleast not in the measures presented; and, if you're too present evidence with flight charts then go all out and make an hour lecture educating those with "lesser" knowledge. I'd listen.