WALMART ON FIRE : Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display (VIDEO)

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Egguar Baggins : my favorite part is when it replayed for a third time

Recycle Michael : It's a fire sale.

Meep Ster : And you can burn alive for the low price of $10.99

This Guy : Clean up in Aisle 8!

WeeabooMatt : set my mixtape down for 2 seconds and this happens...

WolfPax : Oh, that's where I left my mixtape...

Flysledder : What about those fire sprinklers that are supposed to go off automatically when there is a fire?!

TamMyBoy : "Save money live better..."

John Starace : Really not funny, what if the fire got out of control and the people got trapped in the store and got killed or hurt. This is arson and I hope the people responsible are caught and prosecuted.

Jeremy Wong : its just a prank bro

Catastrophic 1975 : look it's right by the lighter fluid

Ryan MacGibbon : $19.92? These new Walmart prices are lit.

SAVE THE B A N A N A S : I guess you could say... the place was... lit...

Dah Kid : "Oh lawd Jesus is a fire"

Marco Perez : Why do people loop the video like this? If I want to see the video again I'll replay it damn it!

CezaMVO : do you see what south park caused

Square Squid Studios : This is why Walmart doesn't have nice things anymore~

Emily C : Why are people standing around looking?! And where's the fire alarm?!

Oliver Fitzgerald : Walmart on fire, all the customers terrified, NANANANANANA?!?!?!

Levi Penterman : Fireworks so cheap they're burning off the shelf!!! He he...

Edgar G. : "that's hot" *Paris Hilton voice

Joey : It's just a prank bro.

WodernWarfareTree : FIRE SALE!!! . . . . . . . [ ? ] YOU GOT THE RAY GUN!!

Sharkteeth08 : I needed to see that one more time to understand it

Avs minhas : How can I feel safe knowing weapons like these are easily available

jeanious2009 : Wait a minute, why is walmart selling FIREWORKS?? I thought they only sold none combustible string poppers.

Jaco_sims : youtube ads are savage, got a target ad

BLT4LIFE : Oh no, there's a fire. Do I get an extinguisher? No, I'll just film it.

Joe Bob : Man this is Lit!

boreduser12 : USA USA USA USA

cassipi : I had a Walmart ad too lmao

realxtraki11er : they were trying to burn the price down

Phil : I would run for my life, but I mean COME ON!!! Look at all these bargains!!!!!!

Lance Vance : I've NEVER seen a Walmart selling fireworks.

Tec-lo Texas : Fire: it's just a prank bro

Spencer FC : Wal Mart's on fire, your defence is terrified!!!

armst012 : These prices are on FIRE!!!

Robert VFL Pires : Walmarts on fire, your defence is terrified

legendofmudkip : Why was this looped so many bloody times?

kenicke579 : Ok but why didn't walmarts smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers go off? Do they even work?

Kbreezy Gang gang : I knew I left my mixtap some were

Frank Branker : Prank WTF...... Arson, destruction of property and attempted murder more like it. This isn't funny

Everything There Is : The only crime here is vertical filming.

Vote Jill Stein 2016 : Thank god this was Walmart and that was only like $2.97 worth of fireworks.

nartsivle : theres a big ass case of water in front of the fireworks bruh

ilovetheusers : Someone is going to prison. Also, IS THAT MOTOR OIL THE NEXT AISLE OVER? What idiot put oil next to the fireworks?

Howard Casto : It's like our populous, as a whole, can't remember past 20 years ago.  In the 70's strict laws preventing the sale of fireworks were enacted because of shit like this.  Now nearly all of those laws have been revoked because of.... reasons...???Long story short, if you make fireworks so commonplace that they can be sold at your local Walmart, this is what happens.

Laughing Man : terrorist attack at wal-mart.

Cheyenne : The best part is the employees were probably like "eh, just another day at the office.."

PAPASNARF!!! : ENCOURAGE TRUMP TO HANG HIMSELF!!!! Build a Wall Around Walmart Shoppers.