Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (HD version)

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Dylan McCool : Still better than Rihanna.

William Poole : Hands down, this guy had some of the most creative videos of the 80s.

Trine Langohr : I often wondered "who animated those raw chickens?" Later I found out: Nick Park did. The guy who invented "Wallace and Gromit" animated those chickens. And then, a few decades later, he animated "Chicken run". Maybe he's just amazing at chickens?

Flyingpapaya : I have this single on both 12" and 7". I call it the big hammer and the little hammer.

RC99 Productions : So this is where Home Improvement got the inspiration for their intro...

Yeben01 : I'm questioning how I got to a point in my life where I'm watching Peter Gabriel at 1:30 AM

Louise scales : this song has a funky groove i love the bass great song i love it

Ryan Perry : In my opinion one of the best music videos of all time, plus the tune is absolutely superb.

Carlos Arias : That’s how I remember MTV was. Awesome music, awesome videos . RIP MTV, wherever you are...

This is moi : One of the things that puzzles me the most is that this sort of "effects" deliver kind of a how-the-hell-did-they-do-that feeling, and that's not only entertaining, but amazing. Today's entertainment, when done exclusively by CGI is just meh. yeah, looks cool and everything, but you know it was done by a computer and, even though it requires a lot of work, it's just not that fascinating. That's the reason stuff done by practical effects and CGI remains interesting and believable.

Tulf42 : When I think of Sledgehammer, I think of Peter Gabriel, not Fifth Harmony, not Rihanna and not any other artist who makes a song called Sledgehammer.

Derek Ellis : I miss the 80's. What a trippin decade.

E Middlebrooks : The first time I saw MTV, this was the song that was playing. At a time when MTV was MTV. And 3.3k need to walk off of a cliff for not liking this song.

Leonardo Barreto : Foi tema da novela Roda de Fogo de 1988....novela das 20:00 da Globo....

EliasLift : The 80's are weird man, strange times

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : Peter Gabriel was clearly inspired by the soul music of his youth, especially Otis Redding. You can hear that black southern soul with the horns section in this song. Great stuff.

Will Flynn : I can't believe I never got how overtly sexual this song is!!! When I was a kid in the 80s I never got yet today's 10 yr olds immediately see this vid for what it is! I guess that's progress for you! Haha!

Hayden H : Anybody here because this isn't on Spotify?  (and because Peter Gabriel kicks ass)

1chi TheKilr : Yeah this video is really some incredible work and extreme talent from the stop motion team. Also looking at the credits, I didn't know the Quay brothers worked on this video. That would explain quite a bit why the stop motion in this is so fantastic. Yeah we can do computer effects, but showing something so immensely detailed that was clearly made by hand, just makes it so much more incredible.

Nathan Teagan : Fun Fact: There's no stop-motion or special effects in this video, Peter Gabriel is just like that.

krazikid626 : the chickens are forever built into our heads

Zola J : Peter was an attractive fellow in his day.. I'm sure many a lady laid down their "tracks" for his "steam train".. I'm not sure I would've able to resist him in the 80s...

Windreaver256 : Why can't anyone make music like this anymore?

davide lynch : The most moving declaration of love ever written. It really deepens the significance of spiritual love and true affection

jonnolags : how long did this take to make.. holy

tremorist : Fun fact: most 'videos' of the 80s and 90s were actually shot on film.

alois wolff : Sledge hammer... the detective?? Ah ah ah ah ah ... great David rasche!!!

Leonardo Barreto : Eu nunca consigo entender o que ele fala no início....

Jay Sean : Generic comments about how music from this time makes today's music look pathetic...and they're all true. Can someone tell me why it is the way it is? Don't give me that "there's good music today" speech. Of course there is...but it's not "mainstream" and this totally was. Why's today's mainstream so obviously less artistic/creative/talented than the mainstream of then?

Ally C : Every time this song comes up people say they hate it. I do not understand them. It's amazing.

Dirk Diggler : god this makes me miss my childhood

Joe Pospishil : I think there was some LSD involved in this video.

IlliniJake : The '80s were once in a lifetime.  A very good lifetime.

Jennifer Bode : let's all take a minute to thank this man for putting dancing, fatherless chickens in his videos!

ThumperX24 : Long Live The 1980’s Folks.

Ralph Valkenhoff : I remembered watching this when it came out on MTV. I thought how can someone so normal looking end up being so weird. I loved it and wanted to be different too. Haha. Now I'm old and look normal.

z yungdirtybastard : As a kid I always sung “SNAKE CHARMER”

Magestic 101 : did he say at 3:40 i'm getting raped?

Hawkeye gamerguy : back when mtv actually played music and you had to wait and hope for your favorite song to come on

Chronic Spirit : I'll be anything you need.

Niccole Evans : A time where videos were regarded as ART - Love my 80s!!

ThumperX24 : Best Music Video Ever Made. Period. Folks.

KRAFTWERK2K6 : THIS video was the main reason why i fell in love with Stop Motion Animation as a young kid, when this song was on TV :) One of t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶n̶ the the BIGGEST artistic influences in my life and I'll forever be thankful for that. (edit: removed typo "then" to "the")

Dominic Campbell : Did no one really notice how dirty this song actually was?

gdlywom : Never gets old! 😃

Adam C ? : I would write some more about the situation, right now. But, I have to go return some videotapes.

jamyskis : I've always wondered if the sudden and subtle change in hairstyle at 1:29 was deliberate or a simple oversight from a new day of filming. I can imagine that they didn't get the hairstyle exactly right when he came back into the studio the following morning.

Kelli Bond : Still one of my top picks of the '80s and all time...great '60s vibe that had an entire houseful of Boomers up off their seats at the 1987 New Years' Eve party (ringing in 1988) I was at and dancing!!!

ralexlu : phil collins and peter gabriel sound creepily alike.

Dutch3k5 : How much acid went into the making of this video 🤔