Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners

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TheGoGamecocks : Jesus is risen. And making crypto vids 🤣

Kohi Cafe : Great stuff man! Easy to understand in layman's terms, muchly appreciated.

Cosmic Ferret : Thank you so much for making this! Your explanations were so clear! This was so much easier to understand than some of the stuff I've been trying to read. I'm brand new to this and I didn't realize I could trade without paying fees. I only saw the steady rise in prices over the last year and knew that there was long-term money to be made. Didn't realize I could learn to buy/sell shorter term, too. Also, I especially appreciate the advice about waiting a few days. I will heed it. I tend to jump into everything and that's what I would have done here if you had not cautioned me. I will take a few days to sit and watch. Thanks again!

SonnyBoy : Really great video !! Im really new into it, I have just bought some bitcoins via coinbase. What do you think, is it really worth to do day trading of part of my bitcoins in the way you shown in this video? Some of the YT cryptocurrency "specialists" say that is not worth it. I really want to just do it like some sort of gambling ( i have a proper job) for fun and with possibilities of earning from day to day lets say $20

J Blair : Great video on CC trading basics and especially on how to use GDAX! Question for you: I've read of people complaining about GDAX not sending them their money in the 4 to 5 day period it usually takes to receive it. Have you had that experience at all?

SrCoentros : Hello thanks for the video i am starting with this bitcoin thing it worth to start with only 10 dollar?

neles74 : Nice and clear! Thanks

VibeDollaSign : do I need to use gdax?

Todd Hansen : Thanks for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge. I hope you are rewarded.

MindTheGap : Hi +MrSotko CryptoCurrency great video (again). I think you just forgot to cover 1 thing which is: how we can use the fund on the Balance? how can we use it to buy more BTC or even send it to our Coinbase account. I just managed to sell some BTC for the first time by following your video tutorial, but now that I have the money, I don't know how I can use it to buy more BTC. When I go into the Buy section, it only takes BTC rather than money. Any help please.

Brenda Grullon : whats the best exchange or broker for small accounts

Moses Joshua : Awesome!

Denis Me : Great video...quick question though, when you sell your bitcoins, what do you get? Dollars or what? I ask this because I'm in an exchange that does not allow fiat dollars called Binance and want to trade bitcoins because it's more profitable to use btc than any other currency. Thx

Mansooby : Why not just buy on Coinbase ?

Crypto Coin : Simple and straight forward explanation. Great communicator!

COREY EIB : Thank you for your post, interesting info.

James Beard : i really really appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

Brian Kitchens : Thanks for the great basic video. If I’d watched it first I could have saved a couple bucks on my first fee!

Lucky : Where can I learn more about the maker vs taker and why there is no fee for limit orders? Also great video I recently got into this and wish I had this video earlier :)

cas818028 : If you got day trading down pat and have Rinse and repeat strategies that have a high chance of profit then we should link up and work on writing a bot together. I needed a seasoned trader to help me with solid algorithms

Scarytank10 : This video was very informative and easy to understand, cheers mate!

matthew chavez : great video, very helpful. i learned exactly what i came here for, plus much more. thanks.

steve paul : Hi thanks for this, i have been using Coinbase for a couple of months now and been paying silly fees, now i dont need to, Thanks to you'r Vid, all the best

Chandler Vincent : You are always coming out with some great videos thank you :)

dominic ahern : great video thanks alot not many people explain it this well

Matt Crosslin : MrSotkO CryptoCurrency!.... thanks for the video it's great. I have a question though. Im currently trying to sell $73.53 worth of btc and it's giving me an error. amount must be greater than B1e-8 place market orders to trade smaller amounts. I understand it's not large enough to please them, but How much btc or Dollar amounts do you have to trade in?

Brian 88 : This helped a tone, thanks budd.

Smogster : Great video keep up the good work. I was wondering if maybe you can give some more professional advice, I'm from Canada and using CAD/BTC but maybe you can give some tips to maximise profits. Thanks

Monsterenergyy43 : Great video, one thing that I was wondering when watching this is how does this apply to the guys who have a bigger bank roll? So let's say someone buys $100,000 worth of Bitcoin at $7900 the low for that day and then sells the next day for $8200. They would now have $103,800 minus the 1.59% fee they would be left will about $1,500 in profit. Let's say they did this everyday buying at the low and selling at the high and kept putting all profits back in. Overall if they did this everyday for a month they would have made like $50k even with the fees being taken out. I don't know a lot about Bitcoin, I only have a couple hundred into it and let it sit. So I when I seen your video I was curious what these guys do when they have a much larger budget then most people? Overall I would love to hear your answer on this or an idea what might happen to this person who did invest like this. Once again great video, you earned my subscribe : )

Lina Tx : Thank you : Very helpful videos ! Quick Q 's : How can you do the same margin trading bitcoin on binance ? all i see there is trading with other coins . also ... what did you mean by avoiding high fees by placing stop order ? That wasnt clear to me

DenverDan710 : Really good video!

makemoneyrelax : bless you crypto jesus

Jeff McCourt : Is there a particular day of the week you think has the most volatility for maximum profits for day trading? I’m looking to pick one day of the week to day trade while I work 10 hours a day the other 4 days on my 8-5 job. I know that’s a broad question and almost impossible to answer, but I was curious what you thought.

Psychic Sojourns : Another great video! Well done!

OMAC Primetics : Awesome video. I came in at 7250 and woke up last few days to see I am poorer and poorer and it's killing my 1000 bucks to 800, so I gotta pray for a miracle, lol. I subscribed cuz it was SUPER informative. Shoot. Might be the first video I replay on You Tube and it's definitely going in favorites. Tell ya what.

FreeThinkers Society : your hair and stache are a sweet combo

Grm Bizzl : Thanks Buddy nice job with the video/tutorial it was just what I was looking for :)

Markus Kantarci : Awesome video that is definitely inspiring me to try it out. Going to watch more of your vids on bitcoin, which might answer my questions. My questions were (which you probably get a lot) 1. How successful have you been day trading? 2. You talked about patience to buy and sell at the right time, but isn't that extremely hard? How do you know the right time?

Jeremy Nest : Great video, man. Thanks! Day trading has made me some serious $.

Kenneth Blanco : New to Bitcoin. Great Info, thanks man. KB Miami.

Christopher Rudy : Is there a way to PM you?

Juan Leiva : Thanks for the videos, they are huge information! I have an issue, i am from Uruguay, and can't operate with coinbase/GDAX, any other recommendations to trade with?

Alex Buri : When i go on settings I do not have the option to click on "linked accounts" and when I want to deposit money into my gbp wallet it does not allow me to click on deposit. Im trying to buy 1 bitcoin but they are only allowing me to purchase £500 worth. Can someone help me with removing this limit. any help is greatly appreciated.

BlackMagic553 : thank you!

Off Road Pakistan : i have a question, i m researching on cyrptocurrency, is there any way to trade from the countries where exchanges don't work.

Ahmed Habib : Thank very much, you sharing this is very useful tool for people like myself

Elijah Gray : I don't know how I'm missing this so please forgive the elementary question but: When you trade out of the altcoin, where do you put the money? does it go to USDT before cycling back in?

Laura Read : Great information

s0ccer96 : Thanks for the video!

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