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DEFxRECON : Scrungusbungus is the only knuckles who puts effort into this meme. He also makes weird porn that you can check out on his tumblr.

Yeetlord Clockwork : watching these videos are not healthy

Giga Man : There's a little Knuckles for everything.

Yeetlord Clockwork : I laughed so hard i think i broke a rib

BLλZING STORM : Don't tell me that the behind of that relaxing voice is a guy..

Olaf Mikli : Subaluwa

Plastic Panorama : I want that samurai Knuckles character model so bad...

Avasterable : fuckin weebs

BlikenavE : Lmao you know as soon as he heard them talking Scrungus was racing around in his files to find the samurai model hahahha.

Jon Mum : brodas, we hab found our new komanda

YoureSoCreezy : man, scrungus gets around, he is one multi-cultural dude

PsychoBoyJack : i love how it's always Scrungusbungus who's doing this type of stuff.

vape nation : this is life

Harlequin Foxfire : Oh gosh, is that Rou Rou?

KennyLoggins : holy shit this is hilarious

Lone Ech. : What's the second audio clip right after the yell though? I've heard that before too many times and now it's eating me trying to figure out what it is.

Alixandah : i like how u put 6 os instead of 11 so that we can differentiate

illidur : Samurai Sonic

Lev Bilyachenko : What am I looking at ?

Fucking Idiot : So much anime and movies I know but I'm keep g quiet cuz it meme