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Ignyte : Bloody. Beautiful.

beefyoso : you put a smile on that kid's face, good on ya mate

JoJo Binks : You're a real inspiration, Jimbo.

mmmbopyeah : You are a true gent my friend. Legendary status, gold card level of awesomeness. You handle shit like a boss. You've educated me today about how I should live my life. Thank you

sarcasmo57 : So much better that Fast and Furious.

Mike 17 : God damn your soul is pure gold.

Dazz : The most Australian video on the internet

Becca : This is the sweetest thing ever! ❤️

aad bam : Good on ya Jimbo I'd reckon most wouldn't react that way

Toby Spencer : If this had been in the US he would have been shot where he sat.

Jesse Cronnolly : you would have made this kids arvo, so many people these days don't give half a minute to these folk

Queenslander : Jimbo you're a good Aussie bloke, always know when a Gary The Goat vid is in the feed I'll get a good laugh ;)

ryanexsus : Not what I expected lol.

CarbieGirl : awwww bless you 💖💖💖

Nevalopo : steal mi caar

Brendan Kc : whats a wa imbolizer?

The Wippit : Fair play jimbo Mutch respect to you.. handled that situation brilliant top bloke

wobbly sauce : Gary can still go 60km/h.. but he aint running.

Jesse Cronnolly : watched this three times already :D

Paz Scalz : As a Canadian, I have too many questions.

Rohit Arora : Mate you made his day... My cousin brother Avi also suffers from the same ... Someday I wish he can do everything a normal person does.... He does love keychains though....

pinkfloyd111 : Happy guy

Jacob Lauxman : What a way to handle that situation. You come off as the kind of person who just can't find a loss in this world. Go you.

Jeremy Chalmers : Oii that's Ryan in the car glad you went easy on the fella such a sweet kid that one

Pop Pals : This was sweet☺️

Craig Young : These comments are as beautiful as the video. Awesome people

Tori Collins : Hilarious, love your style but what happened after that? Did you tell him to get out?

Jordan Cox : Rest in peace, Gary

Flakka : Notice the goat assumes the position after hearing his owner ask about where the hole is

WOAHH BRO : Aussies are some of the best people on this planet.

Rebecca Doherty : You're a top bloke Jimbo. If only there were more people like you around.

Brian E : These are the most consistently positive YouTube comments I've ever seen. Jimbo you have created a truly special moment here that so many are sharing in. Thank you!

MrEd : Another viral video, you got the gift.

National Pools And Spas : Good on ya for being gentle in what would be a very strange situation to just about anyone else!

benjamin lovell : don't worry guys its just a Tasmanian not a car jacker

M4 Media : I love that this happened to be by Garry the Goat. my favorite goat.

ColonelBumButt : One of the most likable people on youtube. as he'd say, he's a nice fella

I Used To Be An Octopus : Well that was wholesome

Zach Johnson : Ryan's reaction though. That was amazing!!!

S. Bass : YOu have a channel! Man, I love you bro! Stay awesome!

Kyle Carasso : i simply love you for this. good man. keep it up mate. #HugeHeart

William Walker : This guy is awesome

Dan Slash : This warmed my heart!

somedeveloperblokey : Loving your work man!

nonames000 : I wonder what was going through his head before Jimbo showed up lmao... time to go on a joy ride in this huge metal contraption I've never controlled before.

Wangkey : I respect that, that was nice, well done jimbo

Dark Triad : You are good guy Jimbo Give Gary one from me

Chun-Yi Lee : Tears in my eyes.

Realize I Create Happiness : I love seeing kind people. It momentarily cures my depression. Thanks.

michaelsloanedog : 205000 vids in a few hours the channel is gettin some coverage again mate. Great work hope the tour goes well