Hear Climate Data Turned into Music

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sweatyearth : Well that scared the shit out of me

Bryce Walburn : Yeah....we're all gonna die.

No One : I was hopping for a better solo -_-

donneRak 1080p : MANBEARPIG

Katie Newmeyer : The fact that alarmists had to start saying "climate change" instead of "global warming" because the Earth is actively cooling tells you all you need to know about this hoax.

Lovedantdm1212 : UMMMMMMMMMM....... WHAT WAS THAT?!!! ( I think I need to go re-think meh life)

Akash Srivastav : I knew my ears are going to burst after 19th century.

NosyShk : *Garageband*

Val AR : :´/