5 Self Defence moves everyone should know | Master Wong

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mustang19ms : 2:48 I just heard his arm break :))

Master Wong : Hey guys! Don’t forget to share your favorite training lesson, and comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) 👊👊👇

Blazing Asian : His commentary is enough to beat up the enemy. lmao


joohyun my bae : “you can make sure no more leg left” literally killed me 😂

mizziyu : *BOOM LIKE THIS*

HaroVix : No more pretty girlfriend

David Schjodt : Thanks! Now I can attac, but also protecc.

Paul Correia : Master wong,your not only dangerous you funny i laugh with respect , I love your videos, and your my hero NEVER STOP TEACHING US , AND NEVER. STOP MAKING US LAUGH GREAT JOB.

Zaid Makdisi : This helped me so much, yesterday I got beat up by a guy and today I’m going to kick his ass!

blizzified : "smack him in the nut like this to make sure no more kiddy for you"

Mark Cuckerberg : No mowe kiddy so, that a pwobwem.

Gēmu Kira : 2:33 bruv I can feel his pain

Hanke Chen : 1:47 to make sure that there is no more leg left 😂😂 i love your commentary mate

Prince Vegeta : The supporter is like don't kill me.....

Efrain Pina : This self defense coach is a savage.

J F : This guy is really entertaining to watch!!

Super X Demon : NO MORE KITTY

Paul Correia : Smack em to the nuts ya ,he have problem ,no girl friend ,you f... um up ya. Master your hallerious

Nicholas Vitello : I love this guys accent

100 subs without videos : This guy has more booms than north Korea

Philip Sta Maria : Love your commentary as much as your techniques Master Wong! 😁

Mick O'Brien : Im gonna try it on my mom first, before I take this to the streets.

M Zach : You poke someone's eye out you might as well shoot them  Cant even defend yourself in this sorry ass country without going to prison.  I like Master Wong though, be good to know him in person.

Iyad Ashraf : it's all easy to do right now because im focused and if i forget something i can watch the video over and over again but in a real life situation it's different you panic, you don't know how to think, you want to protect the people you are with and you may even forget what to do, it just needs practice...

The Void Walker : 2:11 what’s going on? What’s goin on Lol

J0ncit0 : That's when you break the arm.. Very basic and simple. Rofl 🤣

xXShadow Night81Xx : Anyone else gonna use this for when they fight a stronger kid than them I am but the kid kinda looks weak

Tanvir Hasan : Those tricks seems very easy.

Josh Phu De Haas : What kind of sport is this?

Umer S.7 : BOOM LIKE THIS AND BOOM LIKE THAT so funny😂😂😂😂😂

Andrew Jimenez : The guys has a black eye

Angus Watson : Dat were the arm broken 😂

B34ST 420 : Thanks to this guy I beat the ass of the kid that's bullies me

Chiranth Chiranth : who fight with five member at a time

Pastourmas_96 : ''Somebody punch me in the face''

Teodoro Cano : *Spells defense wrong*

MCR 0161 : I broke my fingers after 17seconds

zack love : your head is boom.

Gurkirtan Singh : 1:58 don’t watch with your eyes closed I don’t think you should do that

AnDrOiD GaMiNg : Any monkey can do 😂😂😂

saeef Ahmed anik : Your acting is very good.I liked that.booooom

Rebeca TJ : I came here for help but i can't stop laughing

O A S : Bum like dis.

George ParZival : Man I came here to watch him talk shit.. Really entertaining 😂😂 "Smack him to the nut no more kidney" Got it master Wong you the best

박Chim Chim : Thank you :’D

Star Boy : Thanks sir.....

coralarch : " No more kiddy for him, " lol. Good idea- we don't want these things to breed:)

Rio Agustian : Sometimes i don't know language that he's use