Mike Tyson DESTROYS Reporter!

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TheFrozenGargon : Genuinely feel bad for mike in this. You could tell he was excited to talk about what he was promoting and taking part in, until the reporter asked that.

PianoMessage : 💧 The way Mike’s manager looks at Mike while he puts the dude in place... priceless @ 2:25 😂🤣

melagkomas20 : the guy next to mike is having the time of his life

JeyKa : Reporter:Thank you for comi.... Mike:F*** you

Matt legend : If more people called out people like this the world would be a better place.

hazwun $$ : I don't understand why you'd bring something up like that. Pissing off mike tyson would be the last thing on anyone's to do list lol

knight398 : The reporter was 100% politically motivated with what he said. This was a plan to make the current mayor look bad by linking him to Tyson and his antics. This was during an election season and that is why they did it.

ᄎMVTCHXS.ᄎ : The reporter is like "hey come on, we are doing live TV", yet he was the one who totally sucker punched Tyson on "live TV". Lol

Deshawn Shaw : 8.1k comments about Mike. 2million views. Man this shows how much today we support Mike. I couldn't stop laughing see how Mike was rubbing his legs then his eyes going back n forth like a tiger that done had enough of all that bs. Dam Mike your still the greatest

Mr. Nobody : I think I am going to bring mike Tyson to my next job interview LOL

Floating Goose : "I don't care, what are you gonna do about it? That folks, is a near death experience

YouTube5000 : The guy should be lucky Mike didn’t bite his penis off.

RockaJabroni : *90's Mike wouldve killed him in his chair*

Me TV : I watch this every time I need a laugh

- Morales : Canada's version of Don Lemon, Mike should have knocked his fruity ass out.

silverdropstang : You can tell Mike wants to punch a hole through this MF’s soul!

MadHatterx : i love his managers reaction at 1:48 he's like "hey c'mon were doing live tv now" manager reaction "idk man you brought it up soooooo"

person on the screen : Piece of garbage reporter I hope his career is finished on tv. He is now the laughing stock of YouTube. Mike:legend!

KyiRui : Mike’s manager kind of looks like Matt LeBlanc

Miami 808 : Who is that peith of thit reporter?? He should be fired.

DontTreadOnMe IwontTreadOnYou : Tyson is my favorite rapist

The Man 121 : Can see the killer in his eyes. What a coward thing to say. That chump wouldnt square off 10s with mike. He was there promoting positive outcomes until he brings him down live on t.v. yeah what a peice of shit he really was.. tyson is a warrior. Dont fuk with the warriors!!

Pip Pipster : That reporter deserved an ungloved Tyson special between the eyes 🥊 👀

Adrian Q : His chest going up n down fast. He wanted to kill him

Aaron Reigns : Fuck man, that actually hurt my heart. Because mike looked really happy prior to the question. Like genuinely, he seemed passionate about what he was conveying. Good man at heart is Mike Tyson.

Jason Marr : Tyson tells it like it is and people hate him for that. I got much respect for Tyson.

Solid Spirit : I agree with you Mike. What a cnt.

J A S O N J DANIEL : 😂😂😂 that arrogant poor excuse for a reporter deserved what Tyson gave him

Adel Youkhanna : I love Mike Tyson how he took care of this guy he wash him up good job Mike

Chuck's Astrophotography : I love the look on the promoter's face as Mike rips into the reporter.

Abby California : this is great. I love the white guy smiling too, he seems very amused and that just makes this clip even better

Paul T : Wonder what happened after the camera was switched off lol


J F : Hell yeah!! Hey Mike, You're still my Champ!!

ROAD KING : Theres a lot of dirty people out there who can put a smile on their face and talk shit and act like nothing bad was said ... I'm glad mike called him out

kdm313 : LOL LOL LOL LOL DAM the look on that dude face at the end Priceless That Black Dude definitely didn’t grow up in the hood. You gonna try to Shank Iron Mike Tyson Are you freaking NUTS Mike Class Act I mean that. Because what ole boy said was wrong. And Mike would not let that Shit go. Oh I love it. Dude is luck he’s got his grill still intact. Freaking Mike. Love him

Steve Edwards : What a dog of a reporter.No wonder why Mike was so pissed.

toni long : That comment says more about the reporter than I does about Mike Tyson......good on you Mike.....

Rôdeur Vagabond : As a French guy, I don't understand everything they're saying. Could someone explain this to me please ? Thanks

John Godwin : Mike really handled this badly. He stayed calm and collected, when really, violence was the answer.


brothajack1993 : I wouldve knocked that reporter out on the spot. What a cheap malicious intent.

Glenn Medina : @ 2:49 tyson unleased the dragon.

SssS9372 : dude this is the first time i looked at the guy next to mike having the time of his life, Omg im dying ! LMAO

Patrick Notstar : Mike Tyson is the most unintentionally funny person

Jason Jackson : The interviewer got what he deserved.

Edress Attaie : Cp24 my yougins tryna score

James K : This interviewer was either suicidal or completely forgot who he was talking to.

Sweet Home : Hope is got life insurance!😂😂

JakubH : ''What you gonna do about it'' coming from Mike Tyson is worse than having 17 missed calls from your mother.