WALMART ON FIRE : Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display (VIDEO)
Walmart On Fire

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WALMART ON FIRE : Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display (VIDEO) newhiphopfirst: Damn someone lit up the fireworks aisle on fire at #Walmart worldstar: Customer lights entire Walmart fireworks display! #walmart #wshh Sincerely, EveryDayLifeTV Walmart, Walmart Inc., customer, fireworks, fire works display, July 4th, Fourth of July, fire, lights up display, lit of display, Walmart on fire, news & blogs, people & politics, EveryDayLifeTV


The Bruh Machine : It's a fire sale.

This Guy : Clean up in Aisle 8!

Meep Ster : And you can burn alive for the low price of $10.99

Square Squid Studios : This is why Walmart doesn't have nice things anymore~

Flysledder : What about those fire sprinklers that are supposed to go off automatically when there is a fire?!

WeeabooMatt : set my mixtape down for 2 seconds and this happens...

TamMyBoy : "Save money live better..."

Catastrophic 1975 : look it's right by the lighter fluid

Snacks : Oh, that's where I left my mixtape...

Dah Kid : "Oh lawd Jesus is a fire"

Jeremy Wong : its just a prank bro

Emily C : Why are people standing around looking?! And where's the fire alarm?!

Jaco_sims : youtube ads are savage, got a target ad

Oliver Fitzgerald : Walmart on fire, all the customers terrified, NANANANANANA?!?!?!

WodernWarfareTree : FIRE SALE!!! . . . . . . . [ ? ] YOU GOT THE RAY GUN!!

Marco Perez : Why do people loop the video like this? If I want to see the video again I'll replay it damn it!

John Starace : Really not funny, what if the fire got out of control and the people got trapped in the store and got killed or hurt. This is arson and I hope the people responsible are caught and prosecuted.

Levi Penterman : Fireworks so cheap they're burning off the shelf!!! He he...

BLT4LIFE : Oh no, there's a fire. Do I get an extinguisher? No, I'll just film it.

Sharkteeth08 : I needed to see that one more time to understand it

SAVE THE B A N A N A S : I guess you could say... the place was... lit...

realxtraki11er : they were trying to burn the price down

CezaMVO : do you see what south park caused

jeanious2009 : Wait a minute, why is walmart selling FIREWORKS?? I thought they only sold none combustible string poppers.

Ryan MacGibbon : $19.92? These new Walmart prices are lit.

Spencer FC : Wal Mart's on fire, your defence is terrified!!!

Joe Bob : Man this is Lit!

Rhey : These prices are on FIRE!!!

Tec-lo Texas : Fire: it's just a prank bro

cassipi : I had a Walmart ad too lmao

Cheyenne : The best part is the employees were probably like "eh, just another day at the office.."

Vote Jill Stein 2016 : Thank god this was Walmart and that was only like $2.97 worth of fireworks.

legendofmudkip : Why was this looped so many bloody times?

Everything There Is : The only crime here is vertical filming.

boreduser12 : USA USA USA USA

kenicke579 : Ok but why didn't walmarts smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers go off? Do they even work?

Phil : I would run for my life, but I mean COME ON!!! Look at all these bargains!!!!!!

Lance Vance : I've NEVER seen a Walmart selling fireworks.

Double Tap : Wal Mart's on FIRE! Customers are terrified!

dookie shoes : Can't stop smiling as I watch. I wish I could have been there to see the workers panic and do nothing

Avs minhas : How can I feel safe knowing weapons like these are easily available

Brandon Arteaga : Obama: We Need More Prominent Lighter Control


MalenkyGoblin : Stop, Drop, and Rollback!

Tse : Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe....

Andrew Serna : Walmart is on fire Let's enjoy these 7 packs of water bottles.

Doomguy44 : And get a whole firework show for the low low price of $10.99 save money live better Walmart

Preston Nelson : This better be in celebration for the cavs winning

gigi stoner : $19.92 ? That seems so random. Usually it's like $19.99