Mike Tyson DESTROYS Reporter!

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TheFrozenGargon : Genuinely feel bad for mike in this. You could tell he was excited to talk about what he was promoting and taking part in, until the reporter asked that.

NOTHANKSDUDE : Came across this clip from another video and had to find the full thing. I really do feel bad for Mike, as another commenter said, he looked excited to talk about what he was promoting, seemed like he was happy and then *boom* the interviewer calls him a convicted rapist. I could practically feel the anger building in Mike while he was sitting there. I love how he handled it. I'm not sure Mike would enjoy looking back at this, he wants to be a peaceful, loving guy. His Joe Rogan interview/podcast was incredible.

Uirebit Mihca : "what u gonna do about it?"

russell7790 : “I don’t care, wutchu gunna do about it”. Damnnnnn lmao

iblongshia : I would’ve paid to see Mike knock out that interviewer.

hazwun $$ : I don't understand why you'd bring something up like that. Pissing off mike tyson would be the last thing on anyone's to do list lol

John Barry : Tyson admits to doing a lot of illegal things, but he says he didn't rape that woman. I personally believe him. No matter, Mike did his time and "paid his debt to society", his career was derailed, history was derailed -- in no way should the reporter have interjected that into the interview. It was a cheap and cruel way to get attention.

Deal With It : Mike Tyson actually acted really mature and polite in this interview considering the situation.

Braedon Merletti : He owed Mike Tyson an apology. An apology done right there on national TV.

Miguel Valle : I hope the reporter brought a fresh pair of underwear with him.

silverdropstang : You can tell Mike wants to punch a hole through this MF’s soul!

Triceps of Terror : Uncalled for. Tyson has actually turned his life around after boxing .

MetalizedButt : Mike Tyson is a nice guy. He is like a calm dragon but you do NOT wanna step on his tail.

Sausagefest : What you gonna do about it? 😂 nothin except sit there n not say a word

John Paul : Mike Tyson is acting like any other human will act if they touch a subject and low blow like that rat did to him, only mike Tyson has the guts to say it right in front of that animals face!! God bless Mike. Tyson

PianoMessage : 💧 The way Mike’s manager looks at Mike while he puts the dude in place... priceless @ 2:25 😂🤣

Maurice Lingard : If Mike can change... I gotta change #HappyNewYear

gerard henry : im a big fan of mike and we all know mike did not rape deseree washington she went to his room for a bit of mike

Fermion : 1:49 "What're you gonna do about it?" The only reply to Iron Mike asking you that is: "Not a god damn thing, sir."

Water Hot : Haha I don't know why but everytime I see this video I have to watch it more than once...very satisfying LONG LIVE MR. MIKE TYSON TBE

Floating Goose : "I don't care, what are you gonna do about it? That folks, is a near death experience

natty boyo : That white guy was amazingly cool about it and very professional. I guess if you're working with Mike you have to be ready for anything. I once met Mike very briefly at a meet and greet and he seemed a very sweet guy. He gave me a huge hug for something I'd said.

PizzaCake360 : 1:47 the guy next to Tyson is like "what are you going to do about it?"

mario condello : The reporter is a knob and deserved what he got.

Jonah Motley : By 2:05 You can See Tysons heart beating through his shirt and start breathing heavy. He was ready to take this guys head off

Chuck's Astrophotography : I love the look on the promoter's face as Mike rips into the reporter.

Soviet Onion 72 : Both were out of line, but the reporter was silly to mention rapist on national tv.

mooky : That idiot deserved that. Either you play uncle tom or get knocked out. I don't think he wanted to get knocked out lol.

Joe Marshall : Who in their right mind would think that's a good question?

Frank L : Way to go Champ. Job well done.

Mohamed Ali : “What you gonna do about it” Reporter in his mind-“wish I could something"

jjllooggiicc : Love it love it Tyson really told that beta cuck what he thought of him

D-rex : He put him on the spot on live TV, he could have asked off air if he wanted to comment on the subject, that was a piece of shit move, good call Mike. Just saw him on Joe Rogan the other day so I've been watching Tyson clips.

SodaPopSD - : the look on the other guy's face is priceless

ROAD KING : Theres a lot of dirty people out there who can put a smile on their face and talk shit and act like nothing bad was said ... I'm glad mike called him out

Shaune Mellis : Like to see him say that to mike 20 years ago

dramaface recordings : the mike we all know and love

Shawn Steed : I wonder what happened behind the scenes🤔

Ace Montoya : Mike was holding back he wanted to rip that reporter apart for bieng so disrespectful. That reporter was scared shitless to funny. Mike is a genius he reads people for what they truly are and will let you know exactly why your going to be punished hard lol

Patrick Notstar : Mike Tyson is the most unintentionally funny person

Faraon Eaton : Thank you, thank you for coming in......MIKE TYSON. FAWK YOUUU!!!

Matthew PLATZ : He did his time in jail. How many times does he need to pay for it? Move on. The reporter was hopeful for this reaction. Push Mike's buttons and try and create ratings.

Joe Smoke : We've all made mistakes some more so than others.. So judge and be judged! Or let Mike get on with his life as I'm sure his early life was hard enough for any kid to bear.

Troy P : 1:48 "C'mon we're doing live tv" Tyson's manager shrugs like, "So what".

JakubH : ''What you gonna do about it'' coming from Mike Tyson is worse than having 17 missed calls from your mother.

Young Lee : Interviewer had this all planned out. Didn't care what Mike would do, it would just boost ratings

Kernom , : To be fair the presenter probably was being told what to ask.

theserpentshallwin : That stupid reporter doesn't realize "the look" One punch from the guy you just insulted would end your career!

Rrivers411 : I'm a Mike Tyson Guy :)

batwingedloony : There was a time when Mike would've put that dude in the hospital.