Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny!

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Katie : I love how they all become friends. Just because they are all Adele impersonators.

Briguy1027 : The Adele who figured it out first probably has pretty good ears. The eyes can be fooled but the ears for some reason seem harder to fool some people.

Yan Tse : This is a beautiful prank that wouldn't embarrass anyone.

Jord Eli : What I found beautiful was how these women, these strangers supported each other. THIS is the beauty of humanity!!

samherb1 : The one lady knew in the first five seconds of her singing.

elan shines : Priceless reactions from the other adeles 😉😍

R.I.P Jonghyun SHINee : I love how she roasted herself in the beginning lmao

André Berlin : The other Adeles were so sweet and cute and full of respect for each other. Wonderful.

Ben S. : “I could make you happy, make your drea- ‘DREAMS COME TRUE!!’ “ LMAO 😆 😂🤣 That woman was hilarious!!!

archigirlconcept : The first girl that react and as soon adele sings she knows already must be the biggest fans and have sharp ears😂😂😂🤨

Kurt Hugo Schneider : This... this is amazing haha :P

Andrew : 3:41 love it. Also the girl who first figured it out, absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was so concerned for Jenny saying bless her heart I melted. Just absolutely stunning beauty.

Amber Rogers : “I put gloves on because of my ta-oos”

194853DodgeTrucks : I like how the show didn't do the big "AHA, we fooled you!!" they just let them enjoy the fact their favorite singer was singing a lil tune just for them....very respectful, very cool.

Angel cook : 3:40 the first girl to recognize her, her face is priceless, this is why there is only one Adele and why we love her,

zomb13 mincraft : I love Adele too,she seems like an amazing person to befriend!

MARIA JAIMES : "Its not her honestly " 4:13 🤣🤣😂

George Taliat : I love how the they recognised her by her voice. Mark of true fans

Tyler Fleming : I found it interesting that Adele said something like "nannies talk slowly and calmly, to try and make the world make sense". It's as if she's been to acting school, and paid attention; create mannerisms for a character from what they'd actually be like.

Catherine Vaiphei : "When she open her mouth you just can't mimic that" TRUE TALENT

ARMYTRIX : Looking forward to Jenny's new album!!! She's probably going to sell millions

Kimberly Weir : I love the fact that they were all kind hearted , before Adele's identity was revealed

nina capila : Teaaaars!!! What a great experience!!! Adele is so fantastic doing this. And I love how everyone was so supportive of each other!

innosensecal : The woman who first notices is beautiful....

Brian James : Her acting was great

Dhiraj Gawande : What if they fool crowd in America's got talent

Robin Addis-Vaughn : That was so precious!! Adele just seems like such a fun person. One thing on my bucket list is to just hangout with her and Pink at the same time. Just having drinks, chatting and having a girl day. I don't care that I'm 53 and old enough to be their mother.

ekim andersom : This might be the best thing i ever seen on youtube

Praveena Kumar : Epic 3:41 when you start doubting your reality 😄

Paul Zink : Oh, what a brilliant video! And what a nice thing to do for the other "Adeles" trying to do their best. My favorite was the expression of impersonator who twigged to the fact is was really HER after only one or two bars.

the janeerye : I'm not satisfied. I want more 😍😫😫

Fouad Mourad : omg i've been watching this video nearly every day and i can't get enough or bored of it ... so nice im in love with this video and adele obviously lol

E Wrr : 3:35 that woman who suddenly just froze oml 😂😂😂*

Kamal LB : Epic reactions ....better than those reaction channels....


Lost girl : God knows how many times I’ve watched this

Cali5556 : That lady who recognized Adele 5 seconds into her song now appears on the dictionary beside the word "STAN"

Sky Crash : IT'S NOT HER HONESTY..( Kick shoes of ) sudden shock of realization. Mouth drop

Jin's Epiphany : woman : She is Adele... other woman : No she is not 😂😂😂😂

Lindi Mashinini : Adele is so humble and down to earth, that even her impersonators are the same, not snickering behind each others backs and always having something nice to say about someone who was performing. See we really do need more positive role models in entertainment.

em li : Who else is their 4718155th time here

JaegerWolfTango 18 : I love how that one girl immediately knrw

Charm Bautista : This made me cry while smiling.

Lam Enzo : Adele's laugh gives me life

GloZell Green : I loVe Adele so much I was crying when I heard her voice ... just perfection. And she keeps her clothe on. Bravo xoxo - GloZell

Denise Salas : adele has such a very smooth voice and a nice body, absolute amazing .

Dinesh Molavade : Was feeling depressed today so came here to change my mood

Jennifer A : This was beautiful!!!!

Mauro Bermudez : The girl form the minute 3:40. Her reaction is so funny, it was amazing

Tzadeck : 3:39 The best part of this video is the girl who realizes it immediately.