Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners

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MrSotko CryptoCurrency : Thanks all of you for the subs and support. The best way to help out is to like, sub, and share the videos.

TheGoGamecocks : Jesus is risen. And making crypto vids 🤣

Todd Hansen : Thanks for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge. I hope you are rewarded.

Kohi Cafe : Great stuff man! Easy to understand in layman's terms, muchly appreciated.

Cosmic Ferret : Thank you so much for making this! Your explanations were so clear! This was so much easier to understand than some of the stuff I've been trying to read. I'm brand new to this and I didn't realize I could trade without paying fees. I only saw the steady rise in prices over the last year and knew that there was long-term money to be made. Didn't realize I could learn to buy/sell shorter term, too. Also, I especially appreciate the advice about waiting a few days. I will heed it. I tend to jump into everything and that's what I would have done here if you had not cautioned me. I will take a few days to sit and watch. Thanks again!

OMAC : Awesome video. I came in at 7250 and woke up last few days to see I am poorer and poorer and it's killing my 1000 bucks to 800, so I gotta pray for a miracle, lol. I subscribed cuz it was SUPER informative. Shoot. Might be the first video I replay on You Tube and it's definitely going in favorites. Tell ya what.

MindTheGap : Hi +MrSotko CryptoCurrency great video (again). I think you just forgot to cover 1 thing which is: how we can use the fund on the Balance? how can we use it to buy more BTC or even send it to our Coinbase account. I just managed to sell some BTC for the first time by following your video tutorial, but now that I have the money, I don't know how I can use it to buy more BTC. When I go into the Buy section, it only takes BTC rather than money. Any help please.

neles74 : Nice and clear! Thanks

sadvibesonly l 气氛 : do I need to use gdax?

Moses Joshua : Awesome!

James Beard : i really really appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

Lucky : Where can I learn more about the maker vs taker and why there is no fee for limit orders? Also great video I recently got into this and wish I had this video earlier :)

matthew chavez : great video, very helpful. i learned exactly what i came here for, plus much more. thanks.

steve paul : Hi thanks for this, i have been using Coinbase for a couple of months now and been paying silly fees, now i dont need to, Thanks to you'r Vid, all the best

Chandler Vincent : You are always coming out with some great videos thank you :)

Matt Crosslin : MrSotkO CryptoCurrency!.... thanks for the video it's great. I have a question though. Im currently trying to sell $73.53 worth of btc and it's giving me an error. amount must be greater than B1e-8 place market orders to trade smaller amounts. I understand it's not large enough to please them, but How much btc or Dollar amounts do you have to trade in?

Mary Church : Question: How much time do you have to hit your mark? If I purchased BTC at 10,580 at 3am EST and want to sell 4pm that day and the price doesn't hit my marker target what happens to my maker request? Do my BTC stay at 10,580 OR if the mark is hit at 2am the next morning (23 hrs later) will my BTC still be sold within a 24hr. period?

DenverDan710 : Really good video!

makemoneyrelax : bless you crypto jesus

Psychic Sojourns : Another great video! Well done!

grmbirrell : Thanks Buddy nice job with the video/tutorial it was just what I was looking for :)

Jeremy Nest : Great video, man. Thanks! Day trading has made me some serious $.

Juan Leiva : Thanks for the videos, they are huge information! I have an issue, i am from Uruguay, and can't operate with coinbase/GDAX, any other recommendations to trade with?

HoSc Assassin : This has helped allot thankyou I will be starting soon but I have a question now: If let's say a beginning rushed into it and paid at a high ish price at a value of 7.500 and it dropped like you mentioned can you hold it for as long as you like until it dose actually go back up ? So yeah the question is can you hold on to Bitcoin for a very long time so buy at a low price and sell in a few months or a year or 2?

stocklock : You can make money from daytrading but you need to use a solid strategy with good risk/reward

0800filmes : Awesome tutorial man! I would love to know how people make so much money trading outcoins.

J Blair : Great video on CC trading basics and especially on how to use GDAX! Question for you: I've read of people complaining about GDAX not sending them their money in the 4 to 5 day period it usually takes to receive it. Have you had that experience at all?

Shadzilla : Am I correct in assuming the buy and sell order seen in the order book are only for GDAX? For example there could be 50 other platforms like bittrex etc that have similar orders? Would be nice to see every buy and sell order in existence from all platforms in real time, but I highly doubt that would be plausible?

PANTTERA1959 : TY for this vid. Finally an indepth tutorial with illustrations. So where do you store your $s when not trading? Not suppose to leave in on the exchange. I know to keep coins in wallet but do they allow cash in wallets?

Crypto Fairy : Would love to see actual examples of trading in action. Great starter vid though.

raemyshu : Thanks, man. Great info!

SrCoentros : Hello thanks for the video i am starting with this bitcoin thing it worth to start with only 10 dollar?

Arvydas Mencinskas : Very good tutorial! Lots of information, but I guess I need some time to digest that information, then maybe watch it again and again

Angelo Valadez : wow, not sure I have had someone make so much sense, so easily. Awesome vid!

Mansooby : Why not just buy on Coinbase ?

s0ccer96 : Thanks for the video!

buzztrucker : Sir, thank you for sharing some great basic input on how to trade bitcoin especially the setting up and some basic 101 thoughts and when to buy and sell. Keep 'em coming!

Gregory Baskin : So very helpful to get my sea legs started ... thank you. Saved this slowing-down man a LOT of time.

mark Year : I have a question. Lets say I buy one bitcoin and then transfer it over to my wallet and then the next morning wish to transfer it back to GDAX. Is there any way that I can avoid those fees from transferring from my wallet to GDAX?

COREY EIB : Thank you for your post, interesting info.

Thomas Bromley : Man your well good at explaining this stuff thanks man.🍀

Weston Guidero : I know you mentioned there are some fees when trading, but I was confused at first. You only get fees if you buy or sell at market price. Not if you do a limit order. Is that right?

Albert Paredes : Great video, did you say your in Arizona?

Alexsandro Vinhaes : Thank you so much!

DopeAnime : Really good video!

Thomas Hernandez : Bro u are great im a beginner and this video was very well explained and i appreciate ur advice

Richard Gródkowski : Great stuff, thank you very much

Sci- Clops : Great video! Thanks for taking the time to make this! :)

Chile Chiludo : When it make more sense to just do a wire transfer?

n8 free-man : Hey what was the name of the exchange you are partnered with that is launching soon ?