40 years ago, NASA sent a message to aliens — here's what it says
40 years ago NASA sent a message to aliens heres what it says

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In September 1977, NASA launched Voyager I from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The craft carried a golden record that contained a message to aliens from the people of Earth. Here's what it said. You can now own your own version of the golden record by contributing to a Kickstarter campaign by Ozma Records. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1oS68Zs Follow BI on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1W9Lk0n Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.


INEVITABLE K A I : 99 years later alien response back by saying "Send me nude".

Rahul Gupta : Even humans couldn't decode this message.

Agha Petros : Why does everyone automatically assume aliens are super intelligent? what if they just sit around and headbut each other to death and if they get the disc they just eat it?

Cha Shu Bao the Pomeranian : Pawn Stars: "I'll give you 5 bucks for it"

Casey : 20,000 years from now the record is found and becomes the biggest club hit that civilization has known

yeetus yeetus il delete your fetus : Humans: **sends hentai to space** Aliens: "i see they're a species of culture as well"

Joseee Delacerna : Imagine sending the best memes compilation out in space for the aliens to decrypt

Arosifu : Alien : woah what's this? Message : *_you was at the club_* Alien : wtf??

Trįñįtÿ Åłvãręž : nobody: aliens: ƜнΛŤ'ら Цþ ௱ØŤнƐ尺FЦㄈҚƐ尺ら нØƜ'ら ɪŤ ŁɪҚƐ ŤØ ϦƐ ƐχŤɪЛㄈŤ

Fat fruit Loop : Alien: I found a golden rice paper Alien 2: Lets eat it

Tritera Erlangga : "scientists at NASA had to invent a code that anyone living in the universe might be able to decipher" And I was like, "what does this double circle mean? Alien Boob?"

mrhesham9090 : NASA: Hello we are asking for trouble. Aliens: Ok we are coming.

Citizen Goose : Wouldn't it be easier to send the pictures and some audio player?

Taikamuna : I find it scary that when all humans are extinct, this disc will still be travelling in space, and if someone ever finds it they will be listening sounds from a civilization long gone

TESLA仮 AimlorD : This random voices will make it creepier I guess

Ace Shark : Aliens probs made a movie called humans cuz how scary we are

Kpop Kookie Lover : Humans: we have waited 800 Bajillion Years and they finally found it! Here is their reply! "Aliens: lol noobs"

Ziggy Ingalls : How are aliens supposed to decode this when it looks like my homework???😆

Crim : Imagine doing all this and 1,000 years later they respond with "lol"

LamboWalker : An alien life form discovers it 2 million years later and replies ur mum gey

Scarab : Humans: *sends disc to aliens* Aliens: weird flex but ok

IdemD : An earth full with racism and hate, and you expect a green alien to contact us? They are probably building a wall or something...

Small Fry : Stephen Hawkings made a comment that it was a mistake to send this info out into space. He said we have no idea what's out there. It's a similar analogy to an animal in the forest, you dont call out to potential predators that can hurt you.

Mr Lee : *Alien recovers disc:* ... 🤨 *Observes disc thoroughly:* ... 🤔 *Sets down disc down and places mug on top:* ... 😁 *Returns to original task:* ... 😶

Lelouch : Should have sent big anime tiddies,they would have already came to the world...

DolphinBlade : when people say "Do you think Aliens are real?" The people will think of the aliens from movies and games(Like those murderous ones) Then say "Hell no!" But... They have to remember that we are Aliens too. Out of all of the whole entire universe, there is no way we are the only lifeform, its just common sense.

SCPatriot Ghost : Press 1 for English Press 2 for Spanish Press 3 for more options Press 4 to self destruct Press 5 to repeat

I am your dad me mid or ill feed : i thought the message was... *_send bobs and vagene plz_*

JohnSkie Gaming : Nasa: Send message to Alien Alien: Send nud and vigana

mandar sonavane : Can't it be more fast I want to meet them...during my life span 😌

Jimut Pal : In a parallel universe After decades of journey: *Hit by a comet *Hit by space debrits And the messages are destroyed

Gabriel Griffon : *Aliens:* Insert disc *Screen:* Hey you. You're finally awake.

RainbowisticFarts : Alien will find it and sell it on ebay

The Tripomaniya .com : This is so complex that humans also can't decode it .😂

Ivan : Humans: *sends a golden disc into space* Aliens: *hears our voices* Aliens: Nani?

Benicio Duenas : Here’s What It Says..... *Elder Scrolls V* *Skyrim*

Qayyum Sulaiman : Its like saying hello to thanos and they'll come and destroy us with a snap

BakedPotatoYT : Space thing: I am able to survive for billion of years travelling throughout the galaxy Blackhole: I'm about this man's whole career.

Raphael Coolz : What if a reply came and Nasa's hiding it?

Sunny Khatri : 0:49 "Anyone living can understand this" Me: yes

历亚 : aliens: this weird looking thing looks appetizing nasa: and i oop-

Pranish Khadgi : Do you all have realised that if we ever meet aliens we need to explain why we made a ton of movies on them and kill all of them.

Aaron Sandifer : Hacker changes the the audio into a hundred languages of "Deez nuts.... Gottem" and swapped all pictures with memes.

Graycer56 - Norsk Gaming! : NASA: «contacts Aliens. Aliens: «No ingles»

gerard henry : A picture of Hillary Clinton would be enough to keep them away from planet earth

Dankboi_i_ _ : NASA: *sends message to aliens* Elon Musk hosting meme review: _I'm about to end this man's hole career_

Cassius HK : "I have a boyfriend" came the reply Edit: Thanks for the likes y'all ! 😁

TigerJ : They found it and they said... Commander alien: Are those the creatures that made the dab and have everyday bro... Pilot: yes sir. Commander alien: DESTROY IT

iam you : What if alien use this as a wheel.. The alien who invented wheel