Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (HD version)

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Eazy E : I remember when this was on MTV every day

DZrache : One of the best music videos ever made

Monique Zmuda-Varle : This was an era when mtv actually played music videos lol

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : Peter Gabriel was clearly inspired by the soul music of his youth, especially Otis Redding. You can hear that black southern soul with the horns section in this song. Great stuff.

Nathan Teagan : Fun Fact: There's no stop-motion or special effects in this video, Peter Gabriel is just like that.

MerkinMuffly : 4:17 Gabriel's 2 daughters appear in this video

DidYaServe : I nominate this as the greatest pop music video ever made. Bloody outstanding.

Gramps Movies : Grreat piece of art, thank you!

horrorkesh : good old Aardman Animations

TRUEiMPROrecords : The year was 1991 everyday I would come home, fix me some cornflakes with milk and turn on MTV. I trend out pretty good :)

Cream Soda : Someone once told me that Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer music video would be the most memorable music video I ever saw. I understand what they meant.

gabriel sylvestre : I used to love this song.

Benjamin Karic : I like the part where the chicken dances 😂❤❤❤

jonnolags : how long did this take to make.. holy

KathisEvoli : Still one of the most impressive music videos for me!

OD B : note to self: watch this later on acid

kyle carson : and people claim thriller to be the best video

therealshackleford1 : 3:49 My man is getting DOWN haha

Will Flynn : I can't believe I never got how overtly sexual this song is!!! When I was a kid in the 80s I never got yet today's 10 yr olds immediately see this vid for what it is! I guess that's progress for you! Haha!

Shakaama : note to self: love the chords at 3:40

Kathleen Greenlay : What happened to mtv???

Ryan Perry : In my opinion one of the best music videos of all time, plus the tune is absolutely superb.

SoonerDaveOKC : I was so infatuated with this video in the 80's.

Zionna Massenburg : I finally realize why am not allowed to listen to this anymore. Take time to really listen to the lyrics next time....😐

Yeben01 : I'm questioning how I got to a point in my life where I'm watching Peter Gabriel at 1:30 AM

Leonardo Barreto : Foi tema da novela Roda de Fogo de 1988....novela das 20:00 da Globo....

Good Flow Design : @goodflowdesign is getting goosebumps all over. Loving it <3 TNX for uploading!

Leonardo Barreto : Eu nunca consigo entender o que ele fala no início....

Camille Davis : Winner of the most creative video ever

DuhGamingSavage : This video makes me feel higher than I actually am.

Dustin Williams : Manu laying it down on the drums.

Susan Wiggins - Simpson : Peter Gabriel was like god to me as a little child :) love his music....

z yungdirtybastard : As a kid I always sung “SNAKE CHARMER”

Derek Ellis : I miss the 80's. What a trippin decade.

Vrotdogi Pronin's Home of Suicide and Depression : Happy 30th anniversary to this song 25 April 1986 Still a brilliant piece of music and will always be

Leonardo Barreto : Muito foda !!!! (I from Brasil)

Angie pangie : Who doesn't like can die

Michelpp : One of the most amazing videos ever made. It took a hell of a job to do it. Lots of hours of exausting edition. The result is fantastic.

Nunya Biz : The most English song ever recorded

Alice Rumball : When my brother was little he went up to Peter Gabriel and called him grandad in a bar in New York.

sabrinasjourney : As a little kid, this video and many others scared me!

Magestic 101 : did he say at 3:40 i'm getting raped?

Ralph Valkenhoff : I remembered watching this when it came out on MTV. I thought how can someone so normal looking end up being so weird. I loved it and wanted to be different too. Haha. Now I'm old and look normal.

TheAaronmcmahon11 : I miss MTV.

gdlywom : Never gets old! 😃

Hayden H : Anybody here because this isn't on Spotify?  (and because Peter Gabriel kicks ass)

Manuel Villagrana : Gangsta right there

F. Castle : Tyler Bate anyone?

NIC FEL : Generally artists don't put this much work into videos anymore.

Ray Furrer : Wow, it took so long to make this video.