Brewery Sessions - The Dead South

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Steve Reisman : DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS's perhaps more addicting then cocaine, meth and McDonald's McRib sandwiches. You can listen to it once or twice but after that it'll get into your head for weeks/months. Every now and then a song will just fit into your mind as if it were a missing piece that always meant to be there, this is such a song. Good stuff boys, that banjo riff is infectious!

Jaysun Puke : I'm an old punk rocker and love hillbilly bluegrass! these guy's freakin' rock. nice job

Jeroen Berkvens : this is one of the best things I've seen last month. the dance, the rough voices and those beautifull intrumental parts. It corresponds so well.

hotte wichert : Sorry for my bad English! This song is all day and every day running by me! So great! I love it so much! Greets from Swabia Germany!

Leland Lawrence : Absolutely fantastic sounding... You can't help but be happy while listening.

Vault Tech : You don't see art like this anymore.

Blah Blah : I hope these guys are making a good living doing this!

Zach Turner : Really glad I stumbled upon you guys, the internet is an amazing thing!

Behold The Ruiner : damn this version sounds better than the studio version

Robert Walters : song, " In Hell , I'll Be In Good Company " ...

Green Knight : Thank you guys. You are wonderful. From russia with love.

Edward D. : Russell Wilson during his offseason

David Crawford : Too late, Steve - I've been listening so often that there's no hope for me. Hopeless Dead South addict!

tiffany Vanlengen : I cant handle the 🎶 such velvet to my ears. Ty !!!!

Sherry Brown : Love it! Awesome beat and sound.

Breanna L. : love this cant stop watching

Bogdan Buda : sure. no beer for the guy operating heavy machinery?

vatchthis : That was downright charming.

marc Klippelaar : I heard them last week for the first time and yes, this music makes me happy. good job boys. greetings from Belgium. And somebody from Norway send it to me

Sergey Illarionov : Made my day!

ROSALIA VEGA : M encanta...nos vemos en Luxemburgo THE DEAD SOUTH!!!!!!

eric vulgate : woke up with this song stuck in my head after hearing it yesterday. love it.

Joshua Roberts : I've had this song stuck in my head for days now! I love this song. Very grassroots, basic --- but genius.. Good song, great song

George Armstrong : Saskawho? I headed north from Regina on 11, made a bad turn, and found myself in Manitou Beach. Thank heavens, I found a bar. After a few, they pointed up the road. Can you record live in front of beer cans? Hell yes! Great job gentlemen. Up in these here parts they call it Ale. Don't beleive them! It's BEER. Good Beer. Yee ha, The Dead South is mighty good! Regards, George Armstrong

Anton Elí : i love you guys.

Dietmar Kundt : Tolles Banjo, coole Jungs und ein echter Ohrwurm.....nicht nur für Bierfans 😎

Dan Hebert : Absolutely this sold me some more beer

Robert McGann : Thank you, YouTube algorithms. Found this group through a convoluted series including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Blue Man Group and GWAR. Go figure.

charlie hickman : Nailed it!! Brilliant song

curt childress : Absolutely far out incredible! Gotta love this song and those guys!

Sarah May : Hell Yes! Loving it in Iowa,thanks boys.

eric buck : great music,love it!

betty77fly : love love love.

tom tom : dat is mal kanadischische Volksmusik

Elliot : Amazing ^_^

Diego Joyeusaz : Someone may tell me where i can find the lyrics of this song?

nequeteee : clap clap clap

tom tom : prosit ihr saufsäue

Dallas Biech : Can't stop listening to these guys, so good, so different

schmoir : pure class!

Adam Felix : G.w. oh he'll yeah. So proud to be sask boys u guys rock. Love it . Amazing sound

Katie von Olendörp : Saw you on "Ina's Nacht"/ Schellfischposten Hamburg and I am looking forward to see you live, soon! 👍 Will have sleepless nights until then... ☺

KirkysWorld : I love these guys. Such good music.

Karl-May-Festtage Radebeul : These guys... Simply great! We are looking forward to see them in Radebeul on May, 27th!

Alexei Polejaev : I've noticed that they love beer!!!

N McNiven : You guys are fantastic, heading to the music store to pay good coin on owning what I can get. Keep it coming!

Angie Fountain : I'm from the UK and I love your music 😎

TheMadborn : first time I hear this, hooked from first second ;) NICE !!!

drumbeat21 : these guys are awesome listen to them all the time

palmer baggins : This kicks Fat Pimply Ass...GROOVE ON