Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny!

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elan shines : Priceless reactions from the other adeles 😉😍

Katie : I love how they all become friends. Just because they are all Adele impersonators.

Flyin G : What if they fool crowd in America's got talent

Bernadette Teaches Music : 4:23 I’m crying!!! 😭😭😭

zomb13 mincraft : I love Adele too,she seems like an amazing person to befriend!

Guardian EXO : I always come back to this video every once in a while and I always laugh at the woman who gets it first. Her reaction is the best!

Katie Markham : God This makes me tear up everytime i watch it!!! I cant believe i got to be a part of the show with her, it was an amazing experience.

Tom Amr : Can’t stop watching this

Jay New Deen Zee Dan : 3:39, best part


Genna : That woman saying "It's not her honestly" 😂😂😂

plane Hacker : Damn Adele should meet this Jenny girl, They really sound alike 😂

MARIA JAIMES : "Its not her honestly " 4:13 🤣🤣😂

erka null : 3:41 EPIC reaction

Lena Danya : this is so great! I love their reactions :D

mike- rayner-videos : brilliant stuff ♫

Lurre 10 : This put such a big smile ony my face

Alondra H : In my opinion, Jenny is a much better singer than Adele.

Metaphix11b : her accent cracks me up so much 3

greg morge : adele is a natioal treasure. we must protect her at all cost

Daniel P : "It's very calm...and..slow...Because i talk really fastandreallyharsh!" Haha

Tom Amr : She’s so lovely

fuad kanapiah : I need that 3:41 to be a gif!

Kurt Hugo Schneider : This... this is amazing haha :P

Fouad Mourad : omg i've been watching this video nearly every day and i can't get enough or bored of it ... so nice im in love with this video and adele obviously lol

Suki Chaannel : 😂

Marc G : 3:41 is the best reaction of a true fan haha

Jord Eli : What I found beautiful was how these women, these strangers supported each other. THIS is the beauty of humanity!!

MsJenn1985 : I swear she modelled her on me!

Jennifer A : This was beautiful!!!!

sylvieis : They're all such kind girls. Incredibly sweet video

flakemike : That woman 3:40 was like deer shocked in front of the headlight.

GloZell Green : I loVe Adele so much I was crying when I heard her voice ... just perfection. And she keeps her clothe on. Bravo xoxo - GloZell

Ireland Gerlach : "I had to put gloves of because of my Taoos,"

Liz Lovato : 2:03 ❤️

alex nyc : 3:40 that girl knows right away! thats a real fan!

Khairee Shahdila : cried everytime i watched this. i think i watched 100 times already. love u adele

Instagamrr - It's all Pun and Games! : i LOVE their reactions when they realize it's Adele!

yunnycorn : 3:40 she shook

Annie Shell : I'm crying now! Love Adele! She made their day!

shianne lee : why am i just now seeing this two years later?

Dan Clark Limarez : Amazing how adele made these women feel good about themselves. Great person.

Gora Saroh : I can't even get past the 1st 8 seconds..'Hello Graham' for Grammy.. I love you Adele.

bastianmanalu13 : I love how Adele laughs.. she does not try to be a princess

Eunice Rodrigues : 5:08 I think she looks closest to Adele among all the other "impersonators"

ucipital mapilary : This is perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

Monkeywithagunn : Is everything Adele touch just going to go Viral? This is just class

the janeerye : I'm not satisfied. I want more 😍😫😫

Gino Seastres : 2017 present!! And still amazed

Adam Caesar : i saw this video 153 times and i still don't know what they are saying from 1:23 to 1:34 smh