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DisposableWarrior : Cats definitely have better traction control; you can see the front if pulling just as the rear starts to step out. The rabbit is too rear-biased. I don't even think it sent any power to the front. it might as well just be a rear-wheel drive. The dog is just a mess; oversteer into understeer and oversteer again...does it even differentials? it seems like all four are going at the same speed.

Ramsey : Those cats need to check their suspension settings, tons of oversteer.

///M5 : 0:16 Joker lap WorldRallyCross

CRAZY BOBBY698 : hamster wheel is so hilarious I can't stop thinking about it 😂

sofyan maghrido : Running in the 90's

Legofan1401 : Most of the sounds taken from Ken Block's Gymkhana 2 !

sea weed : who ever had this idea is a fckn genius

Vinny V : Why isn't this a professional thing?

Unsuitibleo109 Unikittyfan mariofan games : It Sond a GTR

CreyziEater100 : 1: wrc drift 2: test drift 3: nascar 4: wrc race 5: twin turbo cat race 6: twin turbo drift 7: twin turbo race

Recon Dystopic : lol that hamster turned 12 times

Roman Rynning : Can't stop watching hamster wheel!

CreyziEater100 : 0:13 and 0:09 my personal best xD

G DelfaTime : 2:00 i'm just dead XD

Jean Sebastian Tudela : The Hamster dyno is sooooooooo funny XD

Alexander Troiss : 0:37

Joseph Clarke : mad cat drifts bro

Ismail Topa : "Deja Vu!" I've been in this place before

Tu`ng Tu`ng : vtec kicked in yo

don paperto : the winner is hamster!

Sky Watcher : The rabbit was being terrorized.

Roman Rynning : the hamster wheel is so funny! XD

Farrukh Athar : Oh my this is hilarious!!! Pure genius!!!!!! 😂😂😂

Tristan Nel : oh those hamsters are great!!! so funny!

JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan : twin turbo V12 0-100 km/h 2.5 sec

👴🏻yes : lol :)

Hendrik Purnama : all hail to rabbit the king drifter!!!

Fenixes YT : The hamster Wheel is the funniest in the video

Abdo WRCD : 1st cat: Collin McRae cat

Roman Rynning : Like this

Acur Kafa : 0:8 0:9 and 0:10 are rwd 0:11 4WD Activated

zLordKillerz : wuant

Rat Snackerson : Cats have emotions too you might as well just cut a humans ears off and yell at him that's so dumb

ngabalin setujuu : cat the best drifter

Tio Ivo : Jejejeje

Wojtec12345678 : Hamster is the best !!!!!

Fenixes YT : 0:37 i laughed the shit out of me

Enggal Pratama : Funny drift i like it

Adrian Ekoyudho Nugroho : N-NANI!! CATTO DORIFTO??

Casper Born : most of these cars you hear have no turbo, let alone twinturbo

Jestaaar : 0:30 best one


Caner Topçam : ahahah

Ryon Brand : Lol

javier canazz : Rip hamster

Paki Paki : funny video, I like

Alex.G : HAHA epic xD 

8karaMASKE8 : AWD :)