5 Self Defence moves everyone should know

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YaY! : When danger happens, don't forget to say Boom!

Alucard : Hahaha that dudes face like "I'm sick of being a damn punching bag"

un known : Sometimes when you fight you get nervous and forget these moves

PF-EXOTIC : Smack into da nut!Boom!

Ewan Taylor : You gotta love how some martial art masters are all like counter then leave but master wong is a savage he be like boom now hit him in the face over and over

Zain Khan : saitima in real life

Andrew Muigai : Instead of learning all this moves I hire this guy to be my bodyguard

varun pant : Even pass a smile to the person whom u defeated at last :)

Yellowpole : 2:00 I died

ezra wijaya : master wong said "its easy" but i cant do that easily

Thaily jai : bald people are the fiercest they sacrifice there hair for power

Aylas life : I practiced this on my dad😂😂😂😂

Kayla Amber : I laugh every time he says “boom” or “das a problem” 😂 it makes the video so much better

CosTA gAmeS YT : boom like this!

DOTA 2 DIVINE : So someone is punching me in the face UM GONNA GO BOOM LIKE THIS😂😂😂

SavingSay Callim : All i heared was BOOM and LIKE THIS. 👍🏻

Andrew 26 : No more pretty girl with the eye problem, put the knee rite up his ass hole lol love this guy

kamran khan : The instruction were not clear, i got my ass kicked.

varun pant : very nyc

LeWrenchDeNBP : Is he Saitama's father?

SuicideBunny6 : "Oh look, more cool stuff I will never need in my life ..."

hunter xmen : Master Wong..when are you going to teach a course in New York City?

PR_L4D2 Mex : Buenas Técnicas... Saludos desde Puerto Rico me gustaría aprender más

Eminem Mathers : I love this guy lol

Petrik : This guy has more booms than north Korea

Darren Baltozer : LOL Yep. Shouldn't have to know that but so fun to know. I know it, still, fun watching it. Now my grand kids know I'm NOT crazy. This shit is real and here's how to take care of trouble!

Edo Santo : Easy to watch hard to do ...

Zeeco : This guy is actually a fucking god don’t mess with him

Develop Prumbo : 1:59 is the best self-defense technique ever

mustang19ms : 2:48 I just heard his arm break :))

Ramen Noodles : But what if I am too scared to poke his eye balls. T_T Im a coward I know

roasting miner : Dis guy either got taught by the worlds funniest person or most swearing he don't care about the other guy

Random Stranger : but I don't know what to do when girls want to fight me (I'm a girl) and they just start flapping their hands on me and pushing me down or slapping me all over

Ronzhouse : "Put your knee up their asshole!" Dang, Wing you are a madman! Lol

coralarch : " No more kiddy for him, " lol. Good idea- we don't want these things to breed:)

STUDENT-WILSON VAN NICE : This big dude is going to try to beat me up tomorrow I️ hope this works

NasTreeEels : How much red bull does he drink!?!?

Kim Jong Un : 3:25. what happened if the opponent wearing steel toe ?

ZIGGIEPRODUCTIONS1 : He cracks me up (breaking the dam arm ),the way he explains , ima look for hair grab defence ,coz girls always grab your hair

Ayan Mehar : i want to learn kang fu but i am a girl and my parents did not give me permission to learn this what i do

made for gaming : sifu wong Xie xie

The quidz man gameing And more : he says ass hole

Saifur : The sound effects doe

faz1991 : "smack his backside so he won't be able to have a shit anymore" xDDDD

Will Raptorclaw : Holy crap it works so well!!!

kevon davis : love your videos dude u dont bull shit u get right to the important stuff no fancy nonsense 👏👏👏👏👏

vikas kumar sharma : must ba

Rebeca TJ : I came here for help but i can't stop laughing

Morgan Holland : I'm learning this in case of clowns coming at me.

Judson Prophete : Everything is simple and easy. 😂😂😂