Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (HD version)

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Dylan McCool : Still better than Rihanna.

William Poole : Hands down, this guy had some of the most creative videos of the 80s.

Trine Langohr : I often wondered "who animated those raw chickens?" Later I found out: Nick Park did. The guy who invented "Wallace and Gromit" animated those chickens. And then, a few decades later, he animated "Chicken run". Maybe he's just amazing at chickens?

Carlos Arias : That’s how I remember MTV was. Awesome music, awesome videos . RIP MTV, wherever you are...

Windreaver256 : Why can't anyone make music like this anymore?

Yeben01 : I'm questioning how I got to a point in my life where I'm watching Peter Gabriel at 1:30 AM

ThumperX24 : Long Live The 1980’s Folks.

Niccole Evans : A time where videos were regarded as ART - Love my 80s!!

This is moi : One of the things that puzzles me the most is that this sort of "effects" deliver kind of a how-the-hell-did-they-do-that feeling, and that's not only entertaining, but amazing. Today's entertainment, when done exclusively by CGI is just meh. yeah, looks cool and everything, but you know it was done by a computer and, even though it requires a lot of work, it's just not that fascinating. That's the reason stuff done by practical effects and CGI remains interesting and believable.

Louise scales : this song has a funky groove i love the bass great song i love it

Tulf42 : When I think of Sledgehammer, I think of Peter Gabriel, not Fifth Harmony, not Rihanna and not any other artist who makes a song called Sledgehammer.

RC99 Productions : So this is where Home Improvement got the inspiration for their intro...

Hayden H : Anybody here because this isn't on Spotify?  (and because Peter Gabriel kicks ass)

FL C : open up your fruit cake

Dirk Diggler : god this makes me miss my childhood

CrimsonSandBoa : That's what you get for undercooking the chicken. Dancing and salmonella.


EliasLift : The 80's are weird man, strange times

jonnolags : how long did this take to make.. holy

Grey Area : Do you know what the best part of this video is? It isn't owned by Vevo.

Pasta Dan : Singing fruit faces, dancing chickens, Claymation, a sledgehammer man, and a cameo by his family.  This song has it ALL.

RedDeadOutlaw 357 : Holy shizzballs, what a trip down memory lane. I remember when this was new and on Mtv everyday!

Zola J : Peter was an attractive fellow in his day.. I'm sure many a lady laid down their "tracks" for his "steam train".. I'm not sure I would've able to resist him in the 80s...

tremorist : Fun fact: most 'videos' of the 80s and 90s were actually shot on film.

Nathan Teagan : Fun Fact: There's no stop-motion or special effects in this video, Peter Gabriel is just like that.

D Fett : damn, i miss good music...

ThumperX24 : Best Music Video Ever Made. Period. Folks.

KRAFTWERK2K6 : THIS video was the main reason why i fell in love with Stop Motion Animation as a young kid, when this song was on TV :) One of t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶n̶ the the BIGGEST artistic influences in my life and I'll forever be thankful for that. (edit: removed typo "then" to "the")

Matt Johnson : Why can't bands produce music like this anymore?

Leonardo Barreto : Foi tema da novela Roda de Fogo de 1988....novela das 20:00 da Globo....

emmet donnelly : Man oh man how does one even get ideas for a video like this?! This is honestly something that could only have been created in the wonderful window frame of the 1980s! Even in our advanced, digital modern smart world a look and image like this could not be recreated! It simply wouldn't have that 80s look and spirit to it. Love it!😉.

rahn ezell : Been loving this song all my life....but wasnt til today 10/10/18 that i realized what he was talking

Setsuna Pluto : this song never gets old rs

Reginald Andrews : This was one of the most unique music videos of the 80's! I always loved watching this video back in the day! Miss the 80's, I really do!!😔

FL C : my girlfriend never gives me her fruitcake anymore. :(

Ainsley Nicholle : I hold proud the fact I was introduced to the talents of Peter Gabriel way before Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel is so much more talented. ❤️❤️❤️

Leonardo Barreto : Eu nunca consigo entender o que ele fala no início....

Jay Sean : Generic comments about how music from this time makes today's music look pathetic...and they're all true. Can someone tell me why it is the way it is? Don't give me that "there's good music today" speech. Of course there is...but it's not "mainstream" and this totally was. Why's today's mainstream so obviously less artistic/creative/talented than the mainstream of then?

Jon : This style of production takes me back to my childhood soooooo much!

Nighthawk : Rihanna: "Sledgehammer!" Peter Gabriel: "Oh, my sweet summer child...." _pulls out a homewrecker_ *_wwwwwWWWWWHACK!_*

Prince Dumb : mfw when I realise this song is about sex

Feynstein 100 : I only clicked because I thought it was Ben Stiller in the thumbnail. But now I'm really glad I did. :)

Hawkeye gamerguy : back when mtv actually played music and you had to wait and hope for your favorite song to come on

Brent Roos : Remember back in the day, when music was good?

Camille Davis : Winner of the most creative video ever

M1 Lo5 : Love when singer have a creative video for his music, these days only Coldplay had the same.

Magestic 101 : did he say at 3:40 i'm getting raped?

ralexlu : phil collins and peter gabriel sound creepily alike.

Joe Pospishil : I think there was some LSD involved in this video.

E P II : Can anyone tell me the name of his daughter that became a Star ??? She is in this video along with her younger sister. Can you spot them when he gets off the Stool ???