40 years ago, NASA sent a message to aliens — here's what it says

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dazhibernian : As a prank the nasa guy swapped the disc last minute with a xbox copy of gta v.

Taikamuna : I find it scary that when all humans are extinct, this disc will still be travelling in space, and if someone ever finds it they will be listening sounds from a civilization long gone

NotSoFriendly __ : Nasa - Aye you get our message from 40 years ago? Aliens - im alien no english Nasa - ?ΛYΣ YӨЦ GΣƬ ӨЦЯ DIƧC Aliens - Lmao yeah

Flackjacker : *finds record* Alien : hmm interesting, i wonder what kind of information is on this.. *Plays record* DA TING GOES SKRAAAAA

Small Fry : Stephen Hawkings made a comment that it was a mistake to send this info out into space. He said we have no idea what's out there. It's a similar analogy to an animal in the forest, you dont call out to potential predators that can hurt you.

Baxter Colloid : “ur mum gai lol” Aliens: no u

queenvclvet : can you imagine somewhere in a far,technologically advanced galaxy,they receive the golden record and there are tons of videos on their version of the internet like “WE FOUND THIS GOLDEN CIRCLE IN SPACE AND YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT IT SAYS!”

Young1 Halimo : Image if it goes into the black hole, all that effort for nothing.

StreetBall YeetBall : *The aliens find the disk* Aliens:... Da fuq is this?

THE OO-MOROK TRAILS : Even I don't know nothing what it says

GuyOnGadets TV : Alien : *Plays* *it* Alien : *Hears* *Baby* *Crying* Alien : This is creepy Baby : *Cries* *Louder* Alien : *Smashes* *The* *Disc* Alien : *Hears* *SuperLoad* *Noise* Alien : *Throws* *The* *Spacecraft* *Back* *To* *Earth* Man : ITS A BIRD!!! Another Man : ITS A PLANE!!! Another Man : ITS A FROG!!!!!

NinjaArrow : 90% of these comments are from people who can't spell.

16nowhereman : I am college educated with an above average IQ and I would never have known what this thing is.

Joseph Stalin : I feel that at this point, we're pretty much asking the aliens for shit to go down.

Kaeden Ngai-Natsuhara : Why not just load on physical step-by-step instructions like how they do for IKEA products? Would be much easier for other life forms

Let's Spice up the comments : Disk: Why didn't the suicidal man get a high five? Logan Paul left him hanging. Aliens: Humans are advanced species.

RainbowisticFarts : Alien will find it and sell it on ebay

FxnessKxng : I use too think nasa was a person

povang : You do realize that any intelligent life form capable of interstellar travel would literally see humans(currently 2018 version) as comparable to ants. Would a human bother to ever attempt to communicate with an ant?. And would an ant even begin to understand the human on an intelligent level?. Interstellar life forms are so beyond us that we might actually mistaken them for Gods if they ever did truly reveal themselves. Our spiritual, technological, political, and societal structures are so incredibly primitive, and this is coming from someone who lives in it; imagine what i would think of 2018 humans if i lived in a future a million years from now.

555 Droid : Thumbnail looks like death star

Random : It looks like a really complicated ikea manual

Apocalypse : WHAT IF THANOS FINDS THE DISK I hope they remember the disk..

angrey doggo : If i work for NASA i would say somethings to the aliens like this: "ayyyy homie got any alien weed my man?"

Hot Doggo : Forgot the memes so now they think of us as normies...

Dan Pachunka : What if ww3 was so damaging it destroyed the world and it all restarted. The 2nd time around we received this message as it crash landed back onto earth, and we all thought it was aleins

Nobody Dares : Now is when Area 51 comes in.

Oligampla : How big is the chance that other life forms understand english???

Candy Paint : Who else here that always like their own comment for a good start?

Tate Dampier : I think it hit a planet, star,asteroid,etc...

Soda11 : What if that thing lands in a primitive planet? and the people there just eat that disc lol.

k n pandey : It may happen that with the help of disc alien will know better about our technology and use it against us

Dinesh Adhikari : Pls don't like my comment, thanks

Simi Tuitavua : Here's another point of view.. im 100% sure there's nothing out there.... the multi universe, stars n galaxies were meant for God's pleasure. He knows them all by name...n he created earth for mankind.. i don't think he would want us to go up there, that's y the bible says that with His hands he took up some of the earth n created adam...thats y we will never make it far into space bcoz we are connected to this earth physically.... we are meant to look up to the sky n witness how awesome n mighty God truely is....

Mira bashir : just show a pic of chuck norries that must be enough

I am your dad me mid or ill feed : i thought the message was... *_send bobs and vagene plz_*

Who Tube : They probably sent us a message warning us about trump..the Simpson's tv show did

Connor Detroit : This is complicated Also how do we know that an alien has that disc Aaaaaaand Idk about this but send a sea creature (like a fish with a light that can survive the cold) to a planet with water with meat and a camera on it to *S E A* (sorry not sorry) if it will survive and why meat? Because that dude —>🍖 helped us get smarter during the early evolution yup now we have BIG BRAIN 🧠 also it might evolve into something also we can send these little microscopic sea creatures (if we still have any)With food and a camera (k I’m not sure if they eat) so we can *S E A* (yeah still not sorry) what happens to it. Remember *W A V E* at it and say goodbye.Yeah it’ll take millions of years but scientists might be able to make beds that lets you sleep for years healthily so after all that we look at cameras and BOOM they might’ve done something great like the population must’ve grown or other stuff like that. One day we can meet and talk to them (if we can) it might not end up good but you never know what can happen. Dont judge me I might not be a smartass and also if you send them there make sure to make the perfect technology and send them to titan beacause it can be good for life (JUST DONT DESTROY IT IF YOU DESTROY EARTH) also the animal/alien who rules titan will be called leonpantiss (im bad at names ok) that’s all I’m to lazy for all the information bye have a nice day Edit: and yes I liked my own comment

Aditi Sinha : What if the golden disc has already gone into black hole...rip disc😂😂

Allan Diosana : it says "i'm thirsty, come over"

Pranish Khadgi : Do you all have realised that if we ever meet aliens we need to explain why we made a ton of movies on them and kill all of them.

Thumb Nail : Aliens Replied "Send Nudes"

maddieoffical msp : 40 years ago I wasnt alive.

Meme King : *shows a picture with a person doing this:👌 below their waist* Aliens: Fak

William Kirchhofer : Why blindly launch an invitation to a Potential Threat? Seriously?

Alien : I got the disc what now??

Scare League : Alien: "hello earthlings!, take us to your leader!" Donald trump: "hello I'm Donald Trump, now what kind of aliens are you exactly illegal or legal huh?" Alien: "ah no we have our intergalactic passports and we have no connections to the earthlings called "mexicans" Aliens: "also we had no idea that the leader of earth was also an alien such like us?" Donald Trump: "huh wth" Aliens: "yes but it is acually strange to see a golden haired tamaranian they usually have fire red hair strange?"

TimeTraveller : We are not alone

Tupac1996 : Should’ve sent Jake Paul’s music so they’d know to stay the hell away


Maniac : aliens play music *gets rickrolled*