Flat Earther's $100,000 challenge completed on a paper flight chart.

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Ryan M. : If he moves the post any further they’ll go down beyond the horizon

TheNerdyGinger : Now he’ll make you calculate the arc length of that circular sector just to prove it’s the same distance! 😂

Iggy Leinad : Let's start a kickstarter to take these two onto a plane and fly that route themeselves

Mr Lima Bean : Damn you Flat Earthers, Your silly bets have caused 100's of thousands of people to have to learn about really interesting information about aviation and transcontinental navigation techniques!

NOWM - The ATTIC DWELLERS : 50 years from now, children will hear whispers of people who actually believed the world was flat... and they will laugh from their moon schools.

Zenith : Wolfie knows he won't pay, he can't. But at this point he is just beating down on whatever troll ego he has left

Golden Moonlight doge : Completed 3 challenges, now he owes you $300,000

Scy : I love how calm you are explaining this, as if you're explaining it to a 5 year old. Which, some would argue, is the case...

BuzzLightYear HugeCock : What is the difference between soccer and a flat earther In soccer they don’t shift the goalposts

Happy Dog : Like any flattard could ever get their hands on $100,000 unless they are playing monopoly...ffs

Poe Territory : FOH will no doubt claim that using the curve is cheating...

mike A : Just to be clear you are trying to convince someone with a mental disorder that he is wrong. Good luck with that. These people suffer from a mental disorder in which they imagine themselves to be 1) in possession of information denied to almost everyone else ( A form of megolamania ) and 2) the belief that everyone is deliberately conspiring to hide this information ( paranoia ). Anything that does not fit their view of reaity is dismissed as fake or a cover up. They are not interested in scientific debate or the truth. They simply need their own very special view of things to be confirmed. Anything failing to do this undermines what they see as their special place in the universe and , of course, that will never happen. I think the kindest thing to do is to stop engaging with people like this as all it does is fuel their mental delusions.

Kristin Lazenbeach : We all know maps are fake. Planes go from point A to point B via magic wormholes which are actually dragon anuses. You are then teleported to where you need to go. Time goes so slowly because they want you to think they are using a lot of fuel so you will pay a lot. ;)

Mikitan Fox : Flattards don't have 100k, he probably didn't even graduate high school.

Soul Evans : This is the 3rd THE 3RD time you have proven it. The guy isnt gonna pay, next thing he'll say is that you have to FLY the path to prove it and take him with you

Right Minded : Flat earthers 100,000 challenge completed on page 5 of the constitution

Love : I'm starting to think that guy is mentally Ill because he thinks the earth is flat and he thinks he has 100k to give away

Nicolas Cage : Dude looks like he doesn’t have $5 let alone $100,000

Wade Townsend : So our planets flat? But every other observable body in our solar system is a sphere? LoL flat earthers.

Julian Rivera : Am i the only one who really loves his voice?

CoolHardLogic : Flattard: "[someone] is not posting videos for some reason." Normal people: BECAUSE THEY HAVE A F**KING JOB. You should try it some time, flattards! The only reason flattards have time to post videos nearly every day is because they're unemployable.

witherali : You forgot to say "Pay up buddy" and that would probably be his next excuse

kbforme : Sounds to me like the man who issued the challenge is a liar and a coward.

Max Marver : At 8:15 you can clearly see the flat Earther is Satan

Cragified : Unrelated question, but do you still have to carry the paper charts in the cockpit in case your device to view the electronic charts fails?

Copper Creek Cuts : I have over 250 lawn care videos on my channel. If the earth is round, why do I have to push my mower?! Shouldn't it just roll on its own?! Joking aside, found a Wolfie video on recommended a few weeks ago and learned of the challenge. Has been an interesting addition to my YouTube experience. Thanks for all your hard work explaining things Wolfie.

Daniel Lamping : The earth isn’t flat because if it was, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

Simon Niewind : I am quite happy that only one of them is a pilot

ron nicholson : Ever thought of sueing him for the prize money?

ZeD : Woah woah woah, paper? Bro, the rules are you gotta do it on cave drawings!

starvalentinobeatz : floit chawts on the oipad

Savage_Mars : My money is on 'back pedal and change the goal posts again'

iam Zifoe : “That’s not a straight line, you clearly curved the line, therefore you cannot prove the point on a paper flight chart!” This is my guess of what his response would be. Or maybe “no curved lines only straight lines” I’m just guessing.

Hayley Murphy : The only thing flatter than the earth to a flatearther is their bank account lol

it's me again : it actually makes me sad that professional people have to take the time and effort needed to make informed videos to prove to idiots the world is a ball . the stupidity of these people , and the fact that they pat one another on the back for being more stupid than each other , both baffles and fascinates me

Miles Davis : Wolfie6020 I wonder whether there is anywhere left to move those goalposts. We all know he's not going to pay up, but this series has been fun to watch. Several others have met his challenge as well. He must owe well over a million $ by now.

Matthew Dudgeon : Sue him for false advertising

Ville Kåråsen : Next time he’ll say that we have to draw it on the ground with a bit of charcoal

Master Chain : Honestly I'm not even sure why you're humoring this crackhead. This is like playing chess against a sea sponge.

Lensflare Deviant : A flat earther with 100,000 dollars. That's as big a joke as FE itself.

Joseph Mateo : He's moving the goalposts so much he's probably wondering why they aren't falling off the edge of the earth yet.

fiveiron23 : The burden of proof that a flat-earther would require to change their mind is literally insurmountable. To believe the earth is flat they have already rejected all of the thorough and readily available evidence that proves their theory incorrect. I truly believe that even if you took a flat-earther into space and showed them the earth they would still not believe it. "The window is a tv/computer screen" "the curvature of the window is distorting what im seeing" "i can only see a circle of the earth cus thats the only part thats lit up by the sun"

King Kam : Good luck on getting the money because that guy is never going to give it to.

Steve Evans : I wouldn't waste any more time on him until he can prove he has $100,000, and that it has been put into escrow with an independent arbitrator. I would strongly suspect he has about as many dollars to give away as he has clues...

CPTNSL0 : You can't argue with a guy who is confusing East for Right.

WheresWa11y : Oh did you really do all that? FOH sure ain't going to like that... #PAYWOLFIE

skorne159 : The curve he used is actually a curved route. On a sphere what we think of as a straight line is called a Great Circle (a great circle divides the sphere in two equal hemispheres), so in order to map the route requested, ou would need to fly from the north pole due south on the 0 deg longitude, make a 90 degree turn either direction, fly the same distance to the 90 deg longitude (east or west), then make another 90 deg turn due north to complete the circuit. This makes an equilateral triangle with internal angles of 360 deg (or 810 if you look at it from the "outside")

Zinedine Zidane : everything is *FAKE* you are all government funded stooges. (Satire)

nope fails : his brain is flatter than a paper flight chart

Omer Magen : bUT YoU DIdNT gO in a sTRAighT LINE!!!