How To Make Taco Bell's Entire Menu

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TheAngryGrandpaShow : Well, great. Just the excuse I needed to take my rapid weight gain to the next level

HellthyJunkFood : Take care of my fire sauce g-bros

Brothers Green Eats : we had a heck of a time making this video, enjoy the crazy epic recipes!

Dave Galvin : When are you guys NOT high?!? 😂😂😂

Young 3in0_05 : Huh........ Didn't know lil Dicky was such a good cook 🤔

youtubasoarus : Well if I didn't weigh 300lbs before... after this video. I'm going to make all of this. Tonight. Fantastic post. I used to eat there all the fucking time. I mean it, like every other day. I told them to set up a bed back there for me. I briefly contemplated moving in there.

eqsheiky : Back in the late 80's, I was in high school and ran the kitchen at the 2nd largest Taco Bell in the US 4 nights a week plus Sundays. We used to make everything in house. The sauces came as a powder that you mixed with water, but the beef was cooked on site and the beans were pressure cooked and then blended with a giant-assed mixer attachment that was connected to a honest-to-god power drill. We used to literally power drill the beans to a smooth texture. All the veggies came in whole and in bulk, and we had to slice/dice them according to Taco Bell rules (6 slices per olive). Taco Bell food used to actually be good.

Kevin Miller : I don't give a shit about anything but the Chalupa. How in the hell do they make that fluffy and crispy shell?

Baghuul : So anyway... how often do you guys smoke?

Kadeem The Dream : I worked at Taco Bell, the refried beans come in a bag and they are just dried. All we do is put it in hot water and stir it. Lol

asianrice bowl : I came for the chalupa

Cy : Don't use warm milk. -- Hot roux + Cold milk = No lumps

BriBros. : LMAO It's like they switched bodies this video.

PRAY IV DEATH : do u think u guys can start putting the ingredients in the description please new to cooking sirs

RandomEpicness : That rap at the beginning was lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

BellaPigeon1 : If you use very cold milk and add it all at once to your roux, you will have no lumps guaranteed.

Kino Hicks : ur friend just picked his nose and rubbed under ur table lol

SophiaPetrillosBuddy : Can you guys recreate some of Panda Express' menu?

wiibaron : Mexican Pizzas are made from flour tortillas that are fried. And definitely no pizza sauce.  You want some old school TB?  Make a taco on a hamburger bun and you got a BellBeefer. Or fry a flour tortilla taco shell style, fill it, and call it a Taco Lite. These are TB items from 1980.

Torbax : So I live in The Netherlands and really wish there was Taco Bell here... probably go there twice a week lol... we need more delivery/drive through mexican stuff here!

Mayamiko Goliati : I don't understand, when am I supposed to add the e coli to have the authentic taco bell experience

ExOTiC 1234 : I love these stoner bastards.

Future Focus : Part 2 better have the Doritos locos tacos

Android Miller : Taco Bell doesn't actually put pizza sauce on their mexican pizzas.

Abs13 : My walmart sells taco bell fire sauce bottles

Alycia somethinglikeavegan : picking his nose...on a food video... 😷

Adnan Hajizada : Y'all need a bigger kitchen. This makes me claustrophobic

jar : now I don't have to leave my house to induce diarrhea. Thanks BGE

bri bri : taco bell is not Mexican. it's Americanized.

Iam Shawniemae : If you all are addicts like me for Taco Bell and you don't want to make fire sauce Walmart does sell it by the bottle

Jose Gonzalez : Am I high or was that Mighty Taco sauce bottles?

skatefreak666666 : wished you guys showed how to make the quesadilla. cant figure out what the jalapeno sauce is

Master Chief : Nooo! my chalupa wasn't in it :(

areanna beyer : people always get the mexican pizza wrong. It is not corn tortillas. the crust is made with deep fried flour tortillas

Mitchell Jasper : If I was a chef I would be high too

Diggz11 : What is blue shirt even doing on this video?

stopfollowingme : theres no sour cream on mexican pizza at taco bell :(

Iris J : the medium (hot) sauce is the best sauce there though.

DEAN WINCHESTER'S WIFEY : I think the dude with the black shirt has tourette syndrome because he twitches his right arm constantly. ..anyone else notice that ?

Lauren Begnoche : I'm so happy this was made

bbabins45 : This just made me want taco bell so badly.

Aquafreeze : sexy

Lina Likes Mettaton : 3:45 wrong I found the taco bell fire sauce at wall-mart

Ines Silva : For the meat you can use taco seasoning it comes in envelopes in the seasoning section, and for the hot sauce you can also use sriracha hot chili sauce use as much or as little to your taste. just saying maybe these tips will help with your next video.

Maxwell Alexander : It's 4 in the morning and my stomach feels like it has eaten itself.

Jess sutthip : The guy on the left seems annoyed whenever the guy on the left keeps interrupting him and when he laughs XD Jeez let the guy talk and don't interrupt

Neceros : I worked at Taco Bell for 5 years. All of this information is legit. I was surprised how accurate they were.

Mike J : I wonder if I could buy a chalupa frying frame off of a shady Taco Bell employee?

Monte Lee My P.O.V : You can buy the fire sauce at the store.

Brett A. Smith : as an former employee of tacobell we never put that much sour cream on anything lol, it was 1 scoop of everything, tacobells portions on the food Is pretty shit