Banished to the Floor | World's Strictest Parents

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This household has a strict rule – no curse words. And if you swear, you will have to move hay or to lose earned the mattress! Have you ever been banished to the floor? ▶ How Strict Parents Deal With LOVE, SEX & DATING: ▶ Teens get their bags searched: ▶ Alcohol is BANNED: ▶ Most Shocking Moments: ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones. From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?


The Chosen One Gaming : He’s the dad from Inside Out

Avex : Bust isn’t a bad word HOW

Dxxro _ : My boy head long af

Jackleberry88 : this man said 'DAMN' and the parents acted like he killed their daughter

Raven Onyx : Strict parents make sneaky kids 🙄

widow main : Ok, brent isn't even that bad. Its just the addiction to cigarettes so far to me.

Leon Nguyen : These parents are such idiots bro

Joseph Yi : Wonder how the parents felt after they saw she had weed and alcohol Btw she’s a nutritionist now

Raymond Conner : No consequences!!!! Girl: (weed and vodka) no Boy: comes clean “damn” Them *triggered*

Fanzark : Level 2 you have unlocked: Pants 👖

TeeKay : Ok I get the anti-cussing, smoking, drinking stuff, but the way you wear your trousers?!!Come on man!

qt ClouD : Strict parents: *you are banished from walking*

Mr. D A N K : LEVEL GODLY: you have unlocked the permission to say heck

BlameItOnKayla : They would have me fukd up talking about earn MY clothes

Kellen Halfsighted : This isn't strict. This is straight up abusive.

cookie Monster : kid: damn. parents: WhAt DiD yOu JuSt sAy ¿?¿?

Skyler Abigail : Dang... they took his bed cuz he wouldn’t pull his pants up

TheGoodBot880 : This is the Christian minecraft server at lvl 5000

Bailey Piwinski : Kid: Good morning! Parent: THATS 2 BALES OF HAY FOR YOU!!!! Kid: Wut...

LoganOW : Kid: Damn Parents: mOVe ThE hAy

Random .commenter : I’ve finally watched it YouTube. Happy now?!?!

CHUMUNINIII yt : Teenager: "My god, mom this is delicious. Parents: I'm about to end this whole man's career.

GURLwhoGAMES Yt : My god! They think that’s strict? have they experienced strictness!?

Lizzie is Smelly : Ok if they said you need to EARN money I’ll be like ooo I like that. BUT THEY SAID YOU NEED TO *EARN* STUFF TO SLEEP ON YOU NEED TO *EARN* YOUR CLOTHES WTH

SpyRice : He loses his bed for not pulling pants up while Ashley smokes weed and drinks vodka

Dragon : Me - Je- **Strict Dad teleports behind** Me - -lly **Strict Dad vanishes**

Cady Stevens : Guys remember when she put that reallllly short sleeve top on Mother says : I approved

Michael Serna : Hahaha if my mom sent me to this I would flip my crap and leave 🤦🏽‍♂️this is bogus

GHøŠT_girl 07 : What are these parents and their obsession with control

Anti Spiral : The most overprotective raise the best liars.

LichIs TheName : Dude look like Shaggy LMAO

Nathan Music : That guy has weird pointing chin

Comenicient TM : *hmm I don't know, I think being banned from minecraft is the strictest of all*

SierraLee33 _YT : This is some good parenting JK

Azoui : Lvl. 1 crook: no clothes Lvl. 99 boss: mattress back 😎

[king Wish] : Well his parents watched too much video games

Steve Kelso : Especially when they heard the word work. Looks like future inmates to me

Only Tae no coffee plz : Level 100000000 legendary master: you have achieved the will to say 'hell'

Alex K : These parents aren’t strict at all my parents are much meaner and I’m only 12

Spyder 8000 : I like how she stereotyped us teenagers. Some teens are VERY obedient and are much more successful then the parents and the parents would be jealous of us teens

ThatOneReportCard : Level 3: Congrats You Earn Food!

Will McCormick : The mom was biast towards teenagers not all of us are bad

Basically Yes : No one: Parents: **this video**

Ahlam Shido : He looks like that one school shooter

/yeet/ : their kids are gonna be absolute messes in college. they’re too strict.

R3GARDL355 : if they so biblical then weed is ok

HannahPlayss ! : If they took away my mattress and told me off for saying 'bust' I'd end up running away

TF Adams : Jokes on them, I’m allergic to hay

Zaibeen Gaming : Hey at least she didn’t say your banished FROM the floor