Banished to the Floor | World's Strictest Parents

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10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Im glad my parents were never this strict, Im glad I don't have do level up for clothes

Spirit : okay i understand the rules, but come on. EARNING CLOTHES? that's a bit ridiculous lol

Kayla Holton : Parents like these lose their kids. The second those kids are old enough to leave they're never speaking to you again

Fanzark : Level 2 you have unlocked: Pants 👖

Azoui : Lvl. 1 crook: no clothes Lvl. 99 boss: mattress back 😎

Wolff : Why does Brent look like something from Jimmy Neutron?

LoganOW : Kid: Damn Parents: mOVe ThE hAy

Nilla Xox : They’re actually really luckily the camera men didn’t snitch about the girl sneaking vodka

A guy with subs : Are we seriously gonna ignore the fact that he had cigarettes in his nuts

Mr. Midnight : Level 8: Toilet Paper Privileges.

Anti Spiral : The most overprotective raise the best liars.

Iliketrains : Level 10 Crook: Pants Level 25 Hitman: Jacket Level 50 Boss: Matress Level 100 Godfather: Blanket

Akal The Door Mat : I guess you could say they’re getting... grounded. I’ll leave

💔BROKEN HEART💔 : Who else went straight for the comments 😂

Dinolover25 : Brent reminds me of Dylan Klebold. (Columbine Shooter.)

ImmortalFalcon IFB : Kid: "Poopy!" Parent: "YoU'rE GrOuNdEd"

Dat_kid _jay : I'm sorry but if I spend 65+ dollars on some distressed, ripped H&M jeans *NO ONE* is gonna tell me that I can't wear them🙅🏽‍♂️

Random .commenter : Get someone as loyal as those camera men

Craig says Oh No NO : Brent looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

Hannah Weigert : Damn these camera men ain’t snitches..respect

Itsjustaprankbro : Is this where Dr. Phill sends the kids?

escotg GAMING : Dang that kid’s lucky. I sleep outside in the middle of the highway.

Daddy Future : Why does Brent look like the twins off how to train your dragon?

Dylan Does Stuff : My parents ban me to the ceiling

Kellen Halfsighted : This isn't strict. This is straight up abusive.

RedHorizon : Bust isn’t a bad word HOW

Mister Person : Oh boy, Christian Baptist parents. Doesn’t get more strict than that without it getting aggressive.

Jaydog4471 Not.Jaydog : Kids : oh no Parents: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY, YOUR LOOSING YOUR SLEEPING MATTRESS. Kid: that makes no sense Parents:That’s it no breakfast tomorrow for you

Jaydog4471 Not.Jaydog : So it makes sense to take away someone’s mattress if you don’t like there style. That makes no sense but ok 👌

GURLwhoGAMES Yt : My god! They think that’s strict? have they experienced strictness!?

Ahlam Shido : He looks like that one school shooter

Ur Kinda Gay : I be these are anti-vac parents

Will McCormick : The mom was biast towards teenagers not all of us are bad

YaHoboMan 7000 : The School Shooter Factory? 🤔

BlameItOnKayla : They would have me fukd up talking about earn MY clothes

Tyler Brzostowski : How does he look tuff😂

Jubraid YT : Lmao that camera man ain’t no snitch

Raven Onyx : Strict parents make sneaky kids 🙄

Joshua Johnson : You can’t make someone earn things that already belong to them. That’s called stealing.

TheGoodBot880 : This is the Christian minecraft server at lvl 5000

Humpty Dumpty : Hey at least she didn’t say your banished FROM the floor

Dxxro _ : My boy head long af

Eva Aubone : Boy “damn” Parents “WHat DiD YoU SaY”

widow main : Ok, brent isn't even that bad. Its just the addiction to cigarettes so far to me.

Aleese McGrew : My parents are the EXACT SAME WAY . It's very hard to deal with them but there right about the no weed and ciggarets or beer. I mean people don't need that junk. I'm 15.

Yelamini Keen : What If they teamed up and moved all the hay at once and locked the truck. ;-; And just didn't listen to those ppl? Like literally zone out when they were talking. Like literally just zone out. ;-; And then if its warm out sleep outside. Tee hee 😂😂

Random .commenter : I’ve finally watched it YouTube. Happy now?!?!

Cameron jz : This gotta be the biggest Christian minecraft server host i ever seen 😒

Waleed Gaming and More ! : Lvl 1 crook: No mattress Lvl 100 boss: Has mattress back

Milly Lost : The thing is one of the consequences are carrying heavy hay only helps make u stronger 🤣😵