Gaki no Tsukai - Booby trap

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Saturnino José Suárez Quintana : Great moment in batsu games :-D

Maria_modo : I watched this last night. I'm at work now but I keep remembering how he fell down and I keep cracking up, I need to stop before I embarrass myself further.

K S : 綺麗な落ち方www

StFidjnr : 0:24 let's see that again in slo mo

StFidjnr : 0:20 cue the replay

浜辺美波 : 全く落とし穴やと思わんかった 予想過ぎて吹いてもーた笑

松本真幸 : 遠藤が消えた(笑)

あ あ : うける

なおみ : 始まってすぐコレやったから、ほんまに笑ったww

Paqal J : whats with the awkwardness...hahahahah

T-Top Deluxe : Soooo dangerous but when I first saw this, I was in stitches. Honestly was not expecting Endo to fall down a damn pit >_< Especially great when they pull this on an old man later on in the episode.

Marco Antonio Aravena : I love these guys

UsonoHoushi : This killed me the first time I watched this. The one joke that solidified that I'm going to enjoy this.

ギリアンジョー : この頃の笑ってはいけないはシンプルでよかったww

56 18 : 遠藤をさりげなく引っ張り上げる浜ちゃん

Yugo K. : wtf

Too Sweet : booby...that is all!!