Kiera Knightley OBE - Made By Dyslexia Interview

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TheZazbou : She's such an inspiration to me

TheLifeDyslexic : What an excellent an insightful interview. Kiera Knightley's story is an inspiration to children with dyslexia.

zapfanzapfan : Memorizing books is even more impressive, a great asset for remember dialogue.

Right Resources : Great interview. Thank you from all of us who process information in a different way. :-) There are so many people who have not yet been able to realise their potential due to either lack of 'self-awareness/ self-knowledge of their 'processing differences', lack of appropriate support or fear of speaking out ...both within education and within workplaces. We believe it is so important to feel #safetotalk about dyslexia and other neurodivergent 'conditions' (such as dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD....), Accredited Dyslexia Champions™ are approachable, knowledgeable, impartial volunteers who are 'qualified to guide' within organisations and we are seeking to bring about this much-needed change. If you would like to know more about us please visit: Thank you.

Valhalla : still impressed that she read Anna Karenina at least twice ... that's a 1000 page novel lieing aroung in my shelve without having been touched once ... and I'm not even dyslexic.

A Setefano : Wow! full on laughed at everything she said and kept saying "Me too!" lol.

Jace Norman : But how did her directors find out that she was dyslexic.

Chris Davies : It's true! Dailysex is a real problem. I have suffered from it, badly.

David Ayer : Your best video to date!

Daria : Love Keira! It's nice to see her discuss something in a casual atmosphere, I miss her early interviews.

c Gull : Wow...!!! Who could've imagined !!! Hats off....!

Charlie Knightley : I wonder what my surname is?!?!

watercat1302 : My partner has dyslexia and I only realized it recently. Thank you for such an inspiring interview...

Roxana de la Cruz : Muy buena entrevista 👍

Mari Ramos : She is awesome

Tomislav Krejacic : know as i said...don't be afraid...;-)

Reggie Santos : I am dyslexic and have been a teacher (had to leave due to not coping), I don't think Kiera is accurate here- the issue is not teachers not knowing what to do, the issue is the whole education system going against dyslexic learners- you can't blame the teachers when they have no choice in how the system works. I honestly think I would have lost my job if I mainly taught to get the best out of dyslexic children, it requires a completely different pedagogy and different way of assessing children that's not mainly through timed exams and coursework...can you imagine the UK education system changing completely this way?! I hope one day but right now it's not there.

Joy Corcoran : I think shes LYING as teachers are NOT that stupid

Eduardo Rocha : she talks way too much and way too fast... weird

ric david : I think this person is a man.