Kiera Knightley OBE - Made By Dyslexia Interview

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TheZazbou : She's such an inspiration to me

zapfanzapfan : Memorizing books is even more impressive, a great asset for remember dialogue.

Valhalla : still impressed that she read Anna Karenina at least twice ... that's a 1000 page novel lieing aroung in my shelve without having been touched once ... and I'm not even dyslexic.

TheLifeDyslexic : What an excellent an insightful interview. Kiera Knightley's story is an inspiration to children with dyslexia.

Laylla's Locker : I adored her for a long time now. Great actress, great human. I would also like to point out how I adore her wrinkles at her forehead. no dumb botox and fake looks.

Annabel Yates : I was exactly the same. I remember when I was 11 - by then my dyslexia was much better but I was still feeling pretty vulnerable about it - and I saw a poster in my English class with famous people with disabilities. Keira was up there as someone with dyslexia and I was so thrilled. I looked up at that poster at the beginning of every lesson and felt so much braver. Now I'm doing an English Literature and Creative Writing degree so clearly it doesn't have to hold anyone back ☺️💖

Right Resources : Great interview. Thank you from all of us who process information in a different way. :-) There are so many people who have not yet been able to realise their potential due to either lack of 'self-awareness/ self-knowledge of their 'processing differences', lack of appropriate support or fear of speaking out ...both within education and within workplaces. We believe it is so important to feel #safetotalk about dyslexia and other neurodivergent 'conditions' (such as dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD....), Accredited Dyslexia Champions™ are approachable, knowledgeable, impartial volunteers who are 'qualified to guide' within organisations and we are seeking to bring about this much-needed change. If you would like to know more about us please visit: Thank you.

Jace Norman : But how did her directors find out that she was dyslexic.

Chris Davies : It's true! Dailysex is a real problem. I have suffered from it, badly.

Morgane Gautier : I used the same memorising trick to mask it :) I wish my parents/teachers were as king as her about spelling.

Reggie Santos : I am dyslexic and have been a teacher (had to leave due to not coping), I don't think Kiera is accurate here- the issue is not teachers not knowing what to do, the issue is the whole education system going against dyslexic learners- you can't blame the teachers when they have no choice in how the system works. I honestly think I would have lost my job if I mainly taught to get the best out of dyslexic children, it requires a completely different pedagogy and different way of assessing children that's not mainly through timed exams and coursework...can you imagine the UK education system changing completely this way?! I hope one day but right now it's not there.

c Gull : Wow...!!! Who could've imagined !!! Hats off....!

A Setefano : Wow! full on laughed at everything she said and kept saying "Me too!" lol.

حلا المقداد : There's something changed in her but i can't know what ?

Eleanor Rigby : where are the other specific learning difficulties kids at? dyspraxia? adhd anyone?🤩

Yao-Hsuan Lin : Her name should be K"ei"ra, no?

A R : I'm having the same struggles. Great at creative writing but struggle with spellinh, grammar. If I'm reading I have to really focus in order to not skip lines or words or mess up or muddle things up. I also memorised fourth pages of everyone's lines by accident in a night but then struggled to memorize my last ten pages of lines. I love acting and art and music and anything creative. I thought all through my life that dyslexia was just words and letters getting up and moving and squiggling on the page like the posters as if by some hallucination and so I never brought it up while I was in formal education. I'm home schooled and struggle with maths. I understand it but i get this block and it doesn't sink in when I have to write it down, show my work or read it back to someone else. I enjoyed science when I got to high school which I was suprised I was good at. I figured out that we'd always worked from textbooks in primary rather than physical demonstrations and in high school even if it was on the board my teacher really showed things clearly and effectively. Now I'm homeschooled and because I didn't realise I had or at least consider that I might have dyslexia while I was in school my mum says I can't be tested and so can't be helped with it. Any advice.

jayaveeran : Damn, she beautiful...

Charlie Knightley : I wonder what my surname is?!?!

Arleta Maruszewska : so now it is the time for a classic???

David Ayer : Your best video to date!

al11pacino : Where is make up? #ME TOO

ric david : I think this person is a man.

Wieme Mo : I don't know why that made me tear up a bit. She's amazing. I love you 😍

Ingrid .V : men, I wish I had a different upbringing where children are encouraged to be creative, was definitely not the case.

Clare st clair : This is a beautiful insightful and real interview it just shows people that believe that celebrities are these God like beings this shows you that they are human they aren't all perfect and that they to suffer and have struggles like us normal mortals. I appreciate and love her so much for sharing this bit of personal info that could inspire some one with this struggle.

Irina Florian : I agree with everything she said, but also, almost everyone in Uni had dyslexia ...

Roxana de la Cruz : Muy buena entrevista 👍

watercat1302 : My partner has dyslexia and I only realized it recently. Thank you for such an inspiring interview...

Daria : Love Keira! It's nice to see her discuss something in a casual atmosphere, I miss her early interviews.

linanryz : Well said

Tomislav Krejacic : know as i said...don't be afraid...;-)

Mari Ramos : She is awesome

a a : ❤️inspo

Kur Papa : Needs botox

Alex Beyer : She's an idiot NPC.

Joy Corcoran : I think shes LYING as teachers are NOT that stupid

Eduardo Rocha : she talks way too much and way too fast... weird