Cory in the House Intro

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Framed : My favorite anime. The dub sucks.

Dushmanu Munkinboy : BEST ANIME EVERRRR!!!

Guy Guino : Man why does everyone always hate on dub? I thought the english version did a great job translating jokes in japan that otherwise wouldnt have made sense to english watchers. I mean sure, the jokes were cheesy and somewhat stereotypical, but they captured the essence of the original japnese very well. The Cory dub is probably one of the best out there. Way better than Full Meltal Alchemist dub, that's for sure.

CM423 : C'mon guys Cory in the House isn't an anime. It's THE anime of all animes.

Shananay Lopez : Cory in the House has the most lit anime intro I've seen.

Talon Smart (New Miiverse) : Guys they're making a new manga of Cory in the House next year.

Austin Elliott : Why is Cory not running for President in 2016? He would stomp Trump.

Jack Warburton : ah one of the better animes

Matthew : I prefer the Japanese version TBH.

epicmoffe : Its sad that they dont make this good anime anymore :(


That One Asshole : Who's actually here because they watched this show during their childhood?

Kaz Smith : Corrin in the house

GoD Razz : Best anime

opalander : Cory vs Chuck Norris was the greatest fight scene

Dylan Sherry : Badass intro for a sick anime. But the dub sucked

therealjackass : ey b0ss I habe anime

LeBeautiful : Cory in the house is *_the best_* anime ever made. Such great character development and storyteling cannot be duplicated in other shows. Although I recommended to read the manga, the anime adaptation by Disney is flatout perfect and is faithful albeit some changes. By the way, the Stickler arc = AMAZING. Sophia best girl, Meena and Cory I ship, 10/10 must watch!

The Slamma : who agrees this boy is a live tater tot

strom : evangelion is better

TIsaacs : Happy 10th anniversary, Cory.

Modeabel still buys iPods : Corrin in a nutshell.



sonic fan bru : i wish they still had this show on

Superpan21 : What started out as a spin-off of That's So Raven, now became a full-fledged mockery man.

Gus Ramos : Damn, the intro translation loose the magic from the original

Pipboys and Lightsabers : best anime

TheRabbidHD : What I find dumb in this anime is that Cory’s face isn’t on the Mt Rushmore Sculptures also Mt Rushmore is in South Dakota not DC

Thy Duck : Play this at exactly the same time as the attack on titan opening (on the video I used I had to time it so the music played just as the intro started)

Sharkquis de Lafayette : Top 10 saddest anime deaths when Cory in the house stopped airing

Daniela GC : why is everyone calling this an anime ...

Sharkquis de Lafayette : Waitwaitwait since when did Disney channel get anime

thewhatness : I was reminded this existed after hearing about the Raven sequel, and it still ASTONISHES me that this ever was a show. Can you IMAGINE that boardroom pitch for this show? "So we all know the super popular show on our channel about the teen psychic, right?" *Disney execs nod their head slightly* "Right, well we should have a spinoff. But WITHOUT the teen psychic." *execs lean in closer, now fully paying attention* "So we make it about her normal, younger brother. But get this - we put him.......IN THE WHITE HOUSE." *execs lean in even further* "And his dad becomes a chef for...THE FIRST SPANISH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, PRESIDENT MARTINEZ!!!!" *Disney execs erupt in cheers and applause* *CEO snorts another line of coke* "Greenlight it."

Awalys : Help, I'm actually unironically enjoying this.

Baskei Vassket : Best anime ever

Emsoc : maiara walsh is so hot

Thy Duck : also the likes are at 420, I refuse to upvote so I'm downvoting

Leedlenut : Perfect animes don't exi-

Dankus Memus : Top 10 best anime intros of all time. Or top *I N F I N I T Y*

Kevin Leonard : I don't know why other animes even try

That One Asshole : ..can you guys just let the joke die already?

My Idea Garden : now that they're making a that's so raven remake, they should remake this and call it "Cory in the Hood"

Saucy Boi : Top 10 Anime openings

Joey C : They should've made an episode where Larry and William came to Washington since they were good friends with Cory. Also when Raven came to the show, it would've been cool if Eddie and Chelsea also came along.

Samuël Kroon : Obama: Before they were famous

Glenn : im in the hauuuuse

Ahmad Aidil : At least it's better than Japanese dub. I love this anime.

Marius Česnauskas : This isin't a amine this is a hentai

K 1 N G : My proudest fap 😇