Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners

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Todd Hansen : Thanks for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge. I hope you are rewarded.

neles74 : Nice and clear! Thanks

OMAC Primetics : Awesome video. I came in at 7250 and woke up last few days to see I am poorer and poorer and it's killing my 1000 bucks to 800, so I gotta pray for a miracle, lol. I subscribed cuz it was SUPER informative. Shoot. Might be the first video I replay on You Tube and it's definitely going in favorites. Tell ya what.

Matt Crosslin : MrSotkO CryptoCurrency!.... thanks for the video it's great. I have a question though. Im currently trying to sell $73.53 worth of btc and it's giving me an error. amount must be greater than B1e-8 place market orders to trade smaller amounts. I understand it's not large enough to please them, but How much btc or Dollar amounts do you have to trade in?

Psychic Sojourns : Another great video! Well done!

Brian Kitchens : Thanks for the great basic video. If I’d watched it first I could have saved a couple bucks on my first fee!

Brian 88 : This helped a tone, thanks budd.

Markus Kantarci : Awesome video that is definitely inspiring me to try it out. Going to watch more of your vids on bitcoin, which might answer my questions. My questions were (which you probably get a lot) 1. How successful have you been day trading? 2. You talked about patience to buy and sell at the right time, but isn't that extremely hard? How do you know the right time?

Kohi Cafe : Great stuff man! Easy to understand in layman's terms, muchly appreciated.

cas818028 : If you got day trading down pat and have Rinse and repeat strategies that have a high chance of profit then we should link up and work on writing a bot together. I needed a seasoned trader to help me with solid algorithms

Cosmic Ferret : Thank you so much for making this! Your explanations were so clear! This was so much easier to understand than some of the stuff I've been trying to read. I'm brand new to this and I didn't realize I could trade without paying fees. I only saw the steady rise in prices over the last year and knew that there was long-term money to be made. Didn't realize I could learn to buy/sell shorter term, too. Also, I especially appreciate the advice about waiting a few days. I will heed it. I tend to jump into everything and that's what I would have done here if you had not cautioned me. I will take a few days to sit and watch. Thanks again!

dominic ahern : great video thanks alot not many people explain it this well

Smogster : Great video keep up the good work. I was wondering if maybe you can give some more professional advice, I'm from Canada and using CAD/BTC but maybe you can give some tips to maximise profits. Thanks

Chandler Vincent : You are always coming out with some great videos thank you :)

Scarytank10 : This video was very informative and easy to understand, cheers mate!

SrCoentros : Hello thanks for the video i am starting with this bitcoin thing it worth to start with only 10 dollar?