Mike Tyson DESTROYS Reporter!

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TheFrozenGargon : Genuinely feel bad for mike in this. You could tell he was excited to talk about what he was promoting and taking part in, until the reporter asked that.

JeyKa EGN : Reporter:Thank you for comi.... Mike:F*** you

Tha Block Thinka : You don't call a guy a convicted rapist on live tv that was just a low blow and uncalled for.

MadHatterx : i love his managers reaction at 1:48 he's like "hey c'mon were doing live tv now" manager reaction "idk man you brought it up soooooo"

Mr. Nobody : I think I am going to bring mike Tyson to my next job interview LOL

hazwun $$ : I don't understand why you'd bring something up like that. Pissing off mike tyson would be the last thing on anyone's to do list lol

Mike Abramski : Calling him a convicted rapists on tv like that...Dam

Maker makes Pajamas : Not only was it extremely un called for it had nothing to do with the situation, he brought up a horrible time in a legends life for something he didn’t even do on live tv for no reason at all, a true price of shit he is

- Morales : Canada's version of Don Lemon, Mike should have knocked his fruity ass out.

Paul T : Wonder what happened after the camera was switched off lol

silverdropstang : You can tell Mike wants to punch a hole through this MF’s soul!

Jason Marr : Tyson tells it like it is and people hate him for that. I got much respect for Tyson.

person on the screen : Piece of garbage reporter I hope his career is finished on tv. He is now the laughing stock of YouTube. Mike:legend!

SPtheGREAT : Mike is 100% in the right...

J A S O N J DANIEL : 😂😂😂 that arrogant poor excuse for a reporter deserved what Tyson gave him

PianoMessage : 💧 The way Mike’s manager looks at Mike while he puts the dude in place... priceless @ 2:25 😂🤣

KyiRui : Mike’s manager kind of looks like Matt LeBlanc

Evil Deedz : You could see Mike wanted to just left hook that prick

kdm313 : LOL LOL LOL LOL DAM the look on that dude face at the end Priceless That Black Dude definitely didn’t grow up in the hood. You gonna try to Shank Iron Mike Tyson Are you freaking NUTS Mike Class Act I mean that. Because what ole boy said was wrong. And Mike would not let that Shit go. Oh I love it. Dude is luck he’s got his grill still intact. Freaking Mike. Love him

The Man 121 : Can see the killer in his eyes. What a coward thing to say. That chump wouldnt square off 10s with mike. He was there promoting positive outcomes until he brings him down live on t.v. yeah what a peice of shit he really was.. tyson is a warrior. Dont fuk with the warriors!!

Floating Goose : "I don't care, what are you gonna do about it? That folks, is a near death experience

toni long : That comment says more about the reporter than I does about Mike Tyson......good on you Mike.....

bintu stjean : While he was thinking about ending the interview, Mike was thinking about ending his life.

Abby California : this is great. I love the white guy smiling too, he seems very amused and that just makes this clip even better

Rakano : It just feels so good how Mike just doesn't give a daamn.

Chuck's Astrophotography : I love the look on the promoter's face as Mike rips into the reporter.

vincent : That reporter is lucky theres laws against murder and dismemberment I know Tyson wanted to rip his head off right there

James K : This interviewer was either suicidal or completely forgot who he was talking to.

SssS9372 : dude this is the first time i looked at the guy next to mike having the time of his life, Omg im dying ! LMAO

Akeyy : Most likely the reporter was told to say that. Don’t kill the messenger

ROAD KING : Theres a lot of dirty people out there who can put a smile on their face and talk shit and act like nothing bad was said ... I'm glad mike called him out

Greek Millenial : I actually feel bad for Mike being blindsided in this interview. The hurt in his face at 2:04 is painful to watch :(

DaBookWormGamer : Oh right, say you’re on live tv as an excuse to not get verbally abused. That crappy reporter obviously haven’t seen Mike’s earlier interviews lol

Daniel Teaque : we love u mike

rugus722 : The reporter deliberately provoked Mike and after he couldn't let it go, he felt like punching the shit outta him, can't blame him😎

Patrick Notstar : Mike Tyson is the most unintentionally funny person


• AzzA • : Lol! ....and at 2 minutes & 49 seconds of the first round the winner by the way of KTFOOOOO!!..... IRON MIKE TYSON!!! - GOAT! LUV U MIKE!✌🇵🇰

Christopher Neville : One of the funniest things ive ever seen.

King Hicks : He knows Mike never! raped anyone however he would rather sell his soul then (obliterate) the mendacious! Lye's that have been told cooning at it's best until his character! is laid too rest.

THE GREAT WHITE : It's usually a bad idea when talking to Tyson you start a question with "we know your a convicted rapist"

Alexander Padilla : Why the hell would that reporter bring up something like that!! He got lucky Tyson was calm because you could tell he wanted to drop his ass.

hubert sumlin : god i love tyson

Gilmar Gomez : His chest man 2:04 I'd be scared stiff.

kurtanglerookieyear : That's Toronto for you. That reporter is everything about why we''re 2nd rate. I feel bad for Mike, going from happy and excited to realizing he's dealing with a Toronto liberal robot.

Aaron Reigns : Fuck man, that actually hurt my heart. Because mike looked really happy prior to the question. Like genuinely, he seemed passionate about what he was conveying. Good man at heart is Mike Tyson.

DontTreadOnMe IwontTreadOnYou : Tyson is my favorite rapist

Matthew Prestia : Is he the Canadian Don Lemon?

Steve Edwards : What a dog of a reporter.No wonder why Mike was so pissed.

loochboy : Mike shoulda fed the guy a right hand from hell then raped him